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Just because there is some garbage on FBI’s website, doesn’t make it true!

A comment re: aliens and UFOs, below, on my Youtube channel:

The operational comment: An FBI declassified report says that Nikola Tesla was an alien from Venus. It also talks about sightings of flying saucers in the US. These things are real, not conspiracy theories. In the past, I’ve read CIA documents talking about remote viewing and time travel as well. If you want, I’ll post their links for you to check out for yourself. This is true critical thinking, in my opinion – looking past the conventional narrative about aliens that we’ve been sold.

I took 20 minutes to review the FBI document cited above. OCRd version here in Word (I’ve only cleaned out a small part of it since the whole thing is a piece of trash not worth spending time on). I’ve made a couple of comments on the Word version.


Nothing more to say.

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Video blog: Why it is not sufficient to fight socialism. We need to fight religion.

After watching the scientology documentary I had to spend a few minutes to comment about the general principles involved – the issue is too important to ignore. In fact, I am convinced that the fight today (and perhaps for the next thousand years) will need to be on two fronts: against socialism (and its political equivalents: communism/fascism) and religion.

We need to become free. Most importantly, we need to liberate our children.

The video below is available here.

As I tweeted the other day, Truth is the goal. Everyone has a right to their view but no false view has a right to “respect”. All religions are false hence despicable.

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It is quite amazing that scientology is still in existence

I had heard about scientology many years ago but since I don’t pay attention to religions or to film stars, I ignored it – till today.

Yesterday, I accidentally came across a movie called Scientology and the Prison of Belief on Netflix. I started it out of curiosity, just to see what it might contain.

Turned out to be a gripping documentary. Except for a few portions which I skimmed through, I’ve watched most of it.


All I can say is that if you’re not thoroughly trained in critical thinking by the time you are 12 you are DOOMED. Someone or other, some organisation or other, some criminal or other, will attack your mind and your pocket, impoverishing you and enslaving you.

This mostly happens through religion. Islam is the best example of a religion that attacks you vigorously if you try to leave it. But similar things happen in various Hindu-type cults. Christianity had the same kind of vicious system till relatively recently.

Scientology is a wonderful case study of such cults and how they destroy your mind completely and comprehensively.

I am amazed that there is an active Facebook page on Scientology with many updates every day. This crazy cult is still alive!

So much for the “critical thinking” taught by Western education systems!

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