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Why is liberalism so weak in India?

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1) 1959-1974: Rajaji’s fightback against Nehru’s socialism failed because his advocacy was quite weak (although politically the most successful to date). He did not really understand capitalism and the country was too ignorant to understand his arguments. Nehru had flooded the country with socialist “intellectuals” in universities.

2) 1974-1984: Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan began to develop a modest opposition to socialism but nothing really came of it. Sharad Joshi had started his work but his educational task had just begun. Virtually no one ever spoke against socialism. I recall at the LBSNAA (1982-84) listening to what can best be described as garbage economics. No one understood the price system. Till today not more than a handful of Indians understand the price system.

3) 1984-1991: Subroto Roy had published his monograph in IEA, against socialism (it is a good document). He was a tiny voice. He got in touch with Rajiv Gandhi and even wrote parts of the Congress manifesto but obviously Rajiv was an economics illiterate and did nothing.

4) 1991-2004: Even though Narasimha Rao was forced to liberalise, he didn’t understand any economics. Sharad Joshi’s writings were among the few to oppose socialism. Think tanks like CCS and Liberty Institute started. My work on India Policy Institute started. My attempt to start a liberal party in 2000 failed.

5) 2004-2013: In 2004 I organised a conference which led to Sharad Joshi becoming MP. Not an ideal situation since he had to beg support from NDA, but that’s the best that could be done. But having realised the impossibility of the task I took up a non-political strategy from late 2005 (book/ Freedom Team). There was a feeble attempt by JP of Lok Satta but he’s not quite a liberal, and became a Modi beggar. Modi ignored him, so he seems to have effectively shut down his party.

6) 2013-now: The 2012 Ramdev interaction led me to form Swarna Bharat Party (this would have been impossible without the efforts of Anil Sharma who came on the scene in 2006). It has successfully done the paperwork to contest four seats so far, of course with very few votes. That’s because the soil of India remains barren for liberty and good governance. Religious, caste, class issues and other local confusions continue to prevail. Neither major party has any interest in liberalism or reforms. All are thoroughly corrupt, so India remains a Turd World country, quite disgusting for visitors (the local people seem to have adjusted “happily” to the filth).

One must add that Sharad Joshi’s Swatantra Bharat Party continues to operate, although very weakly. The bright spot is Shetkari Sanghatna, the only farmers movement in the world that advocates liberal reforms.

Conclusion as at May 2019: It will require a large set of leaders educated in economics and liberalism to change India. SBP’s job remains, at this early stage, to educate. But political education must take place politically – therefore SBP must continue to fight politically. Education must flow through politics.

Expect a very long journey that will be measured in decades, not years.

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Alternative view to greenhouse effect – that atmospheric density causes heat (Nikolov-Zeller effect)

Publishing this email I received for those with time to investigate further. I won’t have time at present. Some web resources – there is also a peer reviewed paper: On the average temperature of airless spherical bodies and the magnitude of Earth’s atmospheric thermal effect

New Climate Discovery

Nikolov-Zeller solar system wide climate discovery

Dear Mr. Sabhlok,
     The establishment media, Al Gore, and the IPCC cannot have it both ways.  If they say that carbon dioxide creates global warming through a “greenhouse gas” effect, they cannot also claim that carbon dioxide creates global cooling.  Real science is not like a Stephen King novel filled with malevolent supernatural forces that defy the laws of physics.  Al Gore predicted an end of snow and warm temperatures year-round, yet Niagara Falls has frozen two winters in a row, and the USA has experienced record cold and snow.  The doomsday heating the IPCC has been predicting since 1988 has not arrived.
     People do not understand that Earth’s climate is not a government run program that we can lobby for or against.  Mother Nature controlled weather is always chaotic and changeable; that’s its intrinsic nature.  If we look at the historical evidence, we find that Earth’s climate has never been more beneficial for humans than it is today.  Contaminating climate science with partisan politics, crony capitalist based energy scams, marijuana fueled new age religion, and relentless media fear mongering has been a tragic disaster for humanity worldwide.
Why the greenhouse gas theory is incorrect science
1)  The Discovery — The crystal clear solar system wide climate discovery by Dr. Karl Zeller and Dr. Ned Nikolov is based on official NASA data derived from space probes.  They used advanced mathematical analysis techniques to study the climates of rocky surfaced planets and moons in our solar system.  They found they could accurately predict their long term average surface temperatures by knowing just two strategic facts: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure.  This formula has worked correctly for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto, and for Earth’s moon, Europa, Callisto, Titan, and Triton.  Their predictions have been proven accurate to within one degree Celsius.  Like the value of Pi, this natural mathematical relationship will never go away because it was created by Nature, not by man.
     Zeller and Nikolov found that the specific gaseous composition of the atmospheres of planets and moons are irrelevant to determining their long-term average surface temperatures.  For example, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, while Earth’s atmosphere contains only .04% carbon dioxide, yet that information was not even needed to predict temperature.  The logical conclusion is that atmospheric gases only contribute to warming by their physical mass, which increases atmospheric pressure.  Atmospheric compression due to gravity keeps the Earth warm, not the infrared radiative properties of the so-called “greenhouse gases.”  Carbon dioxide has no special role in controlling Earth temperatures.  Zeller and Nikolov suggest that “the greenhouse effect” be replaced by the term “atmospheric thermal enhancement.”
     Gas compression heating in a diesel engine eliminates the need for a spark plug.  Obvious atmospheric heating due to air compression occurs regularly in Brookings, Oregon, which is famous for the “Brookings effect” weather phenomena, also known as a katabatic wind.  Winds sweep down from the coastal mountains at high speed which causes atmospheric compression at sea level.  This causes the air to heat up, which often makes Brookings warmer than lower latitude towns on the California coast.  Gravity driven atmospheric compression heating happens everywhere on Earth at all times.  We do not notice it because it is a continuous phenomenon.  Without it, our oceans would freeze to the Equator.
     Schools teach that the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere of Venus creates a powerful greenhouse effect that keeps surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead: about 462 degrees Celsius.  The new evidence suggests that heat is actually produced by Venus’s proximity to the Sun and the weight of its atmosphere, which is over 90 times heavier than Earth’s.  Venus’s tremendous atmospheric mass produces crushing atmospheric pressure, which generates intense heat.
2)  The Secret — Dr. Nikolov points out that the greenhouse gas theory violates the Energy-Conservation Law in trying to explain the atmospheric thermal effect exclusively through radiation.  Specifically, the total amount of short wave solar radiation absorbed by the Earth is about 240 watts per square meter.  The measured long wave radiation coming down from our atmosphere is about 343 watts per square meter.  This downward long wave radiation has been falsely assumed to be due to greenhouse gases absorbing long wave radiation emitted by the Earth’s surface as it heats up through short wave radiation bombardment from the Sun.  We thus have 43% more energy coming down from the atmosphere than all the energy received from the Sun in total.  The most likely cause of this excess energy is gas compression heating, not the greenhouse effect, which by definition can only help contain energy created by the Sun.
3)  The Fallacy — An actual greenhouse has glass walls that blocks convective heat exchange with the surrounding environment, thus insulating the air inside.  Earth’s atmosphere has no walls, so convective cooling acts as an escalator transferring heat from the surface of the Earth all the way up to the stratosphere.  The commonly used greenhouse gas theory analogy to a parked car’s windshield is therefore false.  A free flowing gas cannot trap heat, and thus cannot act as insulation to keep the Earth warm.  The insulating effect of the atmosphere was first proposed in the 19th Century as a conjecture without observational evidence.  It later became “settled science” through repetition by many generations of scientists quoting their mentors and peers.
4)  The Evidence — Earth’s climate history does not reveal any evidence of carbon dioxide increasing Earth’s temperatures as a “greenhouse gas.”  The temperature increase Earth experienced after the end of the Little Ice Age (1300 to 1870) up to about 1940 was not caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions because industrial output during those years was too low to make any significant difference.  Therefore, the heat waves and drought that caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s had nothing to do with fossil fuels.
    Industrial output and CO2 emissions increased dramatically during World War II and during the post-war economic boom, but the Earth’s temperature dropped after 1940 until about 1975.  By the early 1970s the weather had become so cold that there was fear of a coming ice age.  If CO2 was the driving force behind temperature increases, the Earth would have experienced vigorous heating during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, not the remarkable cooling that actually occurred.
     When the world dramatically increased biofuel farming during the Bush and Obama administrations, CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions rose as a result of deforestation, land use change, and increased fertilizer production, yet Earth’s global temperature remained flat instead of rising. That fact goes counter to the basic premises of the man-made global warming hypothesis.
5)  The Past — This new evidence helps explain our planet’s history.  During the Jurassic Period, about 200 million years ago, Earth was significantly warmer with tropical plants growing in polar regions.  Dinosaurs ruled the land while pterodactyls roamed the skies.  Pterodactyls were large winged reptiles that flew like birds despite their heavy bone structure.  Flight would be impossible in today’s relatively thin atmosphere, but when pterodactyls existed our atmosphere must have been much denser; perhaps up to three times as dense.  The greater the air density, the greater the aerodynamic lift, and the greater the atmospheric heat.
6)  Correcting Misconceptions — The net effect of having water in all three phases (solid, liquid, gas) on Earth is cooling, because clouds reflect sunlight back into Space.  Water dramatically affects weather and the distribution of heat, but it does not cause total global planetary warming.
     Politicians unscientifically brand carbon dioxide as a “pollutant,” forgetting the obvious proven fact that carbon dioxide created and feeds all life on Earth — and most likely — all life that exists anywhere in the universe.  Adding more CO2 to our atmosphere makes plants grow faster, bigger, and more resistant to drought, which produces more food and lumber.  NASA satellite observations have shown this is already happening around the world.  If we want to make Earth warmer, we will have to either significantly increase total atmospheric pressure or permanently reduce global cloud cover, both daunting tasks beyond our capabilities.
7)  Renewable Energy — Windmills and solar schemes have been financial and ecological disasters all over the world, causing far more harm than good, and without any benefit to our climate.  Needlessly increasing the cost of electricity hurts the poor the most.  Global biofuel farming has raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world while increasing topsoil erosion, deforestation, water pollution, and deaths due to malnutrition and related illness.  By even the most conservative estimates, global biofuel farming has killed far more people over the last twenty years than all wars and acts of terrorism combined.  Malnutrition is the primary worldwide cause of avoidable mental retardation in children, but environmentalists and “green” politicians do not seem to care.  Pesticides used on biofuel crops are a major cause of the worldwide kill-off of bees and other beneficial insects.
8)  Hysteria — The obvious political, financial, and religious motives for spreading climate fear are the real drivers of anti-carbon climate hysteria, not science.  Doomsday religions have been popular since the dawn of man.  Scientists — devout true believers — at NASA, NOAA, and the IPCC have been caught distorting data to increase our level of anxiety.  You can argue with science, but you cannot argue with religious fervor.  Thus, we see the Orwellian spectacle of Americans protesting “global warming” during record cold and snow, and after Niagara Falls froze two winters in a row.  Humans are 18.5% carbon by weight, eat carbon based food, and live in homes made with carbon.  A war against carbon is a war against humanity and life itself.
9)  The Bottom Line — The Nikolov-Zeller formulas have been examined by scientists around the world, and no one has been able to find flaw in their mathematics, only displeasure in what their discovery means.  It means this whole charade of dangerous man-made global warming has been much ado about nothing.  It makes famous politicians and scientists look like charlatans and fools, and puts in jeopardy a trillion dollar renewable energy business, which has become a vampiric drain on humanity rather than a savior.  Nikolov and Zeller have not been rewarded for making the greatest discovery in climatology of the twenty-first century.  Instead, they have faced censorship, mud throwing, and deafening-silence from world leaders who should use this new information to develop productive energy polices that will dramatically elevate the human standard of living worldwide.
NOTE — Please go to the YouTube search engine and enter “Karl Zeller and Ned Nikolov – New Solar System Climate Discovery.”  You will find links to their published papers below the video in the comments section.  You can also look for my other videos and articles on climate science and energy policy on my personal website at

Christopher Calder

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