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Eye problem chapter now closed – DESPITE the plethora of incompetent doctors

A couple of days after I had mentioned my discovery of the relationship between tight neck muscles, attributable to bad posture, and compression of the nerves that control eyeball muscles, I worked out an amazingly complex set of eye exercises that dramatically reduced inner eyeball muscle tension or spasms.

These eye exercises are very difficult to describe, and even the video that I have made, doesn't really show how these are actually done, and what one actually experiences while doing them. But I've got to move on now. There will be enough time to explain and teach these things later. In the meanwhile I've uploaded the detailed solution here:

As a result of the two discoveries made over the past few days, I am now able to sleep without pain. I used to put all sorts of things into my eyes to try to relieve at least some pain before going to sleep. Often I masked it by applying heaps of balm and other things. That is no longer necessary. I do not even put ordinary eyedrops before going to sleep. Getting very close to normalcy, although I do get up with some residual soreness. While there remains some tightness and burning, this is at an extremely mild level compared to what it was just about 8 days ago.

It is clear by now that I do not have dry eyes. I do not have any inflammation of the cornea. I do not have any allergic problem. I do not have bacterial problems.

Doctors I have seen were merely making up these alleged problems since they had no capacity to think more carefully. I suspect there is no mention of this kind of problem in their textbooks, so to that extent I can't perhaps blame them. But I'd have expected them to show SOME curiosity. That's expecting too much from HIGHLY PAID doctors whose only focus is on their pocket.

Nevertheless, despite the presence of this hugely incompetent medical profession, and despite the absence of any medical science that deals with this particular kind of horrid pain, I have survived this torture, and hope to return to full normalcy in the coming weeks and months.

From my experience of RSI, such things can take weeks if not months to resolve, after the cause has been determined. Main thing for me is to continue to discover NEW eye exercises (never invented yet by man) to deal with muscles that are located BEHIND the eye and can't be massaged manually.

The $600 worth of Restasis is lying in my fridge. I’m going to have to destroy the packets, since no one will probably take these back (these have come all the way from USA under a special permission accorded by TDA of Australia).

Anyway I get to fight again.

One more time. 

Against FALSE ideas – of economic "science", climate "science", and medical "science".

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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13 thoughts on “Eye problem chapter now closed – DESPITE the plethora of incompetent doctors
  1. GRRAO

    sirji the eye problem article was really good , I also feel srongly against doctor who dont even check normal test like BP PULSE READING and go for MRI TEST ETC , I want to know if any article of yours is there for cerivcal spondlysys and why does on e lose weight normally and leaving oneweak and muscles not strong. no doctor could tell me sofar . but ramdev tells do pranayam and yoga. sorry but i feel u can give me a correct cue to it. i need a help on this

  2. Jack

    Congrats . I am happy you discover the solution. Just curious to know, are you planning to get one additional degree, perhaps a physical therapist or doctor ? jk :)

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear GR Rao,

    My complaint against doctors is not that they are not intelligent but that they don’t use their intelligence enough. So you have to use yours, and read up and ask questions. I was diagnosed with cerivcal spondlysys in 1999 by a doctor in the Academy after an X-ray (I had gone there to pick up my luggage upon return to India). That was the most useless and erroneous diagnosis I’ve come across.

    You should NOT take the doctor’s diagnosis as the final word. Doctors are wrong in OVER 90 per cent of the cases. Do your own research, based on your symptoms. In most cases, the problem is related to musculo-skeletal disorientation due to bad posture/ tight muscles, etc.

    Yoga is generally very good for ALL health issues. But if there is something more then you need to beyond Yoga, just like I’ve done. Yoga is largely prevantative, not curative.


  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Jack, If there is a specialisation called Computer Associated Disorders or some such thing, I’d today be the ONLY person who understands it at all levels: the actual pain/disruption, the biology/biokinetics, and the solution. So yes, for THAT I’d actually be a ‘doctor’. But I don’t need any degrees in life. I need knowledge. And I’m happy to share whatever little knowledge I might have acquired through my trials and tribulations. That’s why is the first website on google when you seek an RSI cure. Similarly I expect to rise to the top of google rankings in due course, given the actual relief it provides.

  5. Cathleen

    I have this severe unbelievable pain you describe and your exercises are working for computer use, but perhaps because they have been so strained for a year now (following a head injury), they get much worse right away as soon as I drive my car. I can’t exercise my eye muscles in the car. Have you or your readers experienced this? I also get very dizzy turning my eye or head to either side when I walk or drive. Have you had this happen? THANK YOU for the relief!!!!!

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Cathleen, my eye issues are getting better with the exercises, but I can assure you that it is not easy to exercise muscles while doing a normal job and all the extra computer work that I do.

    Driving a car is a good time to exercise as well. I relax the eyes, avoid unnecessary focusing, look from the side of the eye at the road berm speeding by, etc. It used to be almost impossible – for nearly 18 months – for me to drive without acute agony (since it does require focus), but I’m better able to manage driving now.

    I suspect you’ve got a range of nerve compressions occurring inside your head due to the head injury. Might benefit from a range of other non-eye stretches (particularly for spine/ neck).


  7. sudheer

    Congrats. Nice to hear that your eye pain chapter is closed and hoping I will also say the same thing soon :-)
    Did you find that vitamin D Deficiency could lead to eye pain problem?


  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Constantly exercising the eyes throughout the day when time permits, has helped bring down issues very considerably. Almost to normal.

    Vitamin D – it is too soon to conclude, but from everything I’ve read/understood about it, it is a key variable in the susceptibility to muscular strain. It will take at least six months to conclude whether it does anything, but in the meanwhile I’d expect the eye stretches/exercises to have almost entirely cured the problem.


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