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This video may end the livelihood of thousands of doctors and save millions of pain sufferers

The title of this blog post sounds presumptuous, but there is substantial truth to it – assuming that deeply frustrated (and possibly suicidal) patients will use the internet as a source of information – and find this answer over the years – an answer that medical science has yet to discover.

My eye pain symptoms have diminished dramatically after I started focusing on neck muscles in a very vigorous way. I've been able to sleep like a baby without any sensation of pain – something I've not experienced for 18 months now.

My hypothesis of brain stem pressure arising from extremely tight neck muscles has been vindicated (I'd like to wait for another couple of weeks before closing this chapter of pain, but currently I'm almost certain that the story adds up. The theory is logical, the experiment designed to test the theory has been exceptionally successful.

The theory: Tight neck muscles put pressure on the nerves that control eyeball muscles, which irritates them badly, causing severely painful and hateful symptoms, enough to drive the less fortitudinous ones to suicide. (One day when I have time, I'll disclose some of my writings during these past 18 months when I fought virtually every second day with suicidal thoughts, since there was simply no answer to this pain. It is only because I have conquered severe pain (and other really ghastly things) in the past WITH MY OWN EFFORT (not doctors or medical science), that I had the fortitude and bravery to keep fighting, and searching for a solution.)

I'm now fairly confident that I've finally found the answer to this particular pain. 

Unfortunately, due the great amount of experimentation I had to undertake over the past 18 months – hundreds of kinds of products that I put DIRECTLY into my eyes (apart from prescription medicines) – the consequence is that while pain has reduced in the past couple of days, some mild dry eye symptoms remain.

It appears to me that when this problem originally started I did NOT have any dry eye symptoms (in October 2010). But by pouring cortisone, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergic drops, antibiotics, a wide range of plants and their extracts into my eyes, my poor eye glands have got damaged. I hope that my eyes will recover the punishment they've received over the past 18 months through these many experiments.

Anyway, I am now one of the very few on this planet to fully experience the entire range of pain (both in arms/hands/upper body and eyes) associated with overuse of computers.

And looks like now I'm the only one to have found the solution for such pain.

This solution based on the theory that neck muscles directly impact eyes through the brain stem, is unprecedented. I've read tens of academic articles, books, etc., but there has been no reference to this particular mechanism of pain.

I had planned to write a book on RSI. I will, when I find time. But in the meanwhile, it is time to close this chapter (hopefully it will now be closed!) with some sharing of information with the world.

So when I came back from gym today, feeling totally fit and normal (something I've not experienced in 18 months), I thought I’d record some of the self-massage exercises that I've discovered/used, and which can be done at home.

These exercises – if supplemented by my many other instructions here – will dramatically improve the prospects of existing eye pain patients, and equally dramatically reduce the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in unproductive money thrown into the bank vaults of UTTERLY USELESS doctors and other "therapists".

And I would hazard a very safe guess – that this solution if widely made known – could save at least 100 suicides each year.

I'll try to provide more details on my eye strain website later. For now, this is enough, something I recorded about 2 hours ago (courtesy my daughter who spared 3 minutes to take the video).

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “This video may end the livelihood of thousands of doctors and save millions of pain sufferers
  1. Ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,

    I am very happy you found the much sought relief. At last more of healthy habits and less of science (allopathic etc aiming and claiming software like fixes) that has worked.

    No parallel to your persistence and lesson to those needy!

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh

    You are entirely wrong on your interpretation that this has been “more of healthy habits and less of science”.

    I would like to say that my habits have not been healthy at all for the past 14 years of intense political work from my desktop. All that has happened is that even the slightest postural issue has, in my case, become severely aggravated since I don’t ever rest (or virtually never). But in this process it is NOT “healthy habits” that have saved me but ONLY SCIENCE.

    Please note that I have always found that one has to SCIENTIFICALLY understand the cause, then work out a SCIENTIFIC answer.

    There is NO short cut to scientific endeavour if one is going to punish one’s body (the way I have been doing). I generally pump out at least 3000 words per day, often nearly 10000 words in just one day (I’m including the drafts/corrections/ etc, not the finished output). This is well beyond the capacity of any normal human, and leads to unbelievable pressure on one’s body. All systems start breaking down at that point. At that point healthy habits can’t work. It is PURE SCIENTIFIC understanding of one’s body (and mind) that can save the person.

    Healthy habits would require me to cut down my output by 80 per cent. I can’t (and won’t) do that. So I need to know exactly what I need to do to keep my body going under unbelievable physical stress. You can consider my case like that of the first man who went to Mt. Everest without oxygen. That could not be done without intense understanding of the body. Similarly my kind of output requires intense SCIENTIFIC understanding of our personal machine – the body.


  3. Ramesh

    At least do you agree that it has been less of allopathic, surgery etc sort of science aiming and claiming software like fixes to your eye problem?

    Then still it is the science which helped you but of what sort? In the absence of the full knowledge of your research (I have not been able to see your uploaded video for slow connection) I assume it be brain stem which can be well regulated through proper guiding/exercising the neck muscles (it can be well classified under traditional yogic exercises and hence the good habits etc).

    If one keeps ones mind stable and subtle he could well ascertain the associated cause e.g. When one experiences problems on computer he could well know that neck muscles, finger muscles, back bone muscels, eyes are getting strained and demand rest or exercises with breaks. If it is taken care of then coupled with healthy diet he may keep away with the problems of the sort you experienced, I think.

    i.e. had you taken care of your stiff neck muscls at the beginning itself etc then the fact that it is the brain stem that is involved in the process would have been of less significant, this is how I think and interpret the things!

    But if you keep on pinpointing the brain stem etc that would be like software like fixes on the human being from which we are yet infinitely far away though we have made significant progress in some respects. Instead body urge, simple exercises (yoga etc), diet etc may prove to be shortcut (just like the one you now invented) than going through brain stem, allopathy, surgey etc in the absence of totality of know how of human body. I do not intend to discourage the later by any stretch of imagination but simply hinting at the easier and convenient way viz a viz the available knowledge!

    For me your exercise (if at all it is there in the video) is far more important than the fact that brain stem is involved in it. On body urge the former requires no knowledge of later and route of going to former via the later is always inconvenient in the sense that we are far away from knowing its total mechanism.

    Thus even though everything is science it is less of exact (allopathy, surgey, medicine etc) sciences and more of macro sciences (exercise, habits, diet). If you agree with the former (you must given your outrage at the doctors, modern medical science etc) then I fail to understand how it can’t be later!

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh

    I don’t know what you are talking about. Is it not self-evident that

    a) I have EXHAUSTED all potential causes known to man for explaining this pain
    b) I have EXPLORED further theories in this regard
    c) I have FORMULATED a particular theory based on intensive knowledge of anatomy and postural biokinetics.
    d) I have TESTED this theory and PROVEN it (at least to some extent)

    What more do you think is going on?

    This is the PURE scientific method to determine the truth.


    Without (a) understanding an exhausting all existing SCIENTIFIC knowledge, no further knowledge could have been obtained.

    Without (b) determining a further logical course of action based ENTIRELY on A DEEP KNOWLEDGE of the human body and its bio-kinetics (and physics – cantilever, etc. effects), the possibility of a theory to explain the pain was NOT feasible.

    Without (c) testing the predictions of the theory (through focusing entirely on neck muscles) the possibility of a solution would have been ZERO (all medical science – and all other mumbo jumbo – had failed so far).


    I can’t understand what you are trying to get at, but let’s move on.


  5. Gautam Bajaj

    Hi Sanjeev ,

    It looks like it is almost an year you’re doing these exercises that you invented. Have they really worked & that you started having normalcy as far as pain in your eyes is concerned?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, these are the only things that are working. Very very hard to ease the eye/cheek/nose/face muscles AND internal muscles, and I’ve invented a lot more exercises that I do very diligently whenever I can each day. Still a lot of residual pain but that’s because I’m putting in nearly 12-16 hours a day in front of the computer. But I’m coping most of the time now (just like with general RSI).


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