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Results of the recent elections: Swarna Bharat Party now has it first two elected seats



Dear all, I’m delighted to announce that SBP now has our first ever electoral victory – two seats in the Bhadohi district local elections. In addition, our President Pankaj Das contested the Gauhati West Assembly seat.

This might seem a very minor performance compared with the big parties, but remember that we are fighting against the greatest possible odds. We gave no one any money, no bribe, only a promise of the rule of law and of justice. Our budget was not even a thousandth of the black money budget of the big parties.

These results show that liberty is not just wishful thinking for India but that there is a real demand for change from the voter – if only the voter is shown why things are so bad under India’s corrupt and socialist dispensation.

SBP has been working in Bhadohi for over 4 years. It all started with one person: Anil Sharma. Likewise, Pankaj Das is just one person in Assam since the past two years but after experimentation with various approaches, he has been building deep grassroots links with villages and talking to small businesses. The party is becoming widely known in Guwahati, since he also contested the 2019 Lok Sabha election.


Contested 10 seats. Two wins, three 2nd positions (runner-up), one 4th position, four losses.

1) Kshetra Panchayat:
– Rajnish Dubey won
– Prakhar Dubey won
– Rohit Pander was defeated by only 28 votes

2) Zila Panchayat
– Asha Devi Kol Mirzapur got 7200 votes as the runner-up. Samajwadi party won with 9,200 votes
– Virendra Pushpkaar secured fourth position with 2731 votes
– Rohit Gautam got 1362 votes
– Buddhiram Bind got 1131 votes
– Shiv Narayan Prajapati got 860 votes

3) Gram Pradhan
– Radhey Shyam Maurya got 386 votes as a runner-up,was defeated by only 36 votes
– Mahesh Maurya, SBP’s District President for Bhadohi got 170 votes

Pankaj Das, SBP’s National President contested the Gauhati West seat and polled 582 votes.

Some of you know me for over 20 years. You recall my commitment in February 1998 to create a liberal party for India. I’m proud to be part of this brilliant result that tells me that my goal has been realised. We can only grow bigger and more successful.

We now have a party that is actively taking the message of liberty to the people – despite an initial shoestring budget. We can do more: much, much more, together.

If you want India to become a free nation, contribute at: – and become a candidate/ help find good candidates.

(Btw, I’m now also involved in setting up a new liberal party for Australia:




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For the record – an acknowledgement from the Press Council

On 27 April 2021 I had lodged the following complaint with the Press Council:


On 16 April 2021 ABC News published a so-called “fact check” in which they have attacked me without any basis, spreading an enormous bunch of lies that are inimical to Australia’s security and public interest.

On 23 April 2021 I lodged a complaint with the ABC in this in this matter. A copy is available at:

The ABC has provided me with an automated response, giving themselves a month to respond. I believe ABC needs to withdraw its false claims and also give me space to publish my rebuttal.

As you will note from my complaint to the ABC, I was not contacted at any stage the ABC about my comments that it was allegedly trying to fact check. Not only have ABC falsely accused me of making certain claims (re: the origin of lockdowns), where they did get my position right (the harms of lockdowns), they have provided a frivolous and false “fact check”. In the meanwhile, 50 studies and reports have confirmed that lockdown are harmful nor do they work to achieve their alleged objectives.

It is unfortunate that not only has the Australian government forfeited its moral ground in terms of the ethics of the actions it has undertaken since March 2020, ABC as the national broadcaster has turned out shoddy coverage of the government’s actions and has now joined the government in severely misleading the nation.

I would like to request the Press Council to take up this matter urgently with the ABC so they withdraw their scurrilous article and provide me adequate space for a formal rebuttal.



Dear Sanjeev,

Re: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

We acknowledge the receipt of your Complaint Form submitted to the Press Council on 27 April 2021.

Please note that the Press Council handles complaints about Australian newspapers, magazines and their associated websites, as well as online-only publishers:

Australian television and radio broadcasters are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), so any complaint about broadcast content should be taken up directly with the broadcaster or made to ACMA.

Information about how to access ACMA’s complaints-handling process may be found at:

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also provides its own complaints-handling process; see:

We trust this information will assist, and we thank you for your interest in maintaining media standards.

Kind regards,


Australian Press Council Inc
Level 6, 53 Berry Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
PO Box 1014, North Sydney NSW 2059
Telephones: 02 9261 1930 1 800 025 712

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What’s the truth regarding the Israel vaccines

This claim sent by someone:

“We conclude that the Pfizer
vaccines, for the elderly, killed
during the 5-week vaccination
period about 40 times more people
than the disease itself would have
killed, and about 260 times more
people than the disease among the
younger age class. We stress that
this is in order to produce a green
passport valid at most 6 months,
and promote Pfizer sales.”
– Haim Yativ and Dr Seligmann,
Israeli researchers

Research notes

Data from Israel showed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces the likelihood of dying from COVID-19; analysis in a forum post claiming the opposite is flawed


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Further ban by Facebook, and its “reasons”

First banned for 24 hours then for 7 days. For what? For posting this. FB has gone stark mad. But so have all others. That’s why the ban by Twitter and Linkedin – for posting FACTS. I’ve tried to appeal but these GOONS never ever change their criminal “decisions”.


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