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Nehru was a Brahmin. Ambedkar was a Brahmin. But Rahul Gandhi? What a joke!

Dirty politics seem to be in the BLOOD of this two penny "leader" Rahul Gandhi.

Not only has he keenly clung on to the BILLIONS of dollars of corrupt money that his grandmother, father and mother accumulated, he is bringing his so-called "caste" into play.

during a recent review meeting when the upper caste/Brahmin argument was invoked by a local UP leader saw Congress leader Rahul Gandhi rebutting the claim by remarking "I am a Brahmin [Source]

From the (current) traditional Hindu perspective, there is SIMPLY NO DOUBT that Rahul Gandhi is NOT a Brahmin.


His grandmother [corrigendum: I had written “mother”] lost her (father-transmitted) "Brahminhood" the moment she married Feroze Gandhi, a Parsi (Zoroastrian). In (traditional) Hinduism, no "Hindu" ceremony can allow a Parsi to become Hindu. Like the Jews (and Hindus), Zoroastrians can never change their religion – unless they renounce it specifically. But most problematicallly for Rahul Gandhi's delusions of "Brahminism", (traditional) Hinduism does not have ANY mechanism to accept someone from another religion. Thus, his grandmother lost her Hindu roots immediately upon marrying a Parsi.

Not only that, in traditional Hinduism the woman gets the "caste" of her husband – in this case casteless (thankfully) Parsi.

In other words, Rajeev Gandhi was a Parsi, Zoroastrian (regardless of his belief, if any).

And Rahul Gandhi is CLEARLY Parsi (regardless of his mother being Christian). Rahul Gandhi CAN NEVER be accepted into Hinduism under traditional rules.

This, in any event, is the traditional Hindu story.

So Rahul Gandhi is LYING.

But I'm an opponent of the caste system and this stream of thought (howsoever interesting to some) is irrelevant.

What may be relevant is the original meaning of the word "Brahmin" that was pointed out by Sureshan on this blog the other day:

Story of Maithreya is very important . Here explains what is the real meaning of Brahmin- a person of high thoughts and high knowledge can be Brahmin. Since Maithreya was born to a domestic servant he did not know who was his father. After attaining knowledge he was became Brahmin. So the basis for identification of four different sects was their duties and nothing more. By birth no body entitled to claim any caste  [Source].

Assuming this meaning to be true, only someone of high knowledge and high thoughts can be considered Brahmin.

Thus Nehru was a genuine Brahmin (I hold him in high esteem as a thinker, despite vehement difference with his ideology). And Ambedkar was a Brahmin.

But Rahul Gandhi??

He must be joking.

What a clown.


From Facebook:

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Mr 12.5 per cent (Rahul Gandhi), your faded Nehru DNA is not good qualification to lead India

Some time ago I gave Rahul Gandhi this choice – if he is intrinsically a good man he will leave his thoroughly corrupt and anti-people party and start a new one that is founded on the concepts of integrity and freedom.

But he chose to hang on to his fiefdom.

And now the people have REJECTED his approach.

They know that all existing parties are corrupt. But if they have to vote for a corrupt party anyway, then why vote for someone with only ONE qualification – that he has 12.5 per cent of Nehru's DNA?

Rahul Gandhi, the FOURTH GENERATION progeny of Nehru, has made himself "prince" of his Congress party without having any qualifications or capabilities.

This fool has now apparently said that "he would not tolerate indiscipline in the party". [Source] But he will tolerate TOTAL corruption, won't he? And policies that destroy liberty?

Mr 12.5 per cent, you'd better get used to defeat.

The people have spoken. Your faded Nehru DNA is no longer needed. Your place is probably going to be behind prison bars, the corrupt enemy of India that you are.

चुप बे! साडे बारह per cent.



Rahul Gandhi playing caste politics:

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Pick Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi for the SAME result. For genuine change you need FTI

Good friend Offstumped is otherwise a fine classical liberal, but he sure is a blind fan of Narendra Modi

Offstumped forgets that there are SERIOUS questions that Modi has not yet addressed. I'm maintaining a public dossier on him based on public information. It is also almost certain that he has destroyed incriminating records, making it harder to prove the criminal cases against him. Yes, I'm happy for the law to take its course on such a matter but as Amanda Hodge has noted, his current attempt to seek legitimacy is hollow and won't ring a bell with anyone. Truth and character can't be altered by cosmetic surgery.

As Indian columnist Shyem Parekh wrote this week, had Mr Modie fasted – in true Gandhian style – on February 27, 2002, "when anarchy and insanity ruled the streets of Gujarat", many lives could have been saved and his state might not now be a by-word for communal intolerance.

It all leaves a very bad taste. [Source]

The point with Modi is simple. True, he is a tolerably good administrator (which is not a great achievement, given that Gujarat has ALWAYS been India's best administered state. True, he does make flashy statements like "minimum government maximum governance". Such statements are enough to attract gullibles like Offstumped. But Modi is a GENUINE, proven, enemy of liberty. And he has not appointed the Lokayukta and shielded corrupt ministers.

Even if it is found in the end that he did not kill (or get killed) hundreds of innocent Muslims, he is a mediocre leader. I've not come across any sensible proposal from his mouth that will actually reform India. And he is a member of the BJP which is a 100% CORRUPT socialist entity. I believe that BJP is branch of Congress and have challenged anyone to prove otherwise.

I do hope that Offstumped (and others like him) will finally admit one day that India deserves MUCH better.

Yes, I agree that Modi might actually be a LITTLE bit better for India than members of the super-corrupt Gandhi family like Rahul Gandhi (assuming Modi is found not to be guilty of mass murder). But the difference in quality between the Modi and Rahul Gandhi is very small, insignificant. Both are incapable of leading India to its destiny.

Even a junior leader of FTI will be far better for India than Modi. Let that be kept in mind as people start preparing for the 2014 elections in India.

And when you start considering people like Shantanu Bhagwat – and many other senior leaders on FTI – then you start getting people who are 100 times better for India in every way than mediocre corrupt people like Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi.

India has THOUSANDS of leaders better than mediocre corrupt politicians of the Modi-Gandhi type. But these good leaders are reluctant to enter politics because of the culture we have created in India against politics over the past 60 years. Good people become doctors and engineers, or join IAS or IFS. The rascals become Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers.

It is time to change this deplorable culture of having our worst people lead us. I invite good leaders to rise and join FTI.

The more you stay out of politics, the more these highly questionable characters will get to rule India.

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My personal challenge to Rahul Gandhi to disclose his black money assets

NOTE: 13 March 2011. I first came across a link to this Wikipedia entry (see below) on Rahul Gandhi a few days ago on my Facebook page, and when I found time to re-read the Wikipedia entry yesterday it still existed, so I assumed that Wiki editors had checked it.

I did not therefore check the references in detail; particularly given my understanding that the de facto head of Congress controls such kinds of money. One cannot possibly check everything, particularly after having formed a general view over the years that Wikipedia is broadly as reliable as the Britannica. 

Bhagwad Jal has investigated this in detail, however, and, upon making a determination, removed the entry from Wikipedia. I'm not sure if that was the wisest course to do, but so be it. This is a citizens' database and let Wiki and its editors work out how they deal with such entries. (Please read his comments below – as well as my comments after that.) 

In this case I am clearly guilty of having been misled by a bad source (Wikipedia). I do hope Wikipedia will do a better job in the future, lest its credibility be shot to pieces, at least with me. At the minimum, I'm now going to have to check all references carefully before "believing" what is written on Wiki. 

But I personally continue to believe that this claim of significant foreign assets is broadly correct and would like to lower this personal challenge from a precise figure (which was not really the substantive issue) to Rahul Gandhi's disclosing his (and his family's) black money assets clearly held in India and abroad.

That the Congress is a mafia organisation with deep connections to the underworld, rolling in black money, is my firm personal judgement. The current corruption scandals rocking India are merely the tip of the iceberg of corruption that is endemic within the Indian political system. It is simply not possible to enter 'real politics' in India without such significant control over black money. So let Rahul Gandhi prove he doesn't control HUGE amounts of black money.

And so I've now removed the figure of $14 billion from the title of this blog post but continue the personal challenge, as before. I'm SICK AND TIRED of  the corrupt leaders of India. Let them be challenged and interrogated. 

Under no circumstance can Rahul Gandhi (and his family) escape accountability just because a particular figure cited was erroneous. Let him publish the detailed accounts of electoral expenditure by the Congress party, prove that he has no foreign accounts, prove that he does not control black money. That is impossible. He is fully involved. The size of his involvement is irrelevant. Whether $2.5 million (too low) or $10 billion (more plausible) is irrelevant. 

Addendum 17 June 2011 (click for bigger image)


Nothing that is inaccurate lasts for very long on Wikipedia. Its aggressive editors expunge it out at once. However, they clearly believe that sufficient evidence exists to suggest that Rahul Gandhi's hidden wealth is in the range of $14 billion ($9.41 to 18.66 billion).

To me the figure is highly believable, given my DEEP AND PERSONAL understanding of how the Congress party works. It is also not a ridiculous figure of the sort that some people have earlier floated around in the India media.

I PERSONALLY CHALLENGE Rahul Gandhi to disprove this figure by publicly disclosing his Swiss bank account details. 

At the minimum I challenge him – IF HE HAS THE GUTS – to sue Wikipedia for the devastating damage it is doing to his reputation across the world.

He can pay off The Times of India (which called him an honest man!), but not Wikipedia.

To be doubly sure that Rahul Gandhi doesn't actually pay off even Wikipedia to erase this entry, I've copied this image today, 12 March 2011 for the public record. (Image below)

This entry in Wikipedia also explains, given the huge power of the blogsphere in spreading such BASIC truths, why Rahul Gandhi is likely to be personally behind the proposed Indian law to control Indian bloggers. Shame, Sonia and Rahul (and EVERYONE who has supported them, including MMS, and India's IT billionnaires).

When will India start believing the truth? When will we throw out these corrupt socialists? Please join or support the Freedom Team of India if you want India to not only do 10 times better economically, but to become an exemplar of ethical goverance.

Click for bigger image.

Click for bigger image.


Just to check where I'd seen this Wiki entry first, I searched my FB page and found that I'd seen it first on 9 March 2011 (Thursday). See image below (click for larger size). It was therefore posted at least on 9 March (if not earlier) and Wiki editors had sufficient time to check the credibility of the sources. The Wiki entry states clearly that these people have been cited as billionaires by "various other [non-Forbes] credible sources".


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