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As an IAS officer of 1976 batch of UP Cadre, Ashok Kumar Khurana had served various key positions in state and at Centre as well. He had been posted many years at NOIDA, Chairman of UP Financial Corporation and UP Power Corporation Limited. He had been abroad at Asian Development Bank for many years. Like him, OP Arya has also been posted on number of key positions in centre and UP as well. After the division of UP, he went with Uttarakhand. Khurana decided to take Voluntary Retirement on November 19 2007 and Arya on May 1, 2008. Interestingly both of these officers sought permission from Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to join the Jaypee Group. Khurana got the permission to join JPSK Sports Private Limited as Vice Chairman on April 8 2008 and Arya got the permission to join the Jaypee Ganga Infrastructure Corporation Limited as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on January 12 last year.

There are many officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), considered as steel frame of our system, who have taken voluntary retirement from the government services and joined new assignments. According to the statistics provided by DoPT to India Today under Right to Information (RTI) Act since 2000 at least 150 IAS officers have taken VRS. M. Sambasiva Rao of Andhra Pradesh cadre had taken VRS in January 2006 to join Heritage Foods Limited of Hyderabad, which has now spread its business in many southern states. Likewise, Vivek Kulkarni of Karnatak cadre had taken VRS in October 2003 to join B2K Corporation based at Bangalore. Earlier P.C. Cyriac of Tamil Nadu cadre had taken VRS to join Jeevan Telecasting Corporation based at Thrissur.

The list may be so large but the problem is that the decision making is not centralized. It is scattered in the states and at the Centre as well. The DoPT keeps the data of the only officers whose' VRS is cleared by it. According to AIS Rules, if any officer has 30 years of service or he has completed 50 years of age, his VRS will be cleared by the concerned state government. In other conditions, he will have to take such clearance from the DoPT. For the commercial appointments of such officers, according to rule-26 of AIS (DCRB) Rules, "a pensioner shall not accept any commercial employment before the expiry of one year from the date of his retirement, except with the previous sanction of the central government." Obviously, after one year they are free to join any job of their choice.

According to the information provided by DoPT, over 90 officers requested for clearance to join commercial employments after their VRS and retirement (see the list bellow), and only four of them had bad luck because their requests were turned down. These officers were BS Patil of Karnatak cadre whose request to join M/s Suprajit Engineering Limited, Bangalore was turned down by DoPT on April 7 2004. Interestingly, his other request to join some other assignment was cleared. K. Nalinakshan of Maharashtra cadre wanted to do consultancy in the field of Urban Management after retirement and his request was turned down. But he requested reconsideration and he was successful in the second attempt.

In fact, this re-employment is for the officers who have joined some job outside the government and this list does not include the officers who have joined various government sponsored commissions, boards, committees, councils, tribunals etc and extension of their services on same posts after their retirement or VRS. Many officers, after retirement, at any cost re-join various government agencies and they remain part of steel frame and occupy various facilities for many years.

Though, this list is not complete but this shows that once you are selected in the IAS, you have no reason to worry. You may remain at the helm of government functioning for a long time. And if you are unsuccessful, you can join the private companies and NGOs to remain powerful. Your experience in the government makes you more valuable in the private sector. Many officers have joined the private companies, formed their own companies, associated themselves with NGOs etc. In fact this list could be even large considering the fact that many officers join the post-VRS/retirement jobs after completing one year to escape the AIS rules.

However, the IAS has the largest strength among the Civil Services having total number of officers 4443. Out of them 3848 are males and 595 are females. 14 IAS officers are under suspension for their misdeeds as of now. Interestingly two IAS officers are absent from the government duty for many years. These are Saroj Kumar Jha of Orissa cadre and Amit Kumar Jain of Sikkim cadre. Jha is absent since January 2007 while Jain since June 2003.

IAS officers who joined various commercial assignments after taking VRS/retirement since 2000:
(Note: The list indicates the job the concerned officer has taken permission to join. Many officers may have left these jobs by the time)

Officer (cadre-batch)                                       Post VRS/retirement employment:

DK Manavalan (West Bengal-1965):                 Executive Director, Action for Food Production (an NGO)
DP Verma (J&K-1986):                                    Secretary, Dharmarth Trust Council, Jammu.
PC Cyriac (Tamilnadu-1966):                            Joined Jeevan Telecasting Corporation as MD.
Chaman Lal (AGMU-1982):                               Executive Director with Sir Ganga Ram Trust, Delhi.
Arun Kumar (Kerala-1965):                               Advisor, Lala Dewan Chand Trust for taking up consultancy in water resources.
Pranab Ray (West Bengal-1969):                      Joined Gujarat Poistra Port Infraustructure Limited as CEO.
D. Prakash (Manipur-1979):                              Advisor, Schoolnet India Limited, Mumbai
MD Asthana (Haryana-1965):                            Director, Council for Social Development (an NGO)
HA Badi (Gujarat-1983):                                    Gujrat State Federationof Co-op Sugar Factory Ltd.
AR Nanda (Orissa-1965):                                   Executive Director, Population Foundation of India.
Arvind Verma (UP-1963):                                  CEO in a company to be set up after retirement
BNS Roy (West Bengal-1984):                          Kaushalya Infraustructure Development Corp Ltd as ED.
Manish Gupta (West Bengal-1964):                  George Williamson Limited as Board of Directors.
Manish Gupta (West Bengal-1964):                  Sundervan Project of Sahara India Limited.
B. Parthsarathy (Karnatak-1974):                      Ashwani Holdings Limited as honorary director.
MP Bejbaruah (AM-1964):                                 Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats ltd as occasional consultant.
N. Vishwanathan (Karnatak-1966):                   Individual practice as Project Advisor.
V. Anandrau (AP-1964):                                    Advisor at Speck Systems Ltd, Secuderabad.
SB Salavi (Maharashtra-1982):                         Additional Chief Executive in the Society for Service of Voluntary Agency.
K. Kosal Ram (AP-1965):                                  Honorary Secretary, Indian Institute of Economics, Hyderabad.
Ravindra Gupta (UP-1966):                               Interglobe Enterprises Limited as honorary director.
TK Das (West Bengal-1968):                            Calcutta Stock Exchange as OSD
KR NAIR (Punjab-1967):                                    Director, Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, New Delhi.
K. Srinivasan (Kerala-1965):                             Director, International Institute of Co-operative and Insurance Education, Delhi.
DP Patra (West Bengal-1979):                          Mitshubishi Chemicals as Joint MD
RV Aiyar (AP-1966):                                          Centre for Public Policy, IIM, Bangalore.
Rangan Dutta (AM-1966):                                  Tata Consultancy Services
IS Malhi (J&K-1967):                                        Advisor, Gurunanak Deo Education Society, Yamunanagar, Haryana.
SS Dawra (Punjab-1967):                                 Director, IILM, Gurgaon. Director Indian Acrylics Limited and Steel Strips Wheels Limited.
UK Mukhopadhyaya (MH-1967):                        Advisor, Indian Merchants Chambers, Mumbai.
Rajan Kashyap (Punjab-1965):                         Honorary Chairman, Rotary and Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh.
Rajan Kashyap (Punjab-1965):                         COO at Mohali Hospital of Fortis.
JNL Srivastava (Punjab-1966):                         Board of Lakeland Hotel Ltd, Bhopal.
AK Das (West Bengal-1988):`                          ED in Kolkata Stock Exchange.
PC Sharma (UP-1967):                                      Advisor, IILM
Hirak Ghosh (West Bengal-1966):                     Chief Consultant, Times Research Foundation.
SC Deshmukh (H-1982):                                   OSD in Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune.
DK Biswas (West Bengal-1967):                        Director, IILM, NOIDA
SMF Bukhari (Gujarat-1982):                            Reliance Industries as consultant.
BK Saha (MP-1967):                                         Fertiliser Association of India as DG.
Pawan Chopra (Rajasthan-1967):                     Specialist, Agrisystem Private Limited.
Rathi Vinai Jha (Tamilnadu-1967):                   Partner, Antaraes India Limited and Secretary General, World Tourism Council.
S. Narayanan (Tamilnadu-1965):                      Director, Appollo Tyres Limited.
BS Patil (Karnatak-1966):                                 Partner, Anukshka Business Consultants.
Vivek V. Kulkarni (Karnatak-1981):                   Director, B2K Corporation Pvt Ltd.
SK Mahapatra (Gujarat-1976):                          Dharma Port Company as CEO
Smt KG Menon (West Bengal-1969):                Local Representative (Haryana) of Narayan Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.
AK Gupta (MP-1967):                                        Secretary General, Foundation for Aviation and Sustainable Tourism Society, New Delhi.
S. Narayan (Tamilnadu-1965):                          Director, Dabur India Limited.
Jagdish Joshi (MH-1967):                                  Non-executive Director, Gujrat Borosil Limited, Mumbai.
JP Rajkhowa (AM-1968):                                  Sakuma Exports Limited.
Smt Aruna Bagchi (MH-1973):                          DFID
RR Sinha (MH-1976):                                        MD, Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited
Smt Indira Mishra (MP-1969):                           Vice Chancellor, Rai University, Raipur.
M. Sambasiva Rao (AP-1984):                          Heritage Foods Limited, Hyderabad.
SP Aggarwal (AGMU-1970):                              Advisor, DLF Universal Limited
AK Mago (MH-1967):                                         Advisor, Mahindra and Mahindra.
Vinai Bansal (MH-1969):                                   Consultant, Reliance Industries Limited.
Vijay Gore (Karnatak-1968):                             Consultancy firm URVI and PARISARA (an NGO) and Human Care Foundation.
Surendra Nath (MP-1968):                                Professor, Amity Business School.
Smt Jayanthi (Tamilnadu-1971):                      Secretary General, South India Hotels and Restaurants Association Limited.
S. Lakshminarayanan (MP-1970):                     Team Leader, CARE INDIA
S. Krishna Kumar (Karnatak-1969):                  IL & FS Infraustructure Development Corp Limited.
Smt Sarita Prasad (HP-1969):                           Advisor, Confederation of Indian Industry.
Anil Baijal (AGMU-1969):                                  Chairman, Infraustructure Development Finance Company
Anupam Dasgupta:                                          Revenue Administration Specialist, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS.
Ashok K. Jha:                                                   Director and President, Hundai Motor India Limited.
C. Chandran:                                                   Chief Advisor, UP Industrial Consultants Limited.
C. Babu Rajeev:                                               CEO, ABG Heavy Industries Limited
NA Vishwanathan:                                           Secretary General, Cement Manufacturers Association.
Anil Kumar Kutty:                                            Managing Director, KSK Energy Resources Private Limited.
LN Vijayraghavan:                                           GVR Construction Pvt Limited, Hyderabad.
Ashok Kmar Khurana:                                      Vice Chairman, JPSK Sports Private Limited
Ajit Raizada:                                                    Project Director, International College of Financial Planning
CK Gariyali:                                                     IndiaCLEN Limited
UK Sinha:                                                        CMD, UTI Asset Management Company Limited.
Sanjay Kaul:                                                    CEO, National Collateral Management Services Limited.
Prakash Kumar:                                               Director, CISCO India Limited and Internet Business Solution Group.
Karnail Singh:                                                 Advisor, National Spot Exchange.
MS Srinivasan:                                                Chairman, ILFS Tamilnadu Power Limited.
OP Arya:                                                          CEO and MD, Jaypee Ganga Infrastructure Corp Limited.
Harjit S. Anand:                                               Part Time Advisor, GTZ-IS India Office for 10 days.
Smt Meena Gupta:                                           She got permission but assignment details not known
Satish Tripathi:                                                Vice President, Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Co. Limited.
N. Narayan:                                                      CEO, Arjun Group of Companies.
LK Tripathi:                                                      Chairman, Bay Borge Limited.
K. Nalinakshan (MH-1967):                               Consultant in the field of Urban Management

Whose requests for post VRS/retirement commercial jobs were turned down by DoPT
KC Mahapatra (Gujarat-1966):                         CEO, Deepak Fertilizer and Petrochemical Corporation Limited, Mumbai.
TS Vijayaraghavan (Tamilnadu-1965):
             Director on the Board of M/s Wheels India Limited
BS Patil (Karnatak-1966):                                 Non-executive Director, Suprajit Engineering Limited, Bangalore.
D. Mani Bharati (Tamilnadu-1992):                   Advisor, Sundaram Clayton Limited, Chennai.

The IAS Officers who resigned from Service since 2000:
Praveen Kumar (Haryana, 1982)
Deepak Aggarwal (Tamilnadu-1990)
Sanjay Gupta (Gujrat, 1985)
Keshav Gaur (AGMU, 1991)
AH Abhyankar (MH, 1974)
Smt Ranjana Mukherjee
Iqbal Singh Dhaliwal
Sanjeev Sabhlok (AM, 1982)
AK Jha (Bihar, 1989)
Supravin Kumar (Haryana, 1999)
SV Iyer (MP, 1981)
Rajeev Talwar (AGMU, 1978)
Sanjay Narayen (MH, 1976)
Easther Ninghaurang Gabgal (2006, during probation)
Anshu Bhardwaj (Karnatak, 1992)
Prabha Das (West Bengal, 1981)
R. Rangarajan (AM, 2005)
Jayant Parimal (Gujarat, 1989)
T. Chandra Shekhar (MH, 1987)