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Short update on Governance Reforms Conference 13-14 April

The Governance Reforms Conference at IIPA Delhi, that finished today, was a success.

While over 95 people confirmed participation (effectively over 100 including personal and other guests), about 45-50 people actually participated at different times on the two days. About 15 people wrote to me with reasons for not being able to attend. I wonder what happened to others who did not attend.

Anyway, the purpose of the conference was met. My talk will appear on youtube in the coming days. We also identified key issues regarding strategic plans for a number of reform areas.

More when the minutes/ recommendations are finalised.

Download the final slides here.



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Short update on Governance Reforms Conference 13-14 April
  1. Abhijeet Sinha

    We are not made to believe and follow things just because they have been traditions since years. We are born to see, doubt, ask, search and invent something unseen, untold, unexplored in our lifetime. That’s why I skipped other appointments and attended this conference. Others may have taken a long way but they all have to join somewhere, somehow because its about the need of change that we all sense should take place in Nation we live in.

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