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The inevitable failure of the government-owned and managed health system in Australia

Snow Leopard wrote this on Telegram;

In December I had an “elective” surgery. A spinal fusion after a decade of debilitating chronic pain and my final 6 months leading up to my surgery struggling to walk. Slowly but surely it took everything from me in spite of me fighting tooth and nail against it. I’m under 40, slim fit and healthy. I had to fight multiple times during the pandemic to access in hospital treatment such as denervation procedures. I’m fortunate my pain management team went in to bat for me but also, I am not in the public system, which has been a disaster since long before covid. I have family who work in the public system (or did before losing their job due to not being covid vaxxed) and hospital wait lists have been years long since way before coronavirus hit our shores.

Seeing what is happening in NSW with so called “elective” surgeries once again, my heart is honestly breaking. I can imagine what those people who were waiting on the relief and return of quality of life these surgeries bring would be feeling and also, based on the conversations I’ve had with my medical team, the frustration of the surgeons and specialists themselves in having to see their patients suffer.

The nurses on my surgical ward at a large private hospital in Melbourne expressed their frustration to me while I was there in December at having been furloughed during the last lockdown for months while elective surgeries were stopped, with a handful of covid patients coming in, they were sitting at home doing nothing. None I spoke to agreed with the vaccine mandates either and were really pissed about what the government was doing.

Anyway, I’m sitting at home recovering from my own surgery and feeling awful, understanding all too well the terrible day 1000s of people have just been thrown into. The hurt of having the government deem your health and your pain irrelevant is a nasty business. I was at a point where I would have thrown myself off a bridge if my procedure had been cancelled. Two years of my business being shut, being forced to sell my home, unable to work, burning through my savings… It was all too much. I can only imagine that those who continue to support these measures are not really going through much in their own lives but for the rest of us, outside of covid, life has continued to march on and I’d like to think that everyone’s health matters as much as those who will be impacted by covid. How wrong this thinking appears to be.

If you know anyone in NSW who was scheduled for an “elective” procedure, reach out to them.

NSW president of the Australian Medical Association Dr Danielle McMullen said the decision to suspend surgery was “inevitable” given the impact of rising case numbers on the hospital system “but not unavoidable”.

“Elective surgery is not ‘unnecessary surgery’, it is serious medical care and delaying that care impacts on the quality of life for many Australians,” she said.

“Elective surgery shouldn’t be a tap that government turns ‘on’ and ‘off’ to cover for serious cracks in our healthcare system.”


Snow Leopard, there are two aspects to this problem:

1) The over-reaction to covid.

2) Socialised health doesn’t work: the inevitability of failure of any government health system. The moment we hand over ANYTHING to government, we face this risk. No government based health system has any chance of providing even a tolerable quality of health care. The remedy is outlined in my book, Breaking Free of Nehru and in the manifesto that I compiled for Swarna Bharat Party. We need an entirely privatised system with the government only required to pay the insurance premium of those who are really poor. There need to be checks and balances in such a system but at the end of it, such a system will deliver genuine results and accountability.

Unfortunately for Australia, the country is now so far down the path of socialism (just like the UK) that it is now hard to visualise how it can ever find a way out.


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My Telegram comments regarding the current state of affairs in Australia


The vast majority of comments of Australians on social media re: Djockovic confirm exactly what is happening here in India – that people never look at any data that contradicts their belief. The majority of Australians don’t want him in Australia despite the virus already being there – stopping him can’t stop the virus: such viruses can NEVER be stopped in perpetuity. AND they ignore the fact that Djockovic has very strong immunity to covid since he had it last year. AND he is young, therefore with a very low chance of harm from covid. He poses no risk whatsoever to Australia but hysterical people are behaving as if he is a national enemy.

That’s because most Australians have long ago formed the belief that covid is the biggest pandemic in human history. They are not going to change their mind any time soon until that belief is directly – and repeatedly – attacked.

Sadly, and I must say this again since it is ultimately a matter of life and death for Australia, that UAP with its millions has to date not been interested in attacking this underlying belief, it is focused on going down the vaccine/ivermectin rabbitholes; in fact, most opposition groups have been doing that, as well. When people say that ivermectin could have saved “thousands” of lives, they actually reinforce the public’s belief that this is a huge and deadly pandemic. – I therefore predict now that Australia will suffer this Great Hysteria even longer, maybe for many years. Obsessive people on both sides.

I’ve kept up a laser-like focus only on one issue: the magnitude of the pandemic. Until all Australians come on the same page on this issue, they will not listen to anything else.

Share this brochure if you can:


We must give credit where it is due. Aussie politicians have so successfully terrorised and psyched the country that people are now eating out of their hand and behaving like a perfectly hypnotised crowd. The grossly exaggerated response of Australians against Djockovic must give Scamo and Dan comfort that their parliamentary seats are secure for yet another term.

Craig Kelly will lose his seat, is my firm prediction – if he doesn’t change tack right now. He only has 2 months to make a mark. He has failed to read the writing on the wall – that a fearful people won’t listen to him about ivermectin and vaccine safety. He has gone down rabbitholes from which there is no political hope of return.


I’ve spent 10 minutes to compile an illustrative list of comments from Australians re: Djockovic.

How Australians have responded to Djockovic: the Great Hysteria continues unabated.

The writing is on the wall: THE FREEDOM PARTIES HAVE COMPREHENSIVELY FAILED TO STOP THE FEAR AND HYSTERIA. That’s because 99% of them have focused entirely on ivermectin/vaccines – doing that has actually INCREASED the levels of hysteria among the average person. The people of Australia consider anyone who doesn’t take a vaccine to be an enemy of the nation. We are not far away now from the next step: cleansing of the unvaccinated. Already in Canada politicians are starting to use highly divisive and punitive language: we are getting there.

The tragedy is that all this could be fixed even now in 1 month of mass advertising of the sort I had sent to Craig Kelly months ago when he joined UAP and had the money to do so. But no! No one wants to stop the hysteria. They are themselves hysterical (but in a different way).

Enjoy the Great Hysteria, folks!



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How Australians have responded to Djockovic: the Great Hysteria continues unabated.

This is just a TINY selection of tweets:

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