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Inconvenient truth: “corruption has crossed its limits in Gujarat”

Thanks to a FB friend for sharing this very important article.

I have always claimed that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Narendra Modi to be running an honest government under the current system.

He might be personally "not corrupt" but that is as pointless as saying that MMS is not personally corrupt. It doesn't matter if you are "honest" but you SUPPORT the corruption around you, and (in a position as senior as Prime Minister or Chief Minister) do not set up systems to punish the corrupt. (In Modi's case the problem is also the likely implication in the murder of hundreds of people.) 

And guess what?

Here is what appears at first sight to be INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF about corruption under Narendra Modi. (If this article is a fake or this person is lying, then these facts might not be true. But there is no reason that a father, whose son has been KILLED, should lie.)

Narendra Modi refuses to appoint a Lokayukta

"There already is a law in Gujarat but the state government is deliberately not appointing a lokayukta. When my son filed the PIL, the state government assured Gujarat High Court  of appointing lokayukta “immediately” (in 2008)  It didn’t happen."

Why is Modi refusing to appoint a Lokayukta?

"Once lokayukta is in place, believe me, several ministers will be behind bars."

Typical examples of corruption in Modi's government

"Yesterday (August 18) there was a government function at Khambha in Amreli – Chalo Taluka Sarkar. It was followed by lunch for the villagers. Only 500 people ate at the function, but the government claimed that 120,000 people had lunch. Now officials will also claim that money was spent on this extravaganza! It is taxpayer’s money. "

"Corruption in Gujarat is different. Gujarat has traditionally been very progressive and rich. Right now corruption that exists in Gujarat is not only different from that in other states but dangerous. We are a border state. Still our government is sheltering and doling out land to industrialists who have been sent to jail for extortion or custom evasion.

"My son was fighting to stop illegal limestone quarries. He had openly named BJP MP Dinu Bogha Solanki. He had proof. Still what happened? My son was murdered. Haren Pandya deposed before a people’s tribunal about Narendra Modi’s complicity in the genocide, that he was responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people in 2002 riots. What happened? Modi became number one and Harenbhai was killed. This is Gujarat.

It is sad that in Gandhi’s Gujarat we blindly support Anna but are ignoring corrupt and criminal politicians. These politicians in partnership with select industrialists are plundering the state. The government allots land to industrial houses at throwaway prices. Look at Adani and his growth story. Adani Industries is the biggest beneficiary of our state government’s generosity. What is happening in the name of land acquisition? The Modi government is misusing the Land Acquisition Act."

BJP pretends to support Anna's Lokpal but REFUSES to appoint Lokayukta in Gujarat

"BJP which is ruling Gujarat is supporting Anna. It is good to have a lokpal in Delhi and to support Anna, but please support me also. If you are truly for justice and want to fight against corruption, BJP should support me in getting a lokayukta appointed in Gujarat."

What happens if you fight against corruption in Modi's government? You are MURDERED

"I will be murdered. Isn’t that what happens in Gujarat when you fight for justice? What happened to Haren Pandya? It was a political murder. What happened to my son? Specially after this petition, my life is in danger."

And so, this, my friends, is the true Narendra Modi:

मेरा नाम है नरेन्द्र मोदी

मेरे मुहं में राम, मेरे बगल में छुरी
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12 thoughts on “Inconvenient truth: “corruption has crossed its limits in Gujarat”
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    A comment I received by email. I'll respond next:


    Dear Sanjeev,
    As you know I am not in favour or against any political party. I have been fighting against corruption since very young age and fortunately have not been touched by any one in spite of working in Private, Govt and multinational for nearly six decades and I had been getting all my job done without bribing..
    I had been talking to people like me moved from other states to Gujarat and strangers travelling with me about  Gujarat.
    I had been getting a totally different picture.I was told that no office can afford not to do the proper job because one has not bribed.Of course after the job is done people give gift at their will ,but not demanded.
    Similar information I am getting from Bihar under Nitish.
    May be your information is more correct, but liked to share my information.
    Forgetting everything let us support the movement to make our motherland corruption free.I am not sure if Anna 's Janlok Pal bill will be passed but corruption will definitely be reduced.
  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear XX

    It is currently IMPOSSIBLE to win elections without spending tens of crores of black money. BJP is not an exception nor is Modi. 

    The reality is that politicians have become smarter at making money. In Assam, too, corruption is done in "special" cases – where a BIG pile of money is made quickly, not small, transactional corruption.

    Politicians have realised it is more popular to PRETEND to be honest, by offering the common man with an honest government but to make money in BIG grants/tenders to businessmen.

    That model was used a lot by Hiteswar Saikia (not AGP – which focused a lot more on transactional corruption).

    Therefore you find that Modi APPEARS to be honest, but makes CRORES of black money through a few strategic business deals. That's what this person is pointing out, in addition to SOME transactional corruption (inflated invoices).

    And re: Anna's movement making a difference, I'm afraid not. It will have ZERO impact on corruption, but it might impact on appearances. 

  3. Shravan

    Sure all these things need to be proven in a court of law, the people laying these allegations suggest that only a lokayukta can bring justice and corruption free government in Gujarat, why did they  not go to Supreme Court? These things have to be proved Sabhlok!! in a court of LAW.
    Yeddyurappa IS clean and the Ktaka Lokayukta behaved like sonia's kutta! 

  4. Shravan

    Teesta Setalvad , Cedric Prakash and many other 'fighters for justice' are alive and kicking, by highlighting empty accusations you are taking sides, is it because you no longer consider yourself a Hindu? do not show bias mr sabhlok. Gujarat is indeed developing faster than any other state in India,It creates more jobs than any other state. 

  5. Shravan

    please shed some more light on this, 'It is currently IMPOSSIBLE to win elections without spending tens of crores of black money.'

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The is ZERO possibility of ANY government, under the current system, being honest. And in this case circumstantial evidence is overwhelming: 1) murder, 2) non-appointment of lokayukta to investigate charges.

    I’m afraid I have deeper knowledge of how the governments function in India than the average citizen, having seen its functioning at ALL levels (including at the PM level) during my tenure in the IAS. And so yes, prima facie, I would agree that Modi’s government is deeply corrupt. There are just too many discrepancies, too many murders, too much data held back from investigations.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Let there be a proper investigation of the charges. The fact that NOT EVERYONE is killed off by Modi doesn’t mean much (your statement implies that out of one hundred, say, 99 are “alive and kicking”, which means 1 has been killed and that doesn’t matter to you). Even if ONE has been killed by Modi’s government to hide the truth, that’s pretty strong reason to suspect some SERIOUS hanky panky.

    Re: Gujarat’s progress, I have no doubt that is true – but it is PATHETIC compared to what it can readily be should policies outlined in BFN be followed.

    My being a Hindu (or not) has nothing to do with the way I view the world. I look for the TRUTH. Only that. Should you have anything to clearly disprove my questions, please offer it.

  8. Shravan

    Even if ONE has been killed by Modi’s government to hide the truth, that’s pretty strong reason to suspect some SERIOUS hanky panky — I Fully agree with this, but Modi or his government has done nothing to stop people from approaching Supreme court, the kind of hatred/dislike people have for Modi they would have certainly approached the Supreme court if they had very strong prima facie evidence.

  9. Shravan

    Sabhlok just try this once, listen to 10 speeches given by Narendra Modi, you will find them on youtube, please do this and then tell me if he is not qualitatively the Best Leader in India currently, listen carefully at the array of topics he talks about, do you ever hear him talk nonsense? Show me where Modi has ever behaved like a rabble rouser.

  10. Vishal

    I think SMC (Surat Municipality party) is good compared to so many other municipality of other cities, so I do give a little credit for Modi here and there, He was criminal and very very smart (Maybe a bit lucky) with full of self belief, given he became prime minister against all the odds. All his party member of BJP were against him between 2002 to 2012

    Modi is not a fan of making money, only idea of having power thrilled him. He never had any greed for personal wealth. He does believe in taking bold action and very quick to approach people, like how he immediately respond to Prashant Kishor and invited him to join his office.

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