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Public dossier on Narendra Modi. Is he guilty of mass murder or not?

Further update

14 September 2013: A retired Supreme Court judge disagreed with SIT's findings [P.B. Satwant]

14 September 2013:

Now this video (above) is not for children. But all voting adults in India should watch this. Given the evidence being presented by Sanjiv Bhatt to me, and these kinds of videos, I'm not sure India will do well to support Modi. Polices are one thing but murder is another.

He gave his party MLAs three days to do whatever they wanted. And he personally abused Jafri and refused to send timely help despite his being a former MP from Gujarat. What do you say to this Madhu Purnima Kishwar? I think it is facile to say that the courts have not convicted him so he is innocent. From what Sanjiv has been saying (and form the High Court order today to produce evidence that seems to have been deliberately destroyed), the legal system has been badly subverted.

24 August 2013: Modi PRAISED newspapers which inflamed the community through false reports.

"Mr. Desai cited one story in a mass-circulated Gujarat daily that claimed that a posse of Hajis were returning from the Gulf with arms and ammunition to Gujarat to “avenge” the post-Godhra incidents. “Nothing of this sort was attributed to anyone, neither did any such thing happen,” he said, and wondered why the Chief Minister would write a letter “selectively to those papers” that fanned such incendiary stories. The Editors Guild’s findings, he said, were completely ignored by the SIT. "


No regrets?

Karan Thapar: Why can't you say that you regret the killings that happened. Why can't you say may be the government should have done more to protect them? 

Narendra Modi: What I had to say I have said at that time and you can find out my statements. 

This is what he actually said in 2002 "The communal riots in Gujarat were unfortunate and we are sad they took place." and “Are we not supposed to soul-search ourselves? Whether it is Godhra incident or post-Godhra it does not enhance the prestige of any decent society. The riots are a stigma on humanity and do not help anyone to hold his head high." 

Aug 29, 2012: Narendra Modi rules out apology for 2002 Gujarat riots

Modi Apologised for the 2002 post-Godhra riots "apology to the people of Gujarat for what he called mistakes on his part"

Gurarat riots: SIT acting as an alibi for Modi govt?

Govt, SIT could destroy evidence: Sanjiv Bhatt

2002 riots: HC pulls up Modi govt for 'inaction'

Gujarat riots: Sanjiv Bhatt submits 'proof' of police inaction

Probe all 22 fake encounters between 2002 and 2006, SC tells Gujarat panel

Modi, Shah may be behind Pandya murder: Bhatt

Double blow to Modi govt in fake encounter cases

[Bhatt] had attended a meeting on February 27, 2002, in which Modi had told senior officers to allow Hindus to vent their anger at the Godhra carnage. [Source

Bhatt's life may be in danger:

A blog post by Atanu Dey (and my comment) re: my questions about Modi:

Systematic liquidation of witnesses by Narendra Modi?

Ishrat Jahan encounter fake, probe team tells Gujarat HC


Hang policemen who killed our daughter: Ishrat's kin


Modi case decision by the Supreme Court

In BJP, celebration time: Modi has passed test by fire, says Sushma

Charges against me are false: Modi

After the 2002 riots, Modi JUSTIFIED them. He suggested that this was “reaction to an action” echoing Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s comment invoking Newton’s third law in 2002 soon after the riots. [Source]


A few days ago I published this blog post: "If Narendra Modi has destroyed potentially incriminating records, then he MUST go – and now!" wherein I had suggested that I'm happy to build a public dossier on Modi to confirm whether he is indeed a criminal, or – if it turns out that he is indeed innocent – to allow the public to see for themselves the data that underpins his innocence. I had requested that people could send me all information they can find (any public report/article) about his involvement (otherwise) in the murder of hundreds of innocents.

Few responded with any substantive comment, but I think the issue needs further investigation, if for nothing else but to assure ourselves that this man is indeed innocent, as his followers claim.

Two comments received are worth noting, to begin the dossier:

1) Varun wrote:

Why is that u talk about muslims killed in the riots and not about hindus or that stupid Banerjee committee which declared the karsevaks killed themselves just to appease the muslims…Sir please wakeup.Modi called in the army and controlled riots.He resigned and won the confidence of the people again.The SIT report also claims Modi to be innocent.

2) Supratim replied:

The problem with Modi is that he failed in his fundamental duty to the people of Gujarat. The state's first function is to ensure the defence of people from external threats and internal goons. He failed this miserably, and not just for one or two days, but for 10-12 days, when goons ran amok in the state of Gujarat killing and maiming and raping and torturing innocent people.

Now, back to one of my earlier comments:

how could hundreds of innocent Muslims have been killed under his regime and driven out of their homes in the tens of thousands? I worked in the bureaucracy for a long time and know that such things are IMPOSSIBLE without direct political control. The local administration can undertake a few excesses, but widescale carnage whereby Hindu fanatics are allowed to run amuck under shelter provided by the police (as is alleged to have occurred in this case) can’t be done without direct political orders. That’s why Harsh Mander got agitated and spent time investigating this carnage. We teach how to control communal riots at the academy (e.g. see case studies at: Immediate stringent action is taught. Strong curfews and shoot at sight orders. The army must be called out immediately.
Such immediate stringent action would have significantly reduced the carnage. That it was allowed to run its “natural” course under the ‘protection’ of the police is a diabolical crime that can only come from shelter provided by the government.
Such things (verbal orders/ phone calls/ gestures) can’t be “proven” just like most corruption can’t be proven – being under the table, hidden. However, you and I know that criminals don’t leave traces of their crime. This inquiry which is dragging on for years might unearth such evidence, but there is in my mind no doubt that Modi is very likely to have been directly involved in the killings. However, it is one thing to have such suspicion and such questions, but another thing to prove them. 

I'm happy to be provided with evidence of the circumstances why Modi allowed riots to go on for many days. I admit I have not had the time to read all the new items and reports issued on this topic, so it will be useful to have a compilation on both sides (for and against) – as a layman, to learn more about this issue. Note that I'm not trying to judge anyone in public, but do admit to a strong suspicion of his direct involvement. It will be good if this suspicion can be put to rest with appropriate proof. 

Btw, does anyone know about the dossier that the Congress supposedly released? Where is it located? Also, is there any blog post that investigates and discusses both sides of the story?  – something you can recommend that I read?


Point out Modi's complicity in Godhra and get suspended:

Gujarat cop spills the bean on Narendra Modi's aide

Gujarat cop names Narendra Modi's aide in Prajapati 'fake' encounter case

Murder charges dropped against accused in Gujarat minister Haren Pandya killing

Narendra Modi and Justice Delivery on Gujarat 2002 (Offstumped)


Modi told me to give Rs 10 lakh to Bhatt: Ex-DGP – Sep 19 2011

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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14 thoughts on “Public dossier on Narendra Modi. Is he guilty of mass murder or not?
  1. Vishal

     He is indeed responsible for allowing the riots to escalate. We have such poor journalism that no one has gone behind Modi. They are more interested in talking.In other places Modi would have been nailed much earlier.

  2. umesh rohatgi

    let me share my personal experience i was there in Gujarat trying make a village for the people or earthquake victims.
    i had seen the police was posted at all the homes of muslims after a day or two.
     second they were given 1 lakh rupees each if they had lost some thing or homes etc.
    the curfew was installed and people suported each other hindu supported muslim and muslim supported hindu as well but media had nothing to do with this tyype of report.
     a meeting called by super cop  achirtian by birth during the visit of AVB media shown that but this meeting where i was even present did not had even mentioned.
     let me tell you one of my own experience as me and my wife speak to each other in hindi and most of muslim in Gujarat speak hindi . we were trying to catch a bus no body replied us even if we asked a simple question is this seat empty in hindi.
     i had a fotuntate enough to meet personally Narendra modi ywice during that time in connection with my making a village "sursardham for 750 people 114 allot solar lights for village on subsidiesed price. which he did for that village immediately. if any situation gets out of hand takes lot more time to control but blame lways goes to top. but mind it he only one CM in India got more than 51% votes i next general election I know many muslim who voted for him and who will say that he stopped the carnage otherwise muslim could have not live in Hujarat.
     do you know all muslim owner of small resturants keep hindu names and these were frquenly used by majority of hindus only.
     do you know hindu organissation built schools for mmajority muslim community and muslim organisation were helped ny hindu doctors.
     if not you have no idea what you are talking about narendra modi nor Gujarat.
     by the Way I am hindu and from UP to be proud of being Indian foe truth.
    GUJARAT 2002
    Recently like late march and early April 2002, we were in Gujarat when recent disturbances occurred. We had few observations of our own and will like to share with every body and any body who wants to listen. Here we would like to dwell in root cause of problem, baring talking about any one or two incidents in particular.
    ·         The mind set which creates the problem cannot resolve it as well. Like people those are interested in creating trouble also cannot love peace.
    ·         With out taking side to say every body is scared will be under statement.
    ·         Once you break the law certainly you cannot expect same law to come to your rescue when you want.
    ·         The place you call your home, now and forever, then you should not be guided by outsider’s advice to conduct your own safety.
    ·         To say police is helping one or other party is baseless, and police cannot reach everywhere or to be there always when you need, as police to population ratio is very low in India 1:2000. Even now we have seen many places police is guarding the properties of victims.
    ·         It is easy to blame one or other party or Government but it cannot solve the problem by blaming game.
    ·         Economics plays a vital role in the events, which is bad shape throughout Gujarat. Manufacturing sector is hard hit, hence daily wage earners belong mainly of minority looking for other source and here foreign money can plays a big role. Certainly it did create havoc in Gujarat in recent riots. Where Gujarat Government had to seize all the foreign funds coming in the name of Madarsaa.
    ·         Most of Muslims were saved by their own neighbors Hindu, or vice versa. But miscreants came from other cities or countries were not welcomed or even saved, and these people really don’t care for their life any way because they are on mission of Jihad. In order to save a race they don’t care for the peace of local area.
    ·         If your intentions are to harbor Gundas, just because he/she is belongs to your race and not let them handled by police, then this will amount to obstructing justice system, then you can’t ask for justice when you get burnt of mob carnage.
    ·         Wherever the home shops are burnt it is bad, but worst is trust is broken and hence insecurity creeps in which can’t be repaired like homes or shops. It can only be repaired by open dialogue.
    ·         People are moving from their original place of living to some place where their own race people are living and creating pockets and feel secure. In time to come these bigger pockets will become cancer of society. This is the reason there are some places where there is more trouble than other places. This has created another problem for those Hindu wants to save their neighbor, cannot take extra burden now and trouble at later time. Some places Ladies of community had been demonstrating against such concentration of Muslim population in their backyard.
    ·         There is enough help available to Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) who are doing yeoman’s job in helping the special camps setup for victims, mind you these are Hindus as well Christians. But these NGO’s cannot bring mental peace it had to come from within the community, which can only bring peace and prosperity in clash torn Gujarat.
    ·         Never stop talking to neighbor, keep the line of communication open, express your differences and resolve it your selves’ outsiders can help but you have to live together.
    ·         Thousand of eating establishments bearing Hindu name but run by Muslims were burnt down, which is big loss to society. The vow of Hindu not to give patronage will be big loss to Muslims.
    ·         In the end good news travel with the speed of turtle and bad new with the speed of thunder and specially we like to talk bad news more than good news for fear of bad Owen. You will get what you are looking for and earful.
    ·         The contributions made by various  Dharm Gurus to keep peace in Jamnagar should be appreciated.
    ·         The good news is 95% of Gujarat is peaceful, and someone rightfully said that some people couldn’t live peacefully with any body and anywhere.
    Submitted: by Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi  24161 Nilan Drive Novi MI 48375-3754 USA
    E-mail: “ Phone (248) 471-5786

  3. Hitesh

    I am from Gujarat and have seen riots with my own eyes. Army reached on the 2nd day of riot itself. Shoot at sight orders were given. Many people died by the bullets of police and army. And if you want to talk about who controlled riots better, why don't you compare all riots in past to 2002 riots. 
    Let's compare the figures and see.
    No one in politics is innocent and so is Modi. He is not innocent. Innocent people can't survive in current political scenario. Everyone knows that he just became CM few months before riots. He never had any administrative experience before. He might not have handled the riots properly, but last 9 years of his performance is enough to show that he is better administrator than any CM in India today.
    People of Gujarat have moved on, but we have to see when NGO's and Psuedo-secularist will.
    Sanjeev, as far as proof is concerned, you have to wait for SIT's report.
    Still you can visit this links to see the chronology of events/news on rediff —
    few important
    Paramilitary forces sent to Gujarat; Army on standby  – 28th Feb 2002
    Army steps in to check spread of violence  – 1st April 2002
    I remember, someone of Media channel told that rioters were allowed to loot and kill for 4 days from 28th Feb to 1st April…
    Their Logic… 28th Feb, 29th Feb, 30th Feb, 31st Feb and 1st April…

  4. Dhananjay

    Hi Sanjeev:
    Feel free to read my blog articles (link below) AND each link within the 2 articles that I have provided. The articles & links capture what media reported then vs. what it says now with proof of their own reporting.
    MODI-fied Media and Godhra – the scarecrow, Parts 1 & 2
    Gujarat riots were a tragic response to a planned attack in Godhra (this stands proven from Nanavati commission's first report as well as from the very headlines the day after the train burning incidence) despite best efforts by the government and NOT due to lack of action or even worse, covert promotion of retaliation by Hindus. There were false rumors spread in this regard as you will read in my articles.
    Also, knowing that roughly 25% of victims were Hindus, no one has ever asked as to how 10% minority (Muslims) could kill 25% of majority (Hindus) since it proves that Muslims were more motivated & effective in communal carnage in the neighborhoods they dominated than Hindus were in their areas of dominance.
    I will challenge anyone to show me that any other govt. in similar situation acted more quickly & more effectively – be it in Gujarat, Mumbai, Bihar or Delhi.

    The real problem is that common man does not have time as he is too busy to make a living and wants to move forward. However some vested interests – Congress, its puppet NGOs and sections of media want it to be a perpetually unsettled issue. What they have not realized is that their strategy actually benefits Narendra Modi as seen by his ever increasing popularity in Gujrat & India.

  5. Gopi

    I wonder if you ever asked your friend, Mander, two questions: One, by same logic, what did he have to say about riots in 1985? Two, why did not he protest and resign in 1985?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I assume you are referring to the 1984 riots in Delhi? Your question is the same as my asking: Why did you not stop the British from coming to India in 1600?

    Harsh (1980 batch) was barely a junior officer starting his career in 1984. He can’t be expected to have saved India from the moment of his youth. People take time to develop their ideas. Harsh’s retirement (not resignation, unless he forfeited his pension and other benefits – which I doubt he did), does not mean anything. What he wrote is either true or false. I’m interested in the truth, and it doesn’t matter who writes or says it.

    What do you have to say against the CONTENT of what Harsh wrote?

  7. Supratim

    I did not understand what Umesh meant to say in his long post – my shortcoming, certainly.
    The thing about the Army being despatched to Gujarat is that the Army was never deployed in Ahmedabad, if my memory serves me right – and, Ahmedabad was the central point of the carnage. The Army staged its first flag march in Surat on March 3rd or 4th. I don't remember now if that was the only flag march they staged.
    And, all those talking about the police to people ratio, let us be clear that the killings were neither sporadic nor distributed in nature. The bulk of the killings happened in and around Ahmedabad, the business capital of the state, even if not the administrative capital, but Gandhinagar is also not that far away. And, within Ahmedabad, the bulk of the killings were again concentrated in three areas.  And, for those giving excuses about  Modi being a "new" administrator – all he had to do was ask his various Secretaries and DIGs to take charge of the matter – they all had over 30 years of experience each in administration.  Sitting in Mumbai and watching the carnage from afar, it was evident to most of us that this was a planned lapse in the exercise of power – a space given to allow the lumpen elements to vent their "ire".  Also, for those claiming that many died of bullet injuries in police firing, please provide the data and links.
    I saw the riots in Mumbai in 1992 first hand, post the Babri demolition. In the first 1.5-2.0 days, it could be clearly seen that the administration (congress, in this case) was sitting on its hands and letting the goons run amok. (I was brave or stupid enough to venture out on the second day to pick up my wife from the Bandra railway station (she had been stuck at my in-laws' place) and on the way back, I could see the smoke spiraling up from the shanties in muslim dominated areas, that had been set afire earlier. The roads were bereft of people or vehicles, except for a few equally foolhardy autorickshaw-wallahs trying to earn a living.
    On the second day, apparently PV Narasimha Rao and Sharad Pawar delivered a big kick to the butt of then CM Sushil Kumar Shinde, and the Army was out on the streets on the third day. The troops stopped the riots stone cold, instantly, the moment their trucks and guns hit the road. It was an awesome display of INTENT, and what the Leviathan can do when it puts its mind to it. Shinde was sacked and since then relegated to the back waters of Maharashtra politics.
    Therefore, sitting in Mumbai, the contrast between Mumbai 1992 and Ahmedabad 2002 was so glaring.

  8. Supratim

    PS: Just to clarify, I was referring to the "second phase" of the riots, which took place in January 1993. This was triggered off by the killing of 6 hindus by a muslim mob in Dongri.

  9. Supratim

    There is one silver lining to the Gujarat hindu-muslim riots, IMO – of course, this assumes that Gujarat 2002 had the state looking the other way, just as in Mumbai 1992-3, Delhi 1984, UP (various between 1974-1984) – those who disagree with that inference will not agree with the conclusion either.
    The silver lining is that no political party, worth its salt, will ever make this power play again – of allowing some space to lumpens for a short period of time to consolidate its political position – with 24×7 television and each channel trying to out do the next in shrillness or "breaking-ness". The political costs are way too expensive. That is one unmitigated benefit of the talking heads of 24×7 television.


  10. Vijay Kumar

    Need to take one step back to understand the larger issue. The larger issue is the ideology of hate-speeches, incitements etc by Modi and his associates. Modi has not disassociated from the ideology nor the hate-speeches made by him or on his behalf or on behalf of the ideology that he stands for. Whether our ineffective courts can find enough evidence to nail him or not is a different issue (very few politicians are ever convicted), the larger issue remains. Its like this: whether Osama can be convicted in court for 9/11 or not, he is still dangerous.

  11. Sameer

    I was in Ahmedabad when the riots happened and was also professionally affected by them in a major way. But I'd rather not go by my personal observations, which one could attack as biased and I don't really want to relive those few months defending it. But that apart, there's ample evidence in the Tehelka sting that points to a large degree of state complicity in the 2002 riots. A few videos that say a lot…

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Comment on FB:

    LD Two things stand out from memory

    1. A procession of burnt bodies was carried out throughout the most sensitive areas in Gujurat. This was a deliberate attempt to inflame passions. This is while everything should have been done to keep emotions under control, and catch the real culprits of Godhra at the earliest.

    2. Army deployment was held back for 72 hours. The state police was ineffective/insufficient/pliant compared to the more indepdendent army. Delay in the army deployment allowed maximising the riot damages.

    It is unlikely that the decisions for the above were taken without Modi's approval. 

    'Inaction' is an incorrect word. Modi's failure is much worse than that. That he has proven to be a good administrator post Godhra should not hide the fact that he failed in two critical counts as the chief administrator of the state, first by failing to stop Godhra from happening and second by allowing, if not encouraging, the post Godhra situation to go out of hand.

    Sameer Panje L : Bang on! Modi's role in the riots was not one of omission, but of commission. I witnessed the riots & the aftermath first hand and things were very different from how they are being portrayed these days.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Further on FB

    AK To me it appears that India does not appreciate efficient and competent politicians. As regards controlling riots, analysing many riots in the past (including 1984) may be an eye opener as one could see how various governments and administration have responded in similar situations.


    Sameer Panje A: The HC remarks shed tonnes of light on the so-called efficiency & competence. To me, it appears that a whole lot of Indians equate efficiency & competency with purely economic parameters and that social justice doesn't form a crucial cog in the role of a government for them.

    Moreover, when you ask one to look up past riots when the question of 2002 comes up, you're inadvertently justifying gross abuse of power using the credo of two wrongs making a right.

    AK  I prefer to base my opinions on a more holistic view rather than a narrow one. India was divided first on religion, then on language than on caste and so on… No two wrongs make a right, both remain wrong and no one supports any form of violence and lack of social justice. Though the issue of social justice is not involved here (it is more of a matter concerning religion), there can be no social justice without economic growth. Our policies based on popularism and appeasement have blunted the growth and have widened the divide. I only ask to take a holistic view not based on a strange form of secularism, which many prefer to take.

    Sudeep Shetty Pointless now he got clean CHIT from SIT ..

    Sanjeev Sabhlok AK, Hitler was very efficient. He ensured that Germany had a highly productive war machine. Is that the only qualification for someone to be a leader? Gandhi was probably not very efficient. But so should we condemn him? Murder or connivance in murder is a CRIME under the Indian laws that you have sworn to protect. 

  14. Supratim

    Thanks for compiling this blog post, Sanjeev.

    One point struck me as I re-read the earlier posts – extract from Dhananjay’s posts above:

    “Also, knowing that roughly 25% of victims were Hindus, no one has ever asked as to how 10% minority (Muslims) could kill 25% of majority (Hindus) since it proves that Muslims were more motivated & effective in communal carnage in the neighborhoods they dominated than Hindus were in their areas of dominance.

    This is an oft repeated statement re: Gujarat riots as to how the riots were actually “balanced” and a significant number of hindus were killed. What this statement glosses over so well is where the hindus were killed – I would suspect, based on extrapolation of data published from the Mumbai 1993 riots, is that the bulk of hindus were killed when they attacked muslim majority areas in Ahmedabad and were assaulted back in turn.

    There must be a listing published as to where the deaths occurred locality wise in Ahmedabad – it would be useful to get hold of that list to determine this aspect, once and for all.

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