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Quick update regarding mass-scale censorship of my views by Big Tech and Government owned media


Shadow banning is real and has been happening to me for nearly two years now.

Telegram is the only honest platform I know of – never the slightest censorship.


First went Linkedin. This was sometime in late 2020. Disappeared, all of a sudden. I had over 6000 followers.

Then Twitter:   I had over 8k followers.

And Facebook (where I have over 7k followers) has kept choking me throughout. See this massive list of “punishments”Even today my account is being punished by FB – it is basically invisible to anyone. This has gone on for over a month, and applies to all my pages, including the campaign page for Bulleen.



This criminal gang not only slandered me but refused to give me space to refute its ENTIRELY false propaganda:


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