This domain belongs to a Sabhlok family (see an initial exploration of my ancestry + the genealogy of this Sabhlok family).

a) Sanjeev Sabhlok -that’s me

b) Prem Sabhlok – that’s my father. Here is his book and his new  blog.

c) Smita Sabhlok – wife (papers here)

d) Sukrit Sabhlok – son (here)

e) Varun Sabhlok – cousin (here)

f) Ajay Sabhlok – cousin (here)

Here is a useful archival page with a lot of links.

Why sabhlok ‘city’?

I  established this domain in June 1999 to host material that I had uploaded on the internet as a student at the University of Southern California. I called it ‘sabhlokcity’  to allow my close relatives (and progeny) to use this domain if they so wish.