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The banality of evil – a topic that needs to be front and centre in our education system

This is a placeholder post – just recording a few things for now.



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Claims that vaccines are causing mass scale deaths don’t pass the most basic sniff test

People keep sending me articles/ videos that claim that vaccines are killing on a mass scale.  I have a mountain load of such things. But I do things differently.

I never believe in any single piece of information. Analysis of statistics is skill that’s too complex for most people, and most analyses will necessarily be flawed. While misinterpretation of the data has been an issue with many (e.g. Alex Berenson), most problematically, statisticians are vulnerable to the same set of biases and false assumptions that covid fanatics have been: they read too much into the data.  And they do not cross-check alternative explanations.

Since January 2021, I have closely watched reports on vaccine safety and effectiveness. E.g. 21 January 2021: Covid vaccine watch. I also noted in May 2021, that Peter McCullough had formed a very negative view about vaccines.

But unlike those who believe in “experts” I know from a very long time that most of them are wrong MOST of the time.  I have an entire section on critical thinking on this blog with many sub-sections – showing how PATHETIC the quality of our “experts” is.

On covid vaccines, I’ve written an enormous number of posts in 2021 and 2022, even more so on Telegram. And the answer to date is unambiguous: vaccines HAVE saved lives.

That doesn’t mean I’m right and those who say otherwise are wrong! That means I do not agree with those who claim otherwise, but as a seeker of the truth, I’ll be ready to change my opinion if I’m proved wrong.

But I suspect NO ONE CAN PROVE THAT SWEDEN HAS HAD VACCINE DEATHS. When that can’t be done, then the whole story of vaccines causing m

I’m not saying that vaccines don’t kill. Or that they don’t have side effects. But the numbers are relatively small, and are swamped by the lives saved by vaccines.

I’m compiling some of the posts on this matter:


4 May 2021: What’s the truth regarding the Israel vaccines

Massively false claims were circulating on the internet re: vaccines deaths in Isreal. That nonsense was easily refuted.

7 September 2021: Do these covid vaccines actually work? (leaving aside their side effects)

11 September 2021: Emerging proofs from Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA that the vaccines may significantly reduce deaths in the elderly

17 September 2021: What about Israel? Does it show that vaccines don’t work? #1

8 October 2021: Sweden’s data show that vaccines are NOT killing on a mass scale

11 January 2022: Kyle A. Beattie paper – that vaccines increase covid deaths – IS WRONG

28 May 2022: No, covid vaccines have NOT killed many people in Australia (or anywhere else in the world)

30th May 2022: Still no signal of vaccine deaths in Australia – but people are welcome to FOI the data and also do the ICD analysis

6th June 2022: Further (fourth?) mess-up by Alex Berenson – NO, excess deaths in Australia are NOT due to vaccines

There’s a lot more on Telegram – no time to extract and list.

A video that summarises the issues



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Quick update regarding mass-scale censorship of my views by Big Tech and Government owned media


Shadow banning is real and has been happening to me for nearly two years now.

Telegram is the only honest platform I know of – never the slightest censorship.


First went Linkedin. This was sometime in late 2020. Disappeared, all of a sudden. I had over 6000 followers.

Then Twitter:   I had over 8k followers.

And Facebook (where I have over 7k followers) has kept choking me throughout. See this massive list of “punishments”Even today my account is being punished by FB – it is basically invisible to anyone. This has gone on for over a month, and applies to all my pages, including the campaign page for Bulleen.



This criminal gang not only slandered me but refused to give me space to refute its ENTIRELY false propaganda:


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My objections to the APMS letter re: vaccine deaths

I object to the lies spread by APMS re: vaccines.

This is the letter of APMS that I object vigorously to.

The letter claims that vaccines are causing major deaths across the world. The reality is entirely different:

1) In Sweden, which had no lockdowns deaths in 2021, there’s a steep decline in mortality – the lowest in its history. If vaccines were killing on any large scale, that could not possibly have happened. This trend of low mortality is continuing in Sweden in 2022, the last I checked.

2) The VAERS and other such databases are largely a piece of garbage – with reliability close to zero. Yes, they CAN (and should) be used to study issues more formally, but to base claims about vaccine harms from such databases is pure nonsense.

3) Yes, undoubtedly the covid vaccines have caused some serious side effects and even some deaths, so mandating them was nothing short of criminal. The cost-benefit ratio also rarely added up for anyone below 75. But to exaggerate vaccine harms is equally a crime as exaggerating covid harms.

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