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4 ways to confirm that you’ve been lied to

I have asked Dan Andrews and Matthew Guy to prove their blatantly false claims about COVID lethality. I have even said that I’ll pay them $11,000 to do so. But they refuse to do so since they can’t. They have LIED brazenly to the People and must be held to account.

You can easily verify the truth. Four ways of validating the truth are elaborated below.

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I’ve done the calculation, and all sources are provided for you to confirm:

Please note in this regard that officially reported COVID deaths are not FROM covid; they are WITH COVID and also from COVID. In other words, these are grossly exaggerated. My calculations show that actual deaths from COVID are no more than half the reported COVID deaths.

But EVEN IF we assume that all reported COVID deaths were FROM COVID, we find that COVID was drastically less lethal than Spanish flu.

METHOD 2: Examine the mortality rate of Sweden


High resolution image

Source of Sweden’s data:

People ask: Why Sweden? Because it is the only control we have in a world where every other nation implemented lesser or more stringent lockdowns – that are prohibited by the science.  So Sweden “should” have had – according to those who opposed its standard, risk-based approach, a vast number of deaths in 2020.

The two year method is being used to smooth out the “dry tinder effect” due to extremely low flu deaths in Sweden in 2019.

I have made a video to show you how to use the official data.

METHOD 3: Read John Ioannidis’s paper


A further paper has now been published by Prof. Ioannidis to confirm that COVID was in the range of seasonal flu.

METHOD 4: Go to the UK Parliament website


This chart, from the World Bank makes it even clearer. Scandinavian countries had either no lockdowns (Sweden) or mild lockdowns, as per the OxCGRT database. Their overall mortality during 2020 is either lower than ever before, or averages out to that of 2018 (as with Sweden).

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