This domain belongs to a Sabhlok family (see an initial exploration of my ancestry + the genealogy of this Sabhlok family).

a) Sanjeev Sabhlok -that’s me

b) Prem Sabhlok – that’s my father. Here is his book and his new  blog.

c) Smita Sabhlok – wife (papers here)

d) Sukrit Sabhlok – son (here)

e) Varun Sabhlok – cousin (here)

f) Ajay Sabhlok – cousin (here)

Here is a useful archival page with a lot of links.

Why sabhlok ‘city’?

I  established this domain in June 1999 to host material that I had uploaded on the internet as a student at the University of Southern California. I called it ‘sabhlokcity’ because nothing prevents anyone from creating their own virtual city! Be a king of your own virtual city if you wish. Just electrons!

This domain is intended primarily for my close family and their progeny. Millions of year lie ahead for this domain (I hope!).

Currently I’m the main user of this domain along with my father whose book (and now a blog) are hosted here as well. I’m hoping that soon there might be others.