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Individual sovereignty is the core principle of liberalism

Liberalism is quite a big deal. It involves completely inverting the current relationship between the people and government.

Once people understand this, the antics of the socialists and elite crony capitalists will become blatantly obvious to every single child in India.

SBP is effectively liberating Indians from mental slavery.

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Good to know that what I wrote in 2005-2008 is absolutely cutting-edge advice in the field of education

My FB comment here.


Bryan Caplan‘s book, The Case Against Education, arrived a couple of days ago. Skimming through it – unable to find time to read it systematically; too many things at hand.

But here’s the POINTY END (at p.276), its POLICY PRESCRIPTIONS:

“For elementary and secondary school, means-tested vouchers. Taxpayers fund education for poor children. Otherwise, parents pay.

[For higher education] “End the taxpayer subsidies. To preserve access for poor students, government could offer unsubsidised student loans, outsourcing collection of delinquent payments to the IRS”

This is good to know. As you might know, my 2008 book said precisely this (and this is part of Swarna Bharat Party’s manifesto) – although I’ve allowed for government subsidy of administrative costs of managing college loans. If persuaded upon fully completing Bryan’s book, I might amend to cut off admin cost subsidy, as well.

My 2008 book also preceded James Tooley’s recommendations for the complete and total privatization of all schools.

I know for sure that these recommendations won’t be accepted in the West. But we can make these work in India. Our party is the world’s first to make such policies part of our platform.

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Kindly spare me your bogus pontification, alleged Indian “classical liberals”. You are a bunch of do-nothings.

This is my comment to one Avinash Mulye here.

The key point:

Kindly do not pontificate about your “liberalism” from your ivory tower because that is pure hot air of no consequence.

If you have ANY capacity, do something to bring freedom to India.

Else goodbye and good riddance. Enough of these “smartass” “classical liberals” who don’t know that the FIRST REQUIREMENT of liberalism is to engage in politics and bring about change.

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Recalibrating India’s liberal political strategy – my podcast on Whooshkaa today

I have been working on the liberal political project for India for almost 20 years now. During this period, some things have succeeded and some things have not. In this talk I discuss the learnings from this experience and propose a strategy that is more likely to succeed, going forward.

I suggest that all FTI and SBP leaders (who are not willing to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections for which I’ve repeatedly given a call) particularly listen to this and let me know whether they are willing to take this further, at the grassroots. They will need to visit rural areas in the area they live in – perhaps twice a month. We will provide  a script and a method to connect with the people. From the rural areas and small towns we will need to identify young leaders in the 22-28 year range who will then be mentored by you and developed into leaders, and possibly funded to take the message of liberty across the entire constituency.

Unfortunately, FTI has been a colossal failure – as have been all my previous engagements with the upper middle class. The upper middle class (or even the middle class) just can’t lead India to liberty (barring a few exceptions). We need to recalibrate our strategy.

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