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You say RSS is not a terrorist organisation? – proof how Modi’s RSS plants false information against Muslims.

This is about Modi’s RSS.

DR Goyal and Purushottam Aggarwal were full-time RSS pracharaks before conscience and remorse made them speak out in Lalit Vachani‘s 2002 film ‘The Men in the Tree‘.

I’ve uploaded this important snippet from here:

As far as the claim that commissions of inquiry have failed to identify this issue, that claim is incorrect, as I’ve explained in this 2014 blog post: For every Hindu killed in communal/ religious violence, THREE Muslims have been killed in independent India. (Statistics re: riots).

And as far as the farcical inquiries into the 2002 riots in Gujarat, I think the less said the better – I’ve elaborated at length with TOTAL proofs how the “inquiry” was corrupt, fraudulent and full of basic logical fallacies.

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The average Indian’s way of thinking remains far behind that of the average American 250 years ago


The destinies of our Indian Empire are covered with thick darkness. It is difficult to form any conjectures as to the fate reserved for a State which resembles no other in history, and which forms by itself a separate class of political phenomena; the laws which regulate its growth and its decay are still unknown to us.

It may be that the public mind of India may expand under our system, till it has outgrown the system; that, by good government we may educate our subjects into a capacity for better government, that, having become instructed in European knowledge, they may in some future age demand European institutions. [Sanjeev: indeed, the residual British institutions are what allow India to exist – but India has not generated any innate understanding of such institutions, hence is incapable of reforming them] Whether such a day will ever come I know not. But never will I attempt to avert or to retard it. Whenever it comes, it will be the proudest day in English History.

To have found a great people sunk in the lowest depths of slavery and superstition [Sanjeev: this remains true till today], to have so ruled them as to have made them desirous and capable of all the privileges of citizens, would indeed be a title to glory all our own.

It is genuinely amazing that Indians have NEVER for a moment bothered to investigate their institutions in a logical manner and improve them on a continuing basis.

They continue with EXACTLY WHAT THE BRITISH LEFT BEHIND – and that machine is now rotten beyond belief.

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