Indian Prime Minister needs to do this

What would I do as Prime Minister of India?

This issue, discussed at length in my book, Breaking Free of Nehru, is not merely of academic interest. I am working to build a serious national political alternative to socialist and communal forces that currently rule India (the alternative is being developed by the Freedom Team of India).

For those who want to quickly browse through the kinds of actions I would undertake if authorised by the people of India (through regular democratic processes), here are a few illustrative blog posts:

What will be done?

What does this involve? It involves well over 50 reforms, but key reforms include:

  • State funding of elections and outcomes based compensation for representatives
  • Creation of a new architecture of bureaucracy
  • Well-regulated privatisation of all schools and universities
  • Social insurance that includes a negative income tax and health insurance for all
  • Economic and regulation reforms to free up the energies of the people while preventing harm
  • Wider tax base and reduction of marginal tax rates

What will be achieved?

What are the deliverables that will be thus achieved? There are many, but key deliverables include:

  • Elimination of poverty in three years
  • Eradication of corruption in three years
  • High quality (equal to the best) education for ALL children in a maximum of five years
  • World class universities within three years
  • Rapid acceleration in productivity and economic growth – ongoing