This video may end the livelihood of thousands of doctors and save millions of pain sufferers

The title of this blog post sounds presumptuous, but there is substantial truth to it – assuming that deeply frustrated (and possibly suicidal) patients will use the internet as a source of information – and find this answer over the years – an answer that medical science has yet to discover.

My eye pain symptoms have diminished dramatically after I started focusing on neck muscles in a very vigorous way. I've been able to sleep like a baby without any sensation of pain – something I've not experienced for 18 months now.

My hypothesis of brain stem pressure arising from extremely tight neck muscles has been vindicated (I'd like to wait for another couple of weeks before closing this chapter of pain, but currently I'm almost certain that the story adds up. The theory is logical, the experiment designed to test the theory has been exceptionally successful.

The theory: Tight neck muscles put pressure on the nerves that control eyeball muscles, which irritates them badly, causing severely painful and hateful symptoms, enough to drive the less fortitudinous ones to suicide. (One day when I have time, I'll disclose some of my writings during these past 18 months when I fought virtually every second day with suicidal thoughts, since there was simply no answer to this pain. It is only because I have conquered severe pain (and other really ghastly things) in the past WITH MY OWN EFFORT (not doctors or medical science), that I had the fortitude and bravery to keep fighting, and searching for a solution.)

I'm now fairly confident that I've finally found the answer to this particular pain. 

Unfortunately, due the great amount of experimentation I had to undertake over the past 18 months – hundreds of kinds of products that I put DIRECTLY into my eyes (apart from prescription medicines) – the consequence is that while pain has reduced in the past couple of days, some mild dry eye symptoms remain.

It appears to me that when this problem originally started I did NOT have any dry eye symptoms (in October 2010). But by pouring cortisone, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergic drops, antibiotics, a wide range of plants and their extracts into my eyes, my poor eye glands have got damaged. I hope that my eyes will recover the punishment they've received over the past 18 months through these many experiments.

Anyway, I am now one of the very few on this planet to fully experience the entire range of pain (both in arms/hands/upper body and eyes) associated with overuse of computers.

And looks like now I'm the only one to have found the solution for such pain.

This solution based on the theory that neck muscles directly impact eyes through the brain stem, is unprecedented. I've read tens of academic articles, books, etc., but there has been no reference to this particular mechanism of pain.

I had planned to write a book on RSI. I will, when I find time. But in the meanwhile, it is time to close this chapter (hopefully it will now be closed!) with some sharing of information with the world.

So when I came back from gym today, feeling totally fit and normal (something I've not experienced in 18 months), I thought I’d record some of the self-massage exercises that I've discovered/used, and which can be done at home.

These exercises – if supplemented by my many other instructions here – will dramatically improve the prospects of existing eye pain patients, and equally dramatically reduce the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in unproductive money thrown into the bank vaults of UTTERLY USELESS doctors and other "therapists".

And I would hazard a very safe guess – that this solution if widely made known – could save at least 100 suicides each year.

I'll try to provide more details on my eye strain website later. For now, this is enough, something I recorded about 2 hours ago (courtesy my daughter who spared 3 minutes to take the video).