My last testament

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”.

By Richard Feynman, in: “What is Science?”, presented at the fifteenth annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association, in New York City (1966) published in The Physics Teacher Vol. 7, issue 6 (1969)

GOAL: My goal is to be a man whose memory I could respect if I were hypothetically reborn in a thousand years. It doesn’t matter what I “achieve”. Enough to search for, and abide by the truth. Self-respectability is bigger than self-respect. [see]


My last testament is published here.

Let this be said of me after I die. Another one I thought of in early 2019 as something to aspire to achieve: “He did what he thought was right and never compromised on the fundamentals”.

Instructions to family members: Please see my emails dated 30 August 2011 and 4 September 2011.


I’ve got two permanent backup blogs


Upon my death, please port all posts to BOTH the above blogs. Steps:

a) DELETE all posts on these two blogs first

b) Upload either through XML file – or take professional help. Make sure no blog post is duplicated/missing, and all comments have been ported. Try to ensure that image files have been ported as well. If possible, the formatting should be checked for proper portability.

c) After this has been done, switch on ‘searchabilty’ by search engines (currently it is “off”).

d) Switch OFF all future comments on the blog.

e) After EVERYTHING has been fully checked, change the password and throw it away.