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Why did Hitler hate communism? Because he was a GREATER communist than the communists.

There is a ridiculous misconception that Hitler was not a communist. Why? Because he crushed the communist party in Germany.

But that’s merely because he was a greater communist than the communists.

Nehru would have been proud of him, if only he knew the extreme welfare state orientation of Hitler.

Netflix has brought out some old movies for viewing. I was seeing a 1977 movie, Hitler, a Career, and saw some portions that were particularly pertinent to show the world.

I’ve extracted those bits using Powerpoint screen capture tool + some simple editing on Shotcut, and uploaded on Youtube. In only one minute you will become CLEAR FOR EVER IN YOUR MIND that Hitler was the most extreme communist.

Fascism is a deadly combination of TWO collectivist ideas: a) Communism and b) Christian hatred for Jews. And yes, there was another, a third idea: the Aryan myth of race.

That is why fascism was so vile and poisonous: it had ALL the worst forms of collectivism in its ideology.

According to Hitler, “The individual was nothing, the community everything” . And guess which ideology follows Hilter almost entirely? Yes, Modi’s Hindutva.


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