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Swarna Bharat Party declares its intent to enter electoral politics – by announcing its first Lok Sabha candidate for 2019

I’ve widely shared the SBP media release on this subject today. Also sharing it here. Source. I would like to congratulate Rabi Kant on his being selected as SBP’s first candidate.

National Press Release – to be released across India

19 October 2017 – for immediate release

Swarna Bharat Party announces Rabi Kant Bharti as its first candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Mr Rahul Pandit, Working President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, today announced Mr Rabi Kant Bharti as the party’s first candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Mr Bharti will contest from Bhadohi in Eastern U.P.

Mr Pandit said that India’s socialist parties – such as Congress, BJP and AAP – oppose reason and have destroyed incentives for integrity. Without the exercise of reason and freedom, India will remain a Third World nation that ranks at the bottom of the world on all human indicators. Corruption is merely a symptom of the diseased thinking of these parties.

Even at the administrative level, these parties blindly follow the British colonial system of governance, such as the IAS. Today, India’s governance system is undoubtedly one of the worst in the world and is entirely unaccountable. India’s outdated civil services must be replaced with an accountable machine of governance.

Only a liberal party – committed to liberty, individual rights, accountability and world-best policies – can lead India out of this morass. Mr Pandit said that 2019 will be the first time since independence that a comprehensive and detailed liberal manifesto will be offered to the people of India. SBP offers India the way forward to compete with the best nations of the world on quality of life and prosperity.

Mr Rabi Kant Bharti has been working hard over the past three years to explain the ideas of liberalism to the people of Bhadohi. He offers a completely new way of thinking and a completely new way forward for India: liberalism is the polar opposite of India’s dominant ideology, socialism. Rabi’s biodata, including his priorities for his constituents, is available at

Mr Pandit said that every journey starts with the first step. India has now taken the first step to freedom and prosperity. He invited everyone to join in this journey by joining SBP and stepping forward to contest the 2019 elections.

Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National Working President, +91 9703425422

Rabi Kant Bharti (Bhadohi), candidate for the 2019 elections, +91 8576088695

Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne),

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Short extract from Mises’s letter to Hayek dated 27 July 1944

Peter Boettke shared this:

It is always a delight to read the writings of Mises. This letter contains some marvellous comments, so I decided to OCR and publish it for my record:


777 West Nod Avenue
New York 25, N. Y.
July 27, 1944

Dear friend:

Your book is really excellent. I read it with great delight, and so did all my friends who borrowed my copy. Even before the publication of the American edition your success in this country is remarkable. The “Times” mentioned the book already several times. Rougier will write an article about it for the French language weekly “Pour Is Victoire.”

My own book is attacked by all supporters of totalitarianism. It is amazing what the reviewers say. A man called Reinhold wrote in the “Commonweal”, a Catholic weekly, that I was financial adviser to the court of Francis Joseph! Furthermore: “When the Austrian government intervened in favor of auto-insurance purchasers for reduced rates more in keeping with equity for the little man, Herr V. M. fought a valorous rearguard action to the last ditch for the companies.” I never heard of any such action on the part of the Austrian government, I never heard of any “little man” driving a car in Austria. It would be interesting to know how such idiotic fables originate.

I am asking myself – what is the use of economics, if only a small minority are prepared to learn something from its teachings. The public’s ignorance is amazing. Imagine that many people are puzzled by my statements that subsidies are never paid by the State out of its “own” funds! The Santa Claus theory is so firmly entrenched in many economists’ minds that they do not even see that interference for the sake of higher prices for farm products burdens the consumers. It is a pity that Levy-Bruehl did not write a book on the mentality of modern man.

I shall send you a reprint of an article of mine on the Treatment of Irrationality in the Social Sciences and in September my booklet on Bureaucracy.

Jonathan Cape cabled me that paper shortage makes it impossible for him to publish a British edition of O.G. Do you think that any other publisher may like to do it?

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Actually, Gurinder is NOT the “mastermind” of the Panjab irrigation scam. A senior IAS officer (whom I know well), is.

The Panjab irrigation scam which I’ve been writing about has had further developments.

See this newsreport: Punjab irrigation scam | Nine contracts, Rs 1,000-cr profit: How 1 contractor raked in moolah

The newsreport states: “He is said to be a hidden partner in a business with son of a senior bureaucrat from Punjab.”

Well, if you recall, the first complaint I published on this issue (well before the matter was reported in the newspapers) had the following sentence:

“In Irrigation through his favourite contractor Gurinder Singh he started giving contracts of Irrigation and drainage of highly exorbitant prices which led to windfall gains for him and his family. He transferred amount obtained using the route of Hawala to Dubai and USA where his elder son is based these days. His son is a mediocre engineer but has purchased house worth 16 crores (eq USDs) from the iII gotten wealth of his father.”

By now anyone with common sense would have added 2+2 to know who I’m talking about. The case is open and shut against this man, but I’ll wait for the newspapers to disclose the man’s name.

India’s tragedy is not that MOST IAS officers are ultra-corrupt. It is that they are sheltered by the senior most levels of politics, which is 100 per cent corrupt – and depends on such officers for their loot. This man was ACTIVELY supported by the then CM of Panjab – else he could not have done what he did.

The only reason why the case is now being investigated is that there is a new CM of Panjab and he wants to get politically even with his predecessor.


Now, PLEASE BE ASSURED that unless you change the design of India’s governance system, NOTHING will change. The problem is too big to be solved by “fixing” one man or another. That’s why we now have Swarna Bharat Party. Each day you delay in joining SBP you delay India’s recovery from its miserable Third World status.

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I’m afraid North Korea has won the game of nuclear deterrence. It is time for detente to encourage it to become an open economy.

My FB post:


This is now about identifying the least harmful option.

Question 1: If USA does nothing, then what is the probability that NK will unilaterally use its nukes against other countries in the next 40 years?

Question 2: If NK uses its nukes, what is the estimated average loss of life in USA/South Korea/ Japan, etc.

The multiplication of these two numbers will give us the expected cost of doing nothing.

This cost then needs to be weighed against the definite loss of life if US nukes NK today.

Immediate nuking would be good if it can be proven that doing so would prevent a guaranteed and greater loss of life in the future (subject to appropriate discounting).

My guess is that NK will almost never use its nukes against other countries – since it knows that it will be immediately wiped out. If so, things should be allowed to drift as they are.

A long term nuclearised NK is therefore preferable to unilateral nuking of NK by USA.

It is time to accept NK as a nuclear power and invite the Rocket Man to USA to promote detente. Let USA influence NK into becoming an open economy.

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