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Fascism and communism/socialism are woven from the same thread

I’ve explained this many times earlier, e.g.

Hitler’s socialist views were exactly like Nehru’s or AAP’s Prashant Bhushan’s

Further proof that Hitler was socialist.

More on Hitler’s socialist (collectivist) worldview

Why did Hitler hate communism? Because he was a GREATER communist than the communists.

Mussolini made as clear as humanly possible:


Further, Peter Hitchens has been waging a war against those who falsely classify fasicsm as an ideology of the “right”, e.g.




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Update on my campaign in Bulleen constituency in Victoria

An email I sent out to the media a moment ago:

Dear all

Since September 2020, when I resigned in protest against Dan Andrews’s Police State, I have been fighting the terror and tyranny unleashed by governments across Australia in the name of protecting us from a pandemic.

I am now contesting the seat of Bulleen in the Victorian Parliament and would be happy to explain, to anyone who is interested, why I’m putting in so much effort – costing close to $40,000, something I simply can’t afford. But how can one put a price tag on liberty? If the opportunity cost (my resignation) is added up, I’ve spent well over a quarter of a million in fighting Australian tyranny.

Well over ten thousand Australians (many Victorians) have already been MASSACRED by Australia’s governments through lockdowns, while not more than 5,000 have been temporarily saved, on net, by these draconian policies. When the havoc and devastation created is added up, the harms of lockdowns exceed benefits by at least 68 times. These facts are self-evident, but I can personally explain to anyone who is interested.

I’m attaching my last flyer (out of four) which I sent for printing last night, for distribution in early November. My previous flyers and messages distributed across the constituency are available at:



Sanjeev Sabhlok


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Announcement: resignation from the Victorian branch of Australian Federation Party


I am resigning from the (currently being formed) Victorian branch of the Australian Federation Party.

1. Despite repeated reminders, Peter Harris has failed to hear or address my significant concerns about the party. Since mid-March 2021 I used to speak with Peter Harris on a regular basis to discuss Australia’s Representatives for which I put in hundreds of hours of intense work in 2021, but PH (as leader of AFP) has not found time for months now to even hear about my concerns.

2. I have come across potential integrity issues in the party – such matters are simply unacceptable.

3. The merger has failed. AFP bears no resemblance to AusReps, the party I had helped start in March 2021 with the goal of offering an alternative to the major parties.

4. I do not lightly dissociate with something I had personally helped start (AusReps). AusRep members should think carefully about whether AFP is the answer they are seeking. Australia needs an alternative major party but I don’t have the energy any more to help create one.

I would like to add that in June 2021 I had paid the $500 fee for registration of AusReps and also another $880 for party work approved by PH but despite at least 20 reminders, the party has not reimbursed my money. This is totally unacceptable.

More later.

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My response to RUANELA Menzies regarding the North East Link Program

Have received this document from Residents United Against North East Link option A.

My response

Thanks, Ben

I’ve reviewed the document you’ve provided. Given the relatively uncontrolled migration into Australia by the federal government, without any regard to infrastructure levels in the States, and without getting the States to reform their planning policy which often restricts people from living closer to their place of work, the use of the car has skyrocketed. Congestion has become chronic. For someone who’s lived in Bulleen for over 20 years, the change has not been very welcome.

Now the residents of Bulleen and nearby areas are being asked to pay the price for decades of government mismanagement. I agree in principle with most of your suggestions about improving the NELP and if elected would ask the federal government to examine ways to support these concepts, so that the harms to residents of Bulleen can be minimised. I’m not sure about leaving a rail easement unused. Land is at great premium. Not using it for NELP could force a greater expansion of the outer borders of the project. Should circumstances change in the future, land can be recouped for rail (which I suspect is not going to happen for the foreseeable future).

Trust this is what you were looking for.

Sanjeev Sabhlok
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