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India should support Modi from the outside – conditionally

A copy of my email in response to a separate email from Mr Promod Joshi (I've edited a major attribution error I had made in a hurry, and a few typos):

Kejrwal, a hard core socialist is going to take India back to the 1970s of era of licence raaj along with his communist friends Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. He and Congress are of one piece, and all the pretence that he differs from them is mere wishful thinking. His policies are EXACTLY what Congress implemented in the 1970s and ruined India.

The solution to India's innumerable problems lies not in socialist ideas (that ruined USSR and Mao's China and India for 65 years, but also modern USA and Europe which are on their knees because of subsidies and welfare which has made parasites out of their youth) but in liberty and ideas based on scientific and evidence-based policy analysis. You might like to review the slides I presented at the Governance Reforms Conference:

Modi is, in my view, a FAR BETTER option for India today than Kejriwal in terms of proven ability to deliver results as well as broadly liberal economic ideas.

Sadly, this young upstart Kejriwal, totally ignorant of basic economics, is also, as a person, one of the most arrogant and irresponsible persons I've come across in my life. Despite my many persistent and helpful attempts to personally contact and discuss (and challenge) his ideas, he rejected any offer to discuss such ideas, and then sent out a VERY nasty email to me in response. A man totally unfit to be a leader, leave alone the leader of the great nation that India will ultimately become.

I agree with Swami Ramdev now that Modi is the best leader India has got today (among a very poor set of leaders), but that does not mean I support BJP – not one bit! – it being an absolutely corrupt outfit, on par with Congress.

The solution for India is therefore an alignment of independent forces around Modi who support him (and indirectly BJP) but only conditionally. I retain many personal concerns regarding Modi but we should now support Modi SO LONG AS he delivers system reforms (vyavaastha parivartan) of the sort outlined in the vision and agenda for change at

I am currently preparing a comprehensive plan for change including detailed strategic plan and bills that need to be acted upon on the FIRST day when the new government comes to power.
Swami Ramdev has rightly made a determination about supporting Modi (not BJP!). Let us collaborate with Modi even as we retain our independence (questions/ differences regarding Modi's handling of Godhra, etc. can be parked for a while, as the law takes its own course). Please see my position here:

I am trying to build a platform for such independent forces to assemble together, since I cannot stomach the idea of any good person joining BJP. But that platform is definitely NOT Arvind Kejriwal's AAP.


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On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 11:42 PM, AKA wrote:

Since I too am a member of AAP party since its inception, I know the realities;

and when it comes to actual voting – I fully agree & support support what Commnader VK Jaitly has said
If at all Arvind Kejriwal is going to split only the non-UPA votes, helping raul vinci only

—– Original Message —–

From VJ
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: [iitkalumniouterdelhi] Fwd: Appeal from Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Pramod ji,

I have all the regards for Sh Kejriwal. And I walked with him in a black march protesting murder of Sh Satyendra Dubey. II was a Ramlila Maidaan when Annaji was on fast. I organised daily candle march at Noida during those days. 
Anna ji+ Swami Ramdev + Kejriwal is dynamite.
Separately, they are nothing. And particularly Kejriwal will in fact be helping Rahul Gandhi INDIRECTLY to come to power. If you have decided to support Rahul, then you are most welcome to support Kejriwal.
My full force is with Narendra Modi.
I am convinced that India need Modi today. There is no match as of today in our country.

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 5:20 AM, Pramod Joshi wrote:

Dear friends,

Some days back I had circulated an email that was essentially the acknowledgement receipt of my joining the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) online. Many of you responded with appreciation (one of my good friends suggested I join a mainstream party and try and begin reforms from there. To clarify, I have not jumped into any political fray, nor am I joining the AAP to fight elections. I just felt that this party needs all the support we can muster for it, and signed up. That is it.
Many of you wrote back asking how one could become a member. I am therefore imposing myself again on all of you with this email. Please see the email appeal below, and if keen, go ahead and do as articulated therein. Parivartan India, the NGO that Arvind Kejriwal started, is in the cc list. Those of you who do not belong to the yahoogroups in the "To" field are in the "bcc" field, so that no individual email addresses are made public through this transmission.
Sorry if this comes as an intrusion. The risk of displeasing you is worth the potential benefit of you getting convinced to back this movement. :-)
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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14 thoughts on “India should support Modi from the outside – conditionally
  1. vijay

    Kejriwal and team have not officially released their financial and other policies yet. Only their anti-corruption agenda is known. So how do you conclude that they are 100% socialist already? In face havent some members of AAP told you that they are working on liberal policies too?


    Yeah, Modi is not a bad option but again voting either BJP or Congress back to power will be sending a discouraging message to all the lokm sattas and AAPs out there, that you dont stand a chance against mainstream parties. It will also be like sending a message to the Congress/BJP, that irrespective of how much you loot or divde people based on religion for your own selfish purposes( a bigger crime than corruption in my opinion, which BJP is guilty of) you will still be voted to power. And that is not a good message for the disillusioned middle classs of today.

    Kejriwal still has time to correct his policies. He is not going to win more than a few seats anyways. Let him win that, atleast it will make congress and BJP sit up and take notice, or even better, clean their act up a bit. I want AAP to atleast win 10-15 seats and get inside parliament.

    And I re-iterate again, fanning communal flames is a bigger crime than corruption.

    BJP by promotoing Varun, Modi etc. over Yashwant, they have shown that they still bank on pro-hindutva votes. They are a bunch of religious zealots with the moderates being suppresed in their party. They should be discouraged. Also, I live in Karnataka and I have seen it becoming a mess under BJP with one scam after another.


    Even in Modi's Gujarat Lokayukta doesnt exist and it is Modi's law that prevails.He is good in development, but even better in PR work. He would have made a good advertising executive for some company.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Kejriwal’s action of sitting on a fast to stop payment of bills was typical of what socialists think. I’ve been told repeatedly by his “people” that he is open to new ideas, but he is NOT. 

    The clear message coming from his group is this: “Let’s do populist things to get in power, then we’ll think about policy”.

    Since I know a LOT about what’s going on inside AAP, and have personally met his key organisers who speak such language, I’m 100 percent convinced that Arvind is not what India needs.

    As far as Modi is concerned, I’m not his defender. But I believe Ramdev is right to support him (not BJP!).

    We need a separate platform that promotes ONLY systemic reform. SKC Federation has been launched as a first step of this process.


  3. Raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I told the same thing to you one month before. You became angry and said modi is like this and like that….I know that modi may not be honest but he is far better then the other corrupt politicians. He is corrupt but better then the existing ones.


    And one more thing, if elections are held @end of this year, arvind has very less chance because arvind effect is currently confined only to delhi. I am currently campaining for ashwin mahesh, no one knows about arvind's AAP here. But if elections are held in next may, arvind has lot of chances of becoming PM. Becuase he is going to win delhi elections. There is no doubt about that. And he will do some more drama at national level by arresting some big shots being CM of delhi. And he will get enough time for proving to country that he stands for anti-corruption.

    This fact is well known for all the parties i guess, i.e congress,BJP and other parties are preparing stage for early elections. You can see how DMK came out. And slowly SP and congress leaders are creating new new dramas.

  4. vijay

    Raghavendra, you are dreaming if you think Arvind will become PM in one year just by winning Delhi(which itself is not as given). Remember being a PM means his party wins across all states not Delhi. And in other states there are strong regional parties who can form their own alliance. why would people of those sttes vote for Arvind? His influence is only limited to certain regions of thre North around Delhi. In the South states and in Bengal etc. no one gives a damn about him. He depends solely on middle class urban votes and our urban middle class is notorious for not voting. The rural base is still with BJP/Congress and Arvind hasnt even made a dent there

  5. vijay

    "The clear message coming from his group is this: “Let’s do populist things to get in power, then we’ll think about policy”."


    not a bad idea. As Krishna says in Gita, its not wrong to use wrong means sometimes to oust the corrupt. And populist form of protest is not exactly a bad thing. I will judge Kejriwal by what he does AFTER getting elected, not by what he is doing now. He has to get a chance first to show what he is capable of. Maybe he will reform in the course of time.


    We have already given enough chances to the Modis and the Rahuls of the world. Lets have some fresh blood

  6. Raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Baba ramdev said he will be giving political alternative for the country. Was he pointing to SKC/FTI. ????


  7. Raghavendra

    Hi Vijay,

    I know the ground reality of voting. I am telling with that knowledge it self. Arvind got 13 lakh signatures for non- payment of bills. And all these were signed by poor people and not middle class people. 13 lakh turns out to be (13*3) 39 lakh voters. All this he got done by his 8000 volunters on ground within 13 days during his fast. 39 lakh votes means , i.e the votes with which sheila became CM.

    Once he becomes CM of state that too capital city of country makes lot of difference dude…becoming CM in 6 months of entering politics is not a joke….even if he manages to get 100 MP seats that is enough you need not get 300 seats too. With 100 MP seats you can do wonders. Remember the BJP which you are speaking also has only 100 seats in 2009 elections.

  8. vijay

    Raghvendra, one can only hope that all of what you mention happens. I'll wait and watch. Our voters are notorious for jumping to mainstream parties at the last minute for the stupid reason that they "want their vote to make a difference and thus want to vote for the winning party" whatever that means. Also, easily influenced by last minute gimmicks and offers by money-powered mainstream politicians. I hope Delhi citizens are an exception.

    "With 100 MP seats you can do wonders. Remember the BJP which you are speaking also has only 100 seats in 2009 elections."

    If AAP doesnt want to align with these corrupt parties, they will just sit in the opposition in the parliament, which by itself is not a bad thing at all, but to get to that 100 seats requires making a dent into strong regional parties and states where traditionally BJP/Congress have done well which is difficult.

    For instance, how much of a dent do you think AAP can make in say, Gujarat or Bihar? These states are already perceived as well ruled and their leaders are popular. Tamilnadu and Orissa are'nt far behind either. If Kejriwal eats into anti-congress votes he will only be helping UPA at BJP's expense

  9. vijay

    AAP should atleast work in tandem with parties like Loksatta to make their presence felt in southern states. Karnataka elections are going to happen soon and I'll be watching what the urban voters of Bangalore do for Loksatta's firtunes

  10. Jayant

    @Vijay : "As Krishna says in Gita, its not wrong to use wrong means sometimes to oust the corrupt."

    Really? Could you please point to the relevant shloka in Gita?

  11. Akash

    Hi Sanjeev, can you please mention what Kejriwal replied to you or quote the text of his email? It would be interesting to see the real character of our so called saviour who has a fanatical following but is short on specifics or actual achievement

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