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Strong ongoing censorship by Big Tech – and a plea for critical thinking

This is an email I sent to some media people in Australia a moment ago. Please share this with the anyone from the media that you’re aware of.


Dear all

I’m a candidate for the federal seat of Menzies in the forthcoming elections. I’ve been a whistleblower for the grossly disproportionate response we’re seeing from governments in Australia.

Twitter is a critical means of communication with my constituents but without the slightest warning, Twitter has suspended my account @sabhlok. I had around 8500 followers with whom I can no longer engage. In previous months, Linkedin suspended me as well – I had over 7,000 followers there. In the case of Linkedin my “crime” was to share published news reports and official statistics. In the case of Twitter I’ve not even been told why they’ve done this.

Democracy itself is being strangled in front of our eyes by Big Tech. Could I suggest the media examine the nature of the mass-censorship that is going on which is reminiscent of Big Brother.

A duty of care for the people of Australia

Btw, the media has a duty of care to not make people unnecessarily afraid. Data continue to pour in about this pandemic having been grossly exaggerated. For instance, an audit by a team of doctors in India (which had 6 days worth of annual daily deaths attributed to covid in 2020) has found that:

– of the 742 reported covid deaths in Mangalore district, 17 occurred due to coronavirus, 188  were coincidental deaths, 533 associated deaths, two were non-covid deaths, one post covid death and one home isolation death.

Coincidental deaths are those in which people suffering from coronavirus die because of other causes. For example, they would have died due to an accident.

Associated relates to comorbidities or people already having other health complications like diabetes, heart ailments, high blood pressure etc.

The news report – but there are tens of such reports, and overall we know for sure that this pandemic is at worst in the range of the Hong Kong flu. The world never shut down for any other pandemic, these lockdowns are purely a Xi Jinping personal invention.

As part of my grassroots campaign in Menzies constituency I visit the Bulleen shopping centre almost every day to engage with my constituents. I am seeing mass hysteria and fear in their eyes. This serious mental health issue across Australia has been precipitated entirely by the endless 24 hour cycle of fear being drummed up by the governments and an uncritical media.

I encourage the media to contact me to find out the actual facts of this pandemic. A simple graph below provides a high level summary – this pandemic is anywhere between 50-100 times less lethal than the Spanish flu. It is definitely not a once-in-century pandemic. And no, it doesn’t require coercive quarantines or contact tracing, either. That’s the actual pre-2020 science – which we’ve entirely binned in 2020. I can provide all possible documentation to you to prove this beyond any doubt.

Let’s try to get back to our senses before it gets too late!



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Strong ongoing censorship by Big Tech – and a plea for critical thinking
  1. Sudarshan

    This corona virus seems to be a big hoax, if not as lethal as advertised. As you rightly told, people who dies of umpteen other reasons are tagged as corona affected.

    And now forcibly advocated vaccination. A big scam of pharma.

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