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Avenue Hospital, Glenferrie Private Hospital, Masada Private Hospital – 7 August 2020 circular

Someone’s sent this piece of evidence [apparently it was circulated on Facebook but it looks authentic enough to me – unless these hospitals contact me to claim that this is false]. This suggests that when hospitals don’t know the cause of elderly patient’s deaths, they list it as covid as required by the government.


Covid-19 Response Staff Update

7th August 2020

Dear Staff & Doctors,

I am writing to update on how our hospitals are responding to the current COVID-19 crisis in the aged care sector:

  • As you are aware, nine aged care patients were admitted to Glenferrie on 27 July. Sadly, four of these patients have since passed away. We are unable to verify the exact cause of their death, but the State has officially attributed the deaths to COVID-19.
  • Of the five remaining patients, two are COVID-19 positive and three are negative. We are anticipating the remaining two positive patients will revert to negative over the next week or so. All patients are under the care of a specialist geriatrician.
  • Yesterday we began liaising with management of another aged care facility in Windsor to determine how we can assist. A core team is there today to provide training and nursing care. Further information on our response on this will be provided soon.
  • Across our network we have now had two staff return positive COVID results after being tested for mild symptom. Contract tracing identified no close contacts in the workplace. Staff and doctors will only be informed about positive colleagues if they have been identified as possible close contacts. Staff privacy is of utmost importance to us.
  • Due to the increased numbers of health care workers across the health system being infected, as a precaution, over the last few days we have performed 135 tests on asymptomatic staff across our network who have worked in high risk areas and all have been negative.
  • Staff working with suspect or positive COvID-19 patients will be routinely tested and movement between sites will be prevented if possible or managed as safely as possible
  • We are very grateful to the staff who have, with self-sacrifice, taken on the care of these unfortunate patients. We understand the increased risk posed to healthcare workers and we are doing everything we can to support these staff with appropriate PPE, including the additional precaution of N95 masks, and thorough training and monitoring.

As part of Ramsay’s response to the aged care crisis in Victoria, to date we have admitted over 50 aged care residents into our care across Glenferrie, Peninsula and Warringal Private hospitals, most with suspect or confirmed COVID-19 status.

Sadly, we are acutely aware of hundreds more aged care residents needing urgent help across the sector so our response will continue.

As we have repeatedly said, the best way we can protect ourselves and others from infection is each of us being vigilant in hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette, social distancing at 1.5mtrs and not coming to work if you are unwell under any circumstances, even if you symptoms are only mild. The importance of this cannot be over emphasised. When not at work, staying at home and wearing a mask when you have to leave home is also vitally important.

Thank you to everyone stepping up and helping in areas outside your normal responsibilities. I continue to be truly impressed by the dedication, skills and compassion show by our teams.

Warm Regards

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