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There are 1 BILLION cases of flu each year. Yet we don’t go crazy and PCR test everyone.

“Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases”

No one goes crazy and does PCR tests on each of these billion people. Sick people stay at home. A few serious ones have to be hospitalised. Some die.

We have lost all sense of context and science during 2020 and 2021.

NOTE: I’ve uploaded this document on my server since I’m confident that the WHO will start deleting all information that gives a lie to its falsehoods during 2020 and 2021.

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Should we worry about Klaus Schwab?

A lot of people are very angry about WEF founder Klaus Schwab. I’ve tended to ignore the WEF as just another think tank. But it is a mystery why it is so popular with big businesses and politicians.

I’m noting down here something entirely unverified by me. I hope by publishing this I’ll be pointed to the truth – and whether there is any merit in this meme.

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No, I don’t yet find evidence of any orchestrated plan to wipe out the world’s population with a vaccine

Someone raised an issue re: WEF’s plan to reduce world population and whether the vaccines are tool for that. My response:


1) The WEF is a well-funded think tank, no more. Let’s not read too much into its idle ramblings. None of its ideas ever flowed into official pandemic plans. Everything we are doing to date has come straight from CCP – which controls the WHO through Tedros and has completely over-turned all existing WHO guidelines.

2) We need to look dispassionately at all the facts. Re: the vaccine we know that there are some severe immediate and potentially some long term effects. These vaccines cause far more harm than any previous vaccine – that’s well documented. But do they work? We also have data purportedly from Israel (as cited by Craig Kelly) which suggests that the vaccines are not effective. I’ve not had time to review the original Israeli data. But I came across this Australian data yesterday: that 42 of the 43 cases in ICU in NSW (I think) were the unvaccinated. In this environment where no one can be trusted, one needs to take this data point with a pinch of salt till corroborating evidence is identified from elsewhere across the world.

3) The pharma industry has a strong interest in a vaccine that works, else its reputation will be tarnished and these companies shut down. Their shareholders definitely don’t want to purvey vaccines that cause harm – that will risk their investment. While I disagree with the removal of liability for these companies by governments, these policies did not start with the covid vaccine – that’s a policy issue on which a separate debate should be held.

In brief, I do not find persuasive evidence to date of any well-orchestrated plan to wipe out the world’s population with the vaccines. I’m not saying it is not possible, but we need very strong and fool-proof evidence before we even consider that possibility.



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