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An illustrative fear-removal experiment in Newcastle, NSW by Mark Armstrong


The above [below] signage I have been using in Australia day 2021 in Newcastle NSW.

I have been doing the same thing on most Sunday afternoons for maybe 2 or 3 hours. The small flag upside down as a sign of our nation in distress, but no one has asked me about the flag. I usually secure my bike to the pole and display the signs and sit back about 5 or 6 meters. Most people walk by and glance or some have a second look, some stop and read, then if they have taken the time to read, I will gently and in a friendly manner say ” have you ever asked yourself any of those questions”. At this point they will say no thanks or a conversation will take place.

If you check the sign you will see there are 13 questions not statements, but it gets people thinking. I have spoken to old and young. There is also a few websites displayed of which I have recently added reignite democracy and discernible. I usually have some copies of “cops for Covid truth” which I also talk about.

I have been to the local stand in the park but it’s on at 10-11 on Sundays when I am usually at church.

I think your Idea is right we need to be out there in the public domain, being seen and sparking the interest to challenge the narrative. If action like yours and actions like mine was multiplied  we could quickly get the message out to those that count. Needs to be grass roots and authentic.

That is encouraging those that are already awake and more so waking up that are not. Notice question 13 as to what can be done.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “An illustrative fear-removal experiment in Newcastle, NSW by Mark Armstrong
  1. Will

    Brilliant! Covid is the excuse selected to pedal a new global fascist corporatocracy. We need politicians to actually denounce the WEF and the ‘Great Reset’ as a matter of policy.

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