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Update on my campaign in Bulleen constituency in Victoria

An email I sent out to the media a moment ago:

Dear all

Since September 2020, when I resigned in protest against Dan Andrews’s Police State, I have been fighting the terror and tyranny unleashed by governments across Australia in the name of protecting us from a pandemic.

I am now contesting the seat of Bulleen in the Victorian Parliament and would be happy to explain, to anyone who is interested, why I’m putting in so much effort – costing close to $40,000, something I simply can’t afford. But how can one put a price tag on liberty? If the opportunity cost (my resignation) is added up, I’ve spent well over a quarter of a million in fighting Australian tyranny.

Well over ten thousand Australians (many Victorians) have already been MASSACRED by Australia’s governments through lockdowns, while not more than 5,000 have been temporarily saved, on net, by these draconian policies. When the havoc and devastation created is added up, the harms of lockdowns exceed benefits by at least 68 times. These facts are self-evident, but I can personally explain to anyone who is interested.

I’m attaching my last flyer (out of four) which I sent for printing last night, for distribution in early November. My previous flyers and messages distributed across the constituency are available at:



Sanjeev Sabhlok


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