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Pick Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi for the SAME result. For genuine change you need FTI

Good friend Offstumped is otherwise a fine classical liberal, but he sure is a blind fan of Narendra Modi

Offstumped forgets that there are SERIOUS questions that Modi has not yet addressed. I'm maintaining a public dossier on him based on public information. It is also almost certain that he has destroyed incriminating records, making it harder to prove the criminal cases against him. Yes, I'm happy for the law to take its course on such a matter but as Amanda Hodge has noted, his current attempt to seek legitimacy is hollow and won't ring a bell with anyone. Truth and character can't be altered by cosmetic surgery.

As Indian columnist Shyem Parekh wrote this week, had Mr Modie fasted – in true Gandhian style – on February 27, 2002, "when anarchy and insanity ruled the streets of Gujarat", many lives could have been saved and his state might not now be a by-word for communal intolerance.

It all leaves a very bad taste. [Source]

The point with Modi is simple. True, he is a tolerably good administrator (which is not a great achievement, given that Gujarat has ALWAYS been India's best administered state. True, he does make flashy statements like "minimum government maximum governance". Such statements are enough to attract gullibles like Offstumped. But Modi is a GENUINE, proven, enemy of liberty. And he has not appointed the Lokayukta and shielded corrupt ministers.

Even if it is found in the end that he did not kill (or get killed) hundreds of innocent Muslims, he is a mediocre leader. I've not come across any sensible proposal from his mouth that will actually reform India. And he is a member of the BJP which is a 100% CORRUPT socialist entity. I believe that BJP is branch of Congress and have challenged anyone to prove otherwise.

I do hope that Offstumped (and others like him) will finally admit one day that India deserves MUCH better.

Yes, I agree that Modi might actually be a LITTLE bit better for India than members of the super-corrupt Gandhi family like Rahul Gandhi (assuming Modi is found not to be guilty of mass murder). But the difference in quality between the Modi and Rahul Gandhi is very small, insignificant. Both are incapable of leading India to its destiny.

Even a junior leader of FTI will be far better for India than Modi. Let that be kept in mind as people start preparing for the 2014 elections in India.

And when you start considering people like Shantanu Bhagwat – and many other senior leaders on FTI – then you start getting people who are 100 times better for India in every way than mediocre corrupt people like Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi.

India has THOUSANDS of leaders better than mediocre corrupt politicians of the Modi-Gandhi type. But these good leaders are reluctant to enter politics because of the culture we have created in India against politics over the past 60 years. Good people become doctors and engineers, or join IAS or IFS. The rascals become Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers.

It is time to change this deplorable culture of having our worst people lead us. I invite good leaders to rise and join FTI.

The more you stay out of politics, the more these highly questionable characters will get to rule India.

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6 thoughts on “Pick Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi for the SAME result. For genuine change you need FTI
  1. Shashi Shekhar

    Sanjeev – happy to see that you have set the bar way high for FTI. I sincerely hope those aspirations are realized by NextGen leaders like Shantanu. This debate needs to continue but in the direction of better political alternatives and not in the direction towards more cynicism. If the intellectual liberal's cynicism  diminishes the only viable Opposition it only results in a walkover for the Nehru-Gandhis by default. 

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Two short comments:

    a) It is incorrect to state that there is only "one" viable opposition today (namely BJP). The opposition is in the MINDS of people – who want something better. FTI is that opposition – in the mind yet, but very easy to convert once the mind DECIDES.

    b) It is not cynicism to speak the truth. I'm not a cynic. I'm offering A VERY SUPERIOR alternative. And you know that. Only you keep insisting that BJP has something useful to offer. It doesn't. That's the truth

    If I may so suggest, the day you and other classical liberals get off your BJP bandwagon and start working for a serious classical liberal alternative (possibly by joining FTI yourself), India's destiny will change.

    The day the delusion that a party like BJP can EVEN REMOTELY deliver liberal reforms ends, that day India will change! Trust me!


  3. Raghav

    Do you still have the same opinion about opportunist Shantanu Bhagwat?

    Do you still think that Shantanu Bhagwat will not become another Arvind Kejriwal?

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Those who did not stick through thick and thin with the liberals of India (and jumped out to join BJP/AAP) will be kept a good distance and will need to prove their credentials through a 100 times greater effort. The worst example is Somnath Bharti. But there are tens of others. Nothing is forgotten. Credentials are built over time, not through short-term actions.

  5. Raghav

    I wouldn’t necessary believe in liberalism, I believe in pragmatism and I do value human lives and it is important to protect it, I believe in prosperity that’s why I believe in marketism. I think that Socialist has Destroyed India and Despite Destroying the Nation, they still want to do the same really boiled my heart.

    I think we should start calling Capitalism as marketism because, politically it is more suitable in India.

    We should call that we will make India as a best place to do Business which is called marketism. Businesses brings Job. We must not use “Capitalism” word because it brings negativity. We will only use “marketism”

    I will join your party someday, when I will become capable person, The only reason I want to join your party because it can bring prosperity in our country, the day, I feel there is a better option which can bring more Prosperity, I would like to go for better option as well.

    No matter what, people will always vote for emotions even in the most developed countries people do vote for emotions. So, we need to find a way to use that emotions and associates it with a good governance.

    Swarna Bharat party will need Rable- Rouser who can work for positive cause

  6. Raghav

    I have to disagree, Credentials can be build in a short time as well. It just we need to work startegically and tactically. We need to find a way to influence the people’s emotions. The best way is to target those people who influence large number of people especially of particular region, we will convince them to join Swarna Bharat party and Contributes towards the “Sone ki Chidiya”

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