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After coming upon this (on Facebook) I decided to spend some time to bring together the evidence of Modi’s murderous life history IN HIS OWN WORDS.

The fact that evidence about his guilt is overwhelming is something I’ve commented on at length on this blog. But now I have learnt to do some simple video editing, so I’ve built this 5 minute video.

If this video doesn’t convince you to study more about Modi’s complicity in MURDER AND MAYHEM, IN GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, then I’m afraid you have no shred of humanity. You may please leave and never visit this blog. I weep for the innocents killed in the name of “Islamic terrorists”.

And as you dig deeper, you will quickly realise that the Godhra incident, itself, was a COMPLETE SET UP BY MODI. It was ORCHESTRATED by Modi.

Anyway, such is life. The criminals rise to the top. I am very unhappy with the way India has become – was it this bad in the past? I hope not.

Video URL:

For further proofs you can start by reading my compilations here:

The Truth About Modi

Modi’s Lies to the SIT


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Please join me to fight the Indian system which not only kills innocents but makes beggars of their families: the case of Ramji Misra of Gopiganj

This page is dedicated to the full analysis of this case and I’ll keep updating it. This page is intended to highlight this case, to seek public help for the family, to ensure that the police officer who beat Ramji and locked him up is arrested, to ensure that the entire UP government is held to account and to ensure that such a case never happens again.

Currently I have a very poor laptop and slow internet connection so this starting post is somewhat insufficient. But when I return to Melbourne, I’ll get a better computer and internet access and will be able to provide much more details.

1. The death of autorickshaw driver Ramji Mishra in police custody

Ramji Mishra was in his 40s and worked as a autorickshaw driver in Gopiganj down in Bhadohi district. He had two college going daughers and a young school going son. In late June 2018 he went to police to seek their help in a family dispute. Instead, the police locked him and his brother and beat him. He died in police custody.

Ramji’s daughter told me that when she saw the body the face of her father had black marks as if it had been badly beaten. The photo sent to me today (10 October) – below –  clearly corroborates this claim.


Some news reports:

There are many other such reports. I’ll post them when I get a better internet connection.

2. Our party’s hunger strike and late night arrest of our party’s leader

After his death our party launched a hunger fast to seek justice for the family, including compensation for the death in police custody. Our party’s candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rabi Kant Bharti – who was fasting – was arrested in the middle of the night by the police and ferreted away to an unknown destination. Nearly 75 of our party activists spent the night running around searching for him. Finally he was located in a different thana the next day. Finally Rabi was released.

Rabi broke his fast on the assurance from the local Sub Divisional Magistrate, Amrita Singh, that she will urgently process the matter for compensation and also to arrest the police officer who beat Ramji and effectively killed him.

3. Three months later, the accused Police officer is absconding and only Rs.10,000 paid to the family

I understand the district administration paid Rs.10,000 in urgent relief to the family from the Red Cross Fund and filed an FIR for murder against the errant police official, but till 8 October 2018, when I visited Bhadohi and the family of the late Ramji Mishra, no arrest had been made nor any real compensation paid (apart from the 10K).

I understand the local BJP MP from the area had assured the family that he would provide Rs.5 lakhs in compensation but he has now backed off and says he does not recall making this commitment.

The big issue is the arrest of the police officer. How can he simply disappear? I’m sure he must have been tipped from within by the police force, which is waiting for the din to die out before having him return to his normal position.

4. Appeal for help to the family

On the 8th October when I visited the family, Vidyut Jain and I gave a bit of money (not much) to the family from our pocket, to support them in their desperate condition. I believe the entire country, if not the entire world, needs to step in to help the family. Two of Ramji Mishra’s daughters are my daughter’s age. I believe their future is our joint responsibility. I have now obtained (on 10 October) the bank account details of the family so all of us across the world can contribute to this family in their time of desperate need.

Bank account of the family into which funds (even small) may please be transferred to Ramji Mishra’s wife, Kanchan Mishra:

Name of account holder: Kanchan Mishra
Account no. 6213881427
Bank: Indian Bank
Branch: Gopiganj
IFSC code: IDIB000G090

Remaining members of the family:

5. The urgent need for Yogi government to compensate the family

I met the SDM Amrita Singh yesterday and she assured me she had sent all papers to the State Government. I’m going to publish these papers (I took a snapshot on my phone since I did not want to disturb the SDM who was busy) here. I’m also publishing some photos and the FIR, etc. here.

6. The matter needs a full-fledged inquiry and stringent action to fix the system

I believe this matter needs to go to the Human Rights Commission for an inquiry. We need to ensure that not only is the relevant police official brought to justice but a systems inquiry is conducted to prevent such things from happening in the future.

I would like to request any lawyers among the readers to spare some time to fight for this case in the Supreme Court.


In the home of Ramji Mishra on 8 October, finding out about the matter along with Vidyut Jain of SBP.

With the wife and children of the late Ramji Mishra – one daughter has got cut off on the right in the photo. Also pictured is Rabi.

I’m meeting Amrita Singh, SDM of Bhadohi district in the above photo, on 9 October 2018.

FIR against the policeman who allegedly beat Ramji Mishra and locked him up, leading to his death.

PLEASE NOTE THAT BY PUBLISHING THIS I DO NOT INTEND TO SUBVERT THE DUE PROCESS OF JUSTICE. There should be no presumption of guilt just by virtue of publication of this document (no matter how overwhelming the evidence to date). Let the court decide the matter based on evidence. 





In the following video we have direct testimony and evidence of how badly the Police beat up the two brothers



रामजी के परिजनों को प्रधान संघ अभोली ने दी 21 हजार की सहायता

Finally received Rs.1 lakh on 26 October 2018.

ऑटो चालक की बेटियों को दी एक लाख मदद

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Jon Alpert’s brilliant documentary on Cuba based on visits across 45 years

Almost finished watching this documentary, Cuba and the Cameraman, which is probably one of the best examples of high quality journalism I’ve seen. A genuine attempt to understand Cuba and its people. In the process, the doco also shows the total mess that socialism creates.

Jon covered some of the same people across these years (including their children) and in parts the documentary tugs at your emotions like no movie can. The story of Cristobal the farmer is endearing at a level I’ve rarely come across.

The people of Cuba are wonderful. Their stupid socialist leaders have let them down.

It is very rare that I recommend anything. This one I strongly recommend. But be patient.


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Amar Habib and Makarand Doijad’s battle against the draconian anti-farmer Article 31(b) of India’s socialist Constitution

I’m becoming more aware of the work of Kisan Putra which was started in 2016 by Amar Habib and Makarand Doijad.

Habib, who was a close associated of Sharad Joshi, is a great fan of the liberty of farmers, He “prioritized ‘liberty’ over ‘protection’ for farmers” [Source].

Kisan Putra held a “47-day long Bedi Todo (break the shackles) motorcycle rally in Maharashtra from August 15 to October 2 2016″ [India Today report]

In January 2018 they decided to lodge a petition with the Supreme Court to declare Article 31(b) unconstitutional. [Times of India].

In June 2018 they lodged a petition in the Supreme Court [see Times of India and First Post|  NDTV]. They also published a book, Anti Farmer Laws, in June 2018.

Mr Habib has recently been on a trip to Delhi to further pursue the PIL. He  met Ram Atri of Freedom Team of India. Ram has been trying to bring farmers together on a platform of liberty, as well.

A useful summary of Kisan Putra’s position was provided by Makarand Doijad and reported on this blog in June 2018.

I’ve spoken to Mr Habib and hope to meet him during my forthcoming visit to India.

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