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My article yesterday in Times of India regarding why neither BJP nor Congress can help India

I shared this with a few people yesterday. Sharing the links to the article, below:

In Times of India 

[Also see the article on the TOI Facebook page]

In The Economic Times

[Also see the article on the ET Facebook page]


High quality PDF of the article and of the full editorial page.


The Word version that I had sent to TOI here.

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Anarchists are like religious believers, 100 percent oblivious to the biological roots of the human animal

An anarchist wrote this: “Even if one concurs, for a moment, with illogical and fallible argument of statists that a “limited role” is necessary, one needs to ask, whose purpose exactly, the State is serving.”


Re: “a “limited role” is necessary” – This is not about necessity. This is about the historical evolution of mankind from monkey to semi-civilised human.

That journey took place through centralisation of resources in the state. No tribal (anarchist) society can compete in terms of innovation and intelligence with an organised state.

So the issue is not about “necessary” but about working to limit the harm caused by the big state.

Anarchists are totally and comprehensively impotent to reverse the growth of centralisation. This is a fruitless ideology, completely cut off from reality.

It is far more productive and extremely fruitful to win small battles, one after the other, in favour of greater liberty from the power of the state.

The outcome could well be an anarchist outcome, but it can’t be achieved by anarchists. They are like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand.


Let me add  – Anarchy is unsustainable – but it is a good guiding light.

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Summary of my findings from nearly two decades of political work to advance liberty in India

I had a minute to talk while taking a break and decided to summarise my key findings from the work I’ve been doing for the past two decades.

Let me add before I publish this short video that we need POLITICAL leaders who will promote the benefits of liberty to the country. It is pointless to imagine that think tanks or literary methods will work. Such methods can – at best – supplement political action. They cannot be the main thing.

So please join SBP and support this political work to bring liberty and good governance to this God-forsaken country of my birth.

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