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Narendra Modi loses all credibility

Through his action of banning the book, Great Soul; Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India, by Joseph Lelyveld, Narendra Modi is now exposed as a fundamentalist, on the lines of the socialists who have governed India and ruined it totally for 60 years.

Shame on this man who aspires to lead India one day. He is one with the socialists in their delusion that their role is to CONTROL the people. 

Gandhi wanted freedom: to get freedom, not crazy control freaks like Modi. 

Modi, you don't know what Gandhi stood for. Please step down and go home. No one needs you to tell Indians what to read and what not to read. YOU ARE NOT GOD. 

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14 thoughts on “Narendra Modi loses all credibility
  1. A

    This is a unanimous vote apparently ! Can’t blame Modi for it I guess. Not a single vote against ? This must be the herd instinct at work ! And the key to the herd is usually…fear. But I have no clue where the fear is coming from.

    And by the way, the Australian newspaper calls Mumbai the “liberal city”. What is that supposed to mean ? Does being less clad or having pink hair make one a liberal ? Last heard, Mumbai was trying to legislate on “defamation of icons”, liberal sleepwalkers !

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks A,

    I know that others are also complicit in this crime against liberty. I raise the Modi issue because he has a lot of fanatic followers among the ‘educated’ classes who don’t know his true colours – anti-truth, anti-freedom.

    What the Australian paper calls Mumbai = please write to that newspaper. I’m not its spokesperson.


  3. Ashok Patel

    "Please step down and go home!" So he has to step down because you say so! And you know better than his electorate? Get life!

  4. Abhishek

    I am from Gujarat and obviously fan of narendra modi. i just want to tell you that we need an Iron man to lead india. A man who can develope India like he has done in Gujarat. A man who can fight against terrorists, naxalites. A man who can save kashmiri pandits and kashmir too :-). This congress govt. is totally corrupt and everybody knows that they are  talkers only(they do nothing but corruption). Yeah Modi is pro-hindu but he is pro-india too.
    Just think that your family is burned by a muslim mob (1500) people in train. what will you do after that??? Will you wear bangles in your hand??? who started Godhra riots..????
    If there was no godhra riots people would have said that all Hindus are cowards, 10% muslims rae killing 90% majority… Gujarat was in peace but this islamic fundamentalist generated riots…what you can expect after killing 59 people?? peace???U  You are a pseudo secular..
    i am in favour of riots… all muslims should be taught a lesson to become an Indian first otherwise they have to die or go to pakistan…  So whatever modi has done is totally right… 
    I know you want digest this things but this is true… I hate Hindus like you …… Where were you when women and childrens were burned by muslims??? Must be enjoying the burning train on TV right??? Get up man… Get up….

  5. Shravan

    Dr Sabhlok, it is true that the book banning incident is unfortunate, though being an admirer of Modi I still disagree with the action. Books must not be banned and it truly does not matter if Gandhi had gay feelings or not. But there are so many things that are wrong with Gujarat, it is a dry state, that too is wrong , is it not? who instituted it? 
    Modi has done a lot of good things on the social sector, People living in Gujarat do not vote for Modi simply because of his Pro Hindu stand , forget the infrastructure projects, his policies have helped in improving sex ratio, women's health, education and most importantly agriculture, these are not merely numbers. and they are not cooked up.
    Besides if you can admire Gandhi DESPITE ALL HIS FLAWS why not modi? I do not understand your beef with Modi. Gandhi was a  tyrant, did he never ever overrule the consensus? why call bose a violent, dangerous person? 
    your claim that India would have been 10 time more violent is questionable since bose did not succeed but Patel used the threat of violence to create the India we see. what do you say about that?
    If your source of inspiration(for liberty) are the American founding fathers( I get this feeling reading your articles and also listening to your videos) please know they fought violent wars with the British and also the natives.
    I too am a hardcore Capitalist and Libertarian, I do not think Modi is a hardcore Capitalist or an unabashed libertarian but he is much much better than whatever rest we have. He is a very powerful leader, has he ever tried to squash criticism or outright lies spoken about him?
    coming to him keeping IAS system alive, can he discard them , does a chief minister have the power to do that? does the constitution allow that?
    Wasn't Gandhi a control freak? come on, he was!
    I also saw you have claimed there is HUGE amounts of corruption in Gujarat, what evidence you have for that, please provide evidence, you asked questions like  How much black money does Modi personally make use of during elections? Does he comply with electoral funding laws? Can he comply with these laws and win? Please conduct a genuine survey and show me that corruption and poverty has been eliminated in Gujarat.
    This is not evidence, which Gujarat minister has benefited from corruption? show some form of evidence.
    You give 2/10 to Gujarat?I give less than that to Australia. What liberty remains there? To an anarcho capitalist like me there is liberty NOWHERE on this planet.

  6. Shravan

    In this country people are innocent until proven guilty, Modi or anybody need not prove his innocence or honesty, it is for you to CONDUCT THE SURVEY and prove his guilt if you think he is guilty.

  7. radhakrishna

    though gandhi was harmful for this should not have been banned as still, india is not a totalitarian society and neither we want this type of regime..

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