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Do Indians have a right to permanent residency in Australia?

Do Indians have any birthright to migrate to Australia? Is it obliged to let all of them in based on what Indians want, not what Australians want?

So it would seem from a reading of the news in the Australian "Student cutback 'threat' to India ties" (28 July 2010).

‎"Education agent Sonya Singh said Mr Abbott's proposal to further reduce Australia's annual immigration uptake by cracking down on family reunion and student visa applicants would harm not only education links, but also hurt tourism and future business relationships."

Utter nonsense! There can't be a one-way relationship where people leave India to come to a better managed country but do nothing to reform their own country and make India a better place in consequence. There is no birthright to permanent residency in Australia! Fix India is what I say. And make it a better place than Australia, so that Australians make a beeline for Indian residency. That's the ONLY solution.

Sometime ago I wrote a draft article arguing against a mindless increases in Australian population. That article has been lying with me for a few months now and I am thinking of publishing it in draft form on this blog soon, to see people's comments. That article makes it clear that economic growth (which CAN'T be the objective of a free society: the objective being freedom) has not relationship with population size (India being a VERY good example of that). [Addendum: I've published it here, now].

So Australia is right to avoid swamping the country with hairdressers or cooks which they don't need in such abundance (a LOT of Indian engineers and post graduates were coming in to get trained as hairdressers because for some reason it was easier to get PR that way! Fortunately that idiotic policy has been modified. Now only highly skilled Indians who are GENUINELY useful to Australia are being brought in. What's wrong with that!) 

I have argued a case for reform very clearly in Breaking Free of Nehru. I have offered to reform India by setting up the Freedom Team of India. I'm even happy to help launch a major national liberal party in India (Freedom Party of India).  But I keep getting Indians who tell me that we Indians are DIFFERENT! The laws of economics don't apply to us! We must therefore invent our own policies, and not 'copy' from others. 

But I don't believe that to reach the moon you have to reinvent physics within India. That would be an outrageous waste of time. So also for social performance and economic prosperity. I am 100% committed to world-best practice reforms, and don't care for where a good thing is invented. My books are my message. I distill the best from the world and offer these ideas to India. That's my goal. Whether Indians take it or use it is not my business. That's their problem! I can't force a horse to drink.

I will write a bit more on this as time permits. In the meanwhile I urge you to read:

a) My comments re: Racism in Australia (6 blog posts).

b) My call for Action to India (15 blog posts)

Many of my posts, such as this one, are 'penned' in a few minutes given acute shortage of time. So ignore the typos/etc. I can write better, when I find time!

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11 thoughts on “Do Indians have a right to permanent residency in Australia?
  1. Raj

    Yes. It is true Indians are smart people who are lazy to make changes in their home country. I am in the U.S now and I feel India is way behind in terms of freedom, quality of life and a good political system. Our democracy is hardly functional and the rural population is the most affected.
    ALl the best brains in India leave and settle down in U.S, U.K or Australia. Instead of reforming our country, they contribute to the growth of their now "home" country. And why is this attitude with us? Because most people are fed up with the corruption and no one has the hope that one day things are going to change. Since I talk about change, the best thing one can do is to vote for the right person. The vote should not be based on religion,color,caste and creed. A lot of this will happen only if people get educated. Our education system is awful and most people lack knowledge to make the right judgements. So to make a difference in India, I think the rural population has to be educated. Then elect the right people and invest and attract the best from all over the world. This is what every Western country is doing well and they are enjoying the benefits of brain drian.
    Till our problems are solved, most Indians will think immigrating to Australia is their birth right!

  2. Ashish

    Per the principles of liberty, Indians absolutely do have a right to live and settle in Australia just as any other human being does, so long as they can purchase / lease property to live / work on in Australia.

    Immigration controls imposed by Australia are in direct violation of property rights of any non-resident individual who owns or leases property in Australia and wishes to peacefully settle on and use his property.

    Nor do Indians, by virtue of having been born in a socialist hell-hole, have any obligation or responsibility to remain there and try to fix the mess the country is in. Not that this isn’t a noble and important task, but it is entirely inconsistent with the principles of freedom for anybody to tell anybody else what to do with their life.

    If someone chooses to remain in India and try to attack the issues there, that’s great. But the person who wishes to leave and make a better life for himself and his family in a more free country has every right to do so too, and his action is equally noble and important.

  3. Vishal

    The fact of the matter is that Indians even if they are educated will face a huge backlash in the west as their  economies slows. The only option is reform your own country. You are only wanted when the party is going well and now it has stopped.

  4. Gautam

    Generally I don't like to comment/correct people who have declared themselves the most intelligent living beings. It just obstructs their way of thinking.
    However this time it has gone too far. A proper and detailed analysis was not carried out and the whole blog seem to be originating from one single statement. 
    The idea is not whether 'Indians have birth-right'. This is bizarre even to mention. In fact unlike our British counterparts (who do feel it is their birth-right to walk into any country and take it over) Indians work hard. Very hard and diligently. 
    The question of PR was false promise by the Australian Government. It is like I invite someone from Sydney to come to Melbourne for a job. When they leave their current employment and reach Melbourne I change my mind. It obviously rattles the basis for moral standing (also possibly legal).
    What the Indian community needs is not self-imposed Leaders in exile but some strong community builders who understand the predicament of everyone and have the intelligence, understanding and compassion to make a real difference.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    1) Please show me where there was a “PROMISE” by the Australian government for PR to Indians.

    2) Now also show me why Australia needs 10,000 (engineering qualified?) barbers.

    3) WHY is India not offering opportunities? Have you asked that question? I’d like to hear your answer.

    I’d also appreciate if you avoid your ad hominem attacks and stick to the facts, for I invariably trash such comments (this one I’ve excepted, given your past leadership role among students from India).

    Note also that I’m NOT a leader in exile. I am an Australian citizen who hopes that Indians will one day open their eyes. But yes, I do continue to offer India a way out of its self-created mess. The fact that Indians REFUSE to listen to that but ACT LIKE BEGGARS to get PR in Australia and elsewhere is a matter of great shame.

    I am ashamed that Indian graduates are being forced to come and beg for PR in Australia. – by Indian leaders in India.


  6. Gautam

    The PROMISE we are talking here could be explicit or implied. Let us take the analogy of a door-to-door salesman. If s/he makes any promise (even if not explicitly endorsed by the company), according to Australian law the company for which the sales agent work is liable. The same holds true for education.
    In fact under the Parliament's own act ESOS Act it is enshrined as a guarantee that any act by the sales agent is deemed to have been conducted by the employer. Many agents and institutes explicitly said and advertised that if people do xyz course they will get PR. I will be surprised if you missed seeing any such ads but let me know and I can provide with some links. 
    Australian government had been put on notice on hundreds of occassion. In fact even in 2009, I wrote a detailed submission to the Federal Parliament highlighting the issue and gave examples. 
    A silence is as good as consent. I am not a lawyer, however a simple reading of the ESOS act makes it clear.
    Regarding Australian needs. I suggest you take it with the government who is happy to pocket billions from poor suckers and then hide behind walls. I totally agree that we don't need so many barbers etc, but then why issue visa's? 
    I invite you to read my opinions on Read the letter I wrote to Indian PM. I have raised the same question.
    Now my question to you is – why are you against young Indians? Why can't you see how the Australian education scam has effected them? Why not defend what is right? Why do you keep silent on things that are wrong in Australia?
    In Solidarity.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Gautam

    The government does not make promises. It makes laws. The bureaucracy administers it dispassionately. You haven’t pointed out the law that was broken.

    In any event, who, in your view, is a “sales agent” of the government? Who made these “promises” on its behalf? Subject to more detail I’m happy to investigate. Sorry, don’t have time to read your general website.

    Finally it is ridiculous (and that’s not your fault but the fault of Indian education system) to suggest that I’m “against young Indians”. What absurd logic have you been taught in India that you start making such strange claims? What proof can you offer for such a strange claim?

    I will definitely defend what is defensible. But I don’t defend things that are not. Please make your case. And do stop ad hominem FALSE attacks such as your claim that I’m against young Indians. One more strike and you’re out. No more discussion.

    Stick to the facts, please.


  8. Gautam

    Well, if you want to ignore the facts at your convenience, I can't help it. I just wanted to correct the wrong info and title of the blog.
    For me, a law is a promise in a civil society and when the government breaks its own law – the consequence for sufferers is multiplied. 
    I am a little surprised that instead of taking this opportunity to amend the record and supporting young scam victims you chose to threaten me instead.
    I can always take this debate to my own site or elsewhere I am not dependent on your approval. Your take hereon how you want to lead India and Indians.  

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Gautam

    Your approach is confrontational and you won’t go anywhere far with that approach. Stick to the facts. Tell me what law was broken. Summarise the FACTS. Not your opinions, including about what you think I ought to do or think.

    If I don’t get FACTS from you the next time, please stay away from this blog. I don’t have the luxury to discuss without facts.

    So for the last time, I’m asking you to prove your claim that the Australian government has broken its own law. Prove, don’t assert.


  10. Pallavi

    Very nice article… its high time indians realize their worth. they cant keep shifting base to other developed nations so that they enjoy all benefits of that country. Instead of utilizing their degree to serve the whites why cant they serve India and make it a better place? The bad habits are being carried even there no matter how much of english they speak.. The worst part is carrying your entire generation with you outside? What rubbish is this? Indians have not gained any respect because of this attitude. I have not heard of any racism cases against any other country, not even Pakistan, then why India only? The crowd nowadays are just so desperate to act American, guys you are only loosing your dignity in front of them, you dont become American, you become an American slave. please realize this. Dont just fake accent with a foreigner, teach them Hindi, they will respect you for it..


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