The Discovery of Freedom is my main resource on liberty, supplemented by Breaking Free of Nehru and this blog of mine. But these aren’t enough on their own, so here is a list of other resources. (Don’t forget the links above!)

What is classical liberalism?



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The nature of government (Ayn Rand)

A new resource:

Public Choice – A Primer, by Eamonn Butler

My Big Six (or Eight) – by  DON BOUDREAUX (also see my FB post:

A good list of resources (

How to demolish the arguments of socialism

Yuri Maltsev – Requiem for Marx
Robert C Tucker – Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx  [ a technical piece on the philosophical foundations of Marxism, not for beginners ]
Leszek Kolakowski – Main Currents of Marxism [ A three volume history of Marxism, perhaps the definitive work on its history ]
James Billington – Fire on the Minds of Men
H.B.  Acton [ Not Lord Acton ] – The Illusion of Epoch
Various Authors – A Plea for Liberty  . [ A series of papers by various authors critiquing the beginnings of Fabian socialism by author Bernard Shaw, also some basic critiques of socialism in general ]
Gordon – Resurrecting Marx
Gary North – ‘The Marx Nobody Knows
Yuri Maltsev – ‘Inflation and the Bolsheviks
David Osterfeld – ‘Marx and Mercantilism
Rothbard – ‘Emergence of Communism
Jeffrey Herbener – ‘The Utopianism of Marx and Keynes‘ [ This is a rip off of Rothbard’s ‘Emergence of Communism’ ]

Paul Gottfried – ‘Bolshevism and Democratic Socialism


Human Action (on line here–in Adobe pdf format)

Socialism (on line in Adobe pdf format)

The Theory of Money and Credit


Theory and History

Epistemological Problems of Economics  

The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science

Nation, State, and Economy

Essays and Collections of Essays

Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics

Money, Method, and the Market Process

Liberty and Property

Economic Freedom and Interventionism



Frederic Bastiat, The Law (on the website of McMaster University in Canada)

_____, Economic Sophisms (on the website of The Liberty Fund)

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, some major essays and the translation of the first German Edition of Capital and Interest, which, regrettably is much inferior to the translation of the considerably larger third German Edition published by Libertarian Press, but not available online. (On the website of McMaster University in Canada.)

Carl Menger, “On the Origins of Money” (an essay residing on the website of McMaster University in Canada)

James Mill, Elements of Political Economy (on the website of McMaster University in Canada)

John Stuart Mill, The Principles of Political Economy (on the website of The Liberty Fund)

_____, Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy (on the website of McMaster University in Canada)

David Ricardo, The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (on the website of The Liberty Fund)

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (on the website of The Liberty Fund)

Philip H. Wicksteed, The Common Sense of Political Economy (on the website of The Liberty Fund)

Some Onsite Writings of Other Major Contributors to the Case for Capitalism

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk and Friedrich von Wieser on the Determination of Price by Cost of Production (Courtesy of Libertarian Press, on this website)

James Mill On the Overproduction and Underconsumption Fallacies (in Adobe pdf format). Edited and with an Introduction by George Reisman. This is the best 19th Century critique of the overproduction and underconsumption fallacies.