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A pleasant morning “with” Daniel Kahneman

I’ve just had a most pleasant morning (this ANZAC public holiday). While reading his book, Thinking Fast Thinking Slow – perhaps the most important book on human nature yet written, I thought: Why not look for a video where the professor directly explains his most important ideas?

And I found two excellent videos – one his Nobel acceptance speech (on video) and another, a TED lecture.

Here are the links. Enjoy if you have about 50 minutes.

Let me assure you that these videos will merely whet your appetite for his book. His book is brilliantly written. I’ll talk more about it once I’ve had the time to complete it. Kahneman is like Dmitri Mendeleev who classified the elements. Kahmenan classifies the human mind, the human self. He is pivotal to our understanding of the “soul”, when read along with the ongoing advances in brain mapping and brain function.

Yet, we must shun any implications for public policy from his work. Private businesses and political parties are well advised to use the knowledge he has generated, but for governments to dabble in such things is inviting serious danger, and creating statism. We must understand ourselves, but we must DEMAND and insist on liberty.

Nobel lecture


BBC documentary on thinking


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