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List of topics for my future write-ups in the Times of India online blog

This is a list of things I want to write about in the coming weeks/ months on my TOI blog. As the topics are done, I’ll put them into the “completed” category. Some of these may be converted into articles for the main newspaper.

  • Urgently needed police reforms (Sent – not yet published)
  • Diwali as an occasion to remember that Ram rajya is a capitalist society (Sent on 4 November, to publish on 7 November)
  • Anil Sharma’s contribution to liberty in India
  • Sanjay Sonwani’s thesis on caste
  • Role of government in education (possibly for the print edition – a draft is already ready)
  • How I began my political journey
  • The rise of Swarna Bharat Yuva Morcha
  • The irrelevance of Modi’s “efforts” (e.g. bullet train, Patel statue)
  • Minerals policy for India (possibly for the print version – a draft is already ready)
  • The liberal message in common man’s terms
  • About SBP’s Lok Sabha plans
  • Why India needs unilateral free trade
  • 10 points for India for 20% growth.
  • Tax reforms for India
  • Why urbanization is good for India (including impact on rural development)
  • Corruption in Government
  • Salary and accountability of bureaucrats


The murder of Ramji Mishra by UP police




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