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Notes on Hindu rashtra

This is a placeholder post. There is too much material on this topic, and I’m not going to be able to highlight it all here, but a few snippets, now and then, to support my research.

Whose word should we take?

The RSS is a very slippery organisation. It plays with word and hides behind smoke and mirrors. Who’s word is to be taken as its gospel? What exactly is Hindu rashrta?

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday said the Sangh cannot be bracketed into any ideology, does not believe in any ism and is not represented by any book including one authored by its second head M S Golwalkar.

The Sangh’s core value is that India is a Hindu rashtra and it is non-negotiable, he said.

“It is wrong to call or describe anything as Sangh’s ideology. Sangh founder Dr Hedgewar did not ever say he can fully understand the Sangh. After having been the Sarsangachalak for so long, Guru ji said I may have began to understand the Sangh,” he said. [Source]

On 18 September he had said that “‘Hindu Rashtra’ does not mean it has no place for Muslims as this concept is inclusive of all faiths and religions”.

The RSS periodically claims to support all religions (e.g. “‘Hindu Rashtra’ does not mean it has no place for Muslims as this concept is inclusive of all faiths and religions. “The Sangh works towards universal brotherhood” [Bhagwat, cited here]

But if so, then the Indian Constitution already has that characteristic. Why create this separate terminology that confuses everyone.

Moreover, the writings of Gowlakar are very clear: He actively detests and hates Muslims. He a clear plan for them: that they become Hindu. (See the quotes in my recent TOI blog post).

Here is one definition:

H. V. Sheshadri, the senior leader of the RSS writes “As Hindu Rashtra is not a religious concept, it is also not a political concept. It is generally misinterpreted as a theocratic state or a religious Hindu state. Nation (Rashtra) and State (Rajya) are entirely different and should never be mixed up. The state is purely a political concept. The State changes as the political authority shifts from person to person or party to party. But the people in the Nation remain the same.[91] They would maintain that the concept of Hindu Rashtra is in complete agreement with the principles of secularism and democracy.[92] [Source]


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A note to myself: Anubhav Lal the FAKE “libertarian”

I don’t normally comment on individuals but I have in the past commented on some of India’s fake “libertarians” who are essentially illiberal Hindutva lunatics.

This is one more of them. This man who joined the Freedom Team of India and thereafter even attended one of our conferences, pretended to be a supporter of liberty. Later, he allegedly argued that FTI (and subsequent SBP) are not libertarian enough. And so he parted company.

But this is what he wrote today in response to my article on Modi’s plans for Muslims. The man is a RAVING MAD, HINDUTVA FANATIC. How dare he talk about libertarian thought? As per SBP’s decision NOT to engage with such people, I have knocked him out of this Rajaji page. A shame that India has produced so few liberals to date. We have our task cut out for us – to educate and transform this God forsaken nation of India.

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Modi’s RSS links and photos

We all know that Modi has been an RSS leader.

Some photos from the internet (this is a placeholder post – if I find more I’ll upload here):


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Golwalkar’s inflated, even false, claims about Hinduism and India

The problem with Golwalkar is his **complete** absence of critical thinking ability. HIs writings are full of generalisations that would compete with the falsehoods of Karl Marx. These generalisations lay down traps in which the unwary reader can easily fall.

Both factually and logically he is wrong about almost everything.

The only way to read Golwalkar is to question every statement for accuracy and coherence. The man also contradicts himself repeatedly.

Here are a few examples.

1) Illustration of one of the many idle boasts that underpins Golwalkar. From Bunch of Thoughts. He simplifies the West’s contributions, undermines the huge work done by the West to promote human rights, liberty, science and prosperity. India’s “work” pales in comparison. Clowns like Golwalkar with extremist “nationalist” views have made everything much worse for India and the world. He and his criminal associates have no reason to boast.

2) Another illustration of the most bogus and ridiculous claims from the man who built one of the most violent organisations in the world, one of whose members killed Gandhi and members of which have killed tens of thousands of innocents (if not more) over the years.

– from Bunch of Thoughts

3) In which Golwalkar further shows his pathetic ignorance about the world, in order to somehow justify a “Hindu” nation. Such bogus claims are scattered throughout his work.

As far as the great “sages” who emerge from India in each generation, let me note that most of them are perverts and predators, others are shady petty magicians who trick their gullible audience into believing in their “super” powers. All of them criminals, no exception.

And these kinds of inflated claims about “spirituality” make no sense from a man who STRONGLY SUPPORTED the murder of millions of Jews by Hitler.

– the extract below is again from Bunch of Thoughts.

4) Serious. This is the kind of garbage this Golwalkar writes. “Our arms stretched as far as America on the one side – that was long long before Columbus ‘discovered’ America!”


5) More idle bombast and a flood of falsehoods – from Golwalkar’s We, or out nationhood defined.

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