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A history of the Indian Liberal Party by B. D. Shukla, 1960

I chanced upon this book today and I’ve spent some time to OCR and convert it into RTF. The book discusses the history of the Indian Liberal Party that existed from 1918 to 1948.

Download here.

It is intriguing that this subdomain on ( has the word ERNET in it. Further, this book was originally in the Shanti Niketan Library. This suggests that Shanti Niketan is digitising its books, and that’s GREAT news for India!

In fact, there is a PUBLIC LIBRARY OF INDIA, which currently contains 404,081 books!


I’ll extract interesting snippets from this particular book when I find time.



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The shame of Australia: a 23 year old woman prevented from walking down a street because Muslims might get offended

Came across this:

The great shame of Australia!!

The Police actively THREATENING SOMEONE from walking down the Haldon street in Lekemba suburb in Sydney.


Wow, and I was under the impression I’m living in a free country with the rule of law.

Sad, as Trump would say.

No wonder with these wimp police, the anti-“mainstream” forces in the West are gaining huge momentum. Who can respect any police that is unable to protect the peace by punishing the violent, not those who walk peacefully down a street.

If this is what Islam does to the West, then clearly it is major force for evil and must be opposed.

But I don’t think the problem is with Islam. The problem is with the WIMPS who are managing the West and blocking free speech and basic freedom to walk a street. The West has collapsed. Now only the US remains.


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Chronology of the slippery slope – or the descent of the West into socialism

The West has been led by progressives for over a hundred years now, and it is very hard to distinguish between various political parties – all of them being far to the left of the classical liberal position.

Here are some key milestones in the descent of the West into a socialist quagmire. Note that I only include things as socialist which directly involve economic redistribution. I exclude any minimal insurance of the poor. Unfortunately, virtually everywhere in the West, there is far greater redistribution today than ever before.

Feel free to send me things I’ve missed:


Key words

Decline of the West, social democracy


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