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Atanu Dey, rabid illiberal, spat on liberty and fawned on murderous, socialist Modi. Modi is no longer his great hero, it seems.

Many years ago, I held a positive opinion about Atanu Dey and even included him on FTI’s Speakers Panel. But this is the email that this man wrote to me on 11 October 2013, spitting on the work on political liberalism that I’ve been undertaking for two decades.

Hello Sanjeev:

As you may know, I am a supporter of Narendra Modi. Not just an average supporter but someone who passionately believes that Modi is likely to rescue India from the hole that Nehru and his bastards have put it into. I trust Modi. I think he is the best leader India has — and probably ever had since 1947. Everyone I work with is working on making Modi’s campaign a success. Everywhere I go, I campaign for Modi. Much of my writing is devoted to persuading people to support Modi. I do whatever I can to make sure that he becomes the PM of India. I respect him and hope that he is successful in his objective of making India strong and prosperous.

Your position is diametrically opposite mine. You believe Modi to be the biggest monster around. You have mounted a vicious campaign of calumny against Modi. You hold him in contempt. This disagreement is not just a matter of superficial differences. It is a fundamental difference. I am sure that you would not want to be associated with an ardent supporter of Modi.

Therefore I request you to please remove me from your mailing list, my blog listing from your, etc. I do not wish to be associated in any way with FTI or its office bearers. Thank you.

Best wishes for your continued success.



I’m now informed by someone that the man has “changed” his mind re: Modi’s performance. Apparently this is what he has written:

“The sad truth is that instead of change, India in essence is still on the same old path India has been on since 1947. Heavy handed and inept government interference into the economy had prevented India from reaching anywhere close to its full economic potential. Though the realization that the needed structural reforms are unlikely to happen has dawned on most serious observers, it is politically incorrect to voice that concern for fear of antagonizing the powers that be.” []


Such illiberal supporters of Modi (his employer Rajesh Jain is a maniac supporter of Modi) are best ignored. They are two-faced liars (about their alleged “support” for liberty) and hence a blight on India’s face. I don’t wish to have anything to do with people who have SPAT on liberty and LICKED the boots of criminal socialists.

It is people like Atanu Dey and Rajesh Jain who have kept India from rapidly becoming the world’s most free – and prosperous – nation. They align with the destroyers of liberty and reject the honest pursuit of liberty. Please spare me these fake “liberals”.

The liberal movement CAN’T have ACTIVE supporters of socialists, criminals and crooks like Modi in its midst.

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The email of 23 December 2007 that started the Freedom Team of India

One fine day in December 2007, after having mulled over it for many months (FTI had long been been proposed in my draft book, BFN), I decided to take the plunge for the last time, to look for a liberal alternative for India. No one told me to do it. No one except Anil Sharma – among those I had initially invited – was 100 per cent dedicated to such an idea. But the team moved incrementally from then, as people like Shantanu incrementally got persuaded.

For the record, [a copy of the mail without names of the 28 persons to whom it was sent is available here:]:

==[from my Eudora records, which contain emails from October 1999]==

From: Sanjeev Sabhlok <>

Subject: Do you want to join the Freedom Team of India?

To: [email IDs removed]

1. Anil Sharma

2. Antony Joseph

3. Ashok Desai

4. Atindra Sen

5. Babu Joseph

6. BV Talwar

7. Barun Mitra

8. Bibek Debroy

9. JP (by then he had started the LS Party)

10. Nirvikar Singh

11. SV Raju

12. Rakesh Wadhwa

13. Suresh Anand

14. Parth Shah

15. Gurcharan Das

16. Sauvik Chakraverti [Note – I had tried to maintain good relations with him despite incidents of 2004-2006 or so]

17. Mehta (forget his first name)

18. Jal Khambata

19. Madhu Kishwar

20. Mohit Satyanand

21. Deepak Lal

22. Raj Cherubal

23. Ramesh Ramanathan

24. Shantanu Bhagwat

25. N Sriram

26. Yazad Jal

27. Swati Ramanathan

28. Ajay Gandhi

Dear Friends

I am starting a Yahoo Groups platform to support the potential Freedom Team of India that I refer to in my forthcoming book 'Breaking Free of Nehru' which is due to hit bookstores mid-2008. See details at  

The Freedom Team is a group of potentially 1500 or more selected people who will come together to spread the message of freedom in India over the coming years and decades. Membership will be by invitation or personal screening only. The preliminary criteria of membership are available at: . Being a non-citizen, my role will be exclusively as a non-political facilitator. If things go well, the Freedom Team of India will attract high quality talent over the course of the coming years.

I am writing to you based on our previous interactions and my understanding of your work. If you are interested in being a part in this endeavour, please let me know. I'll then send you an official invitation  to join the group. Names of potential invitees whom I have missed out may please be sent to me.

sanjeev sabhlok


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My message to FTI: Waiting for ONE person in India who believes in liberty

I just sent out this email to the Freedom Team of India.

I've had the level-5 leader hypothesis for a long time, and it probably still makes sense. But the defining character of a successful political leader (perhaps even a business leader) is BELIEF.
Without TOTAL belief that you are right, you can't move people. 
Modi has a total belief in Hindutva and so he can move people. Arvind Kejriwal has total belief in his brand of socialism, so he can move people. Rahul Gandhi has no belief so he fails to move anyone; even himself.
India doesn't have a single leader on the ground who totally and WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS believes in liberty. The problem with liberty, of course, is that it is rather complex. Unlike simplistic ideas like Hindutva or socialism, it requires deep understanding of why liberty is needed, and why it TOTALLY superior to all other "goods". 
I've written a blog post today on this topic. I invite your attention to this post.
The vast majority of people I've come across are 2nd tier 'leaders'. They are a tail, that wags for anyone and everyone, and changes direction with the wind.
The day ANYONE in India forms a clear and 100 per cent belief in liberty, we'll start making huge progress on the ground. That day, (some) FTI members will stop doing "strategic" stuff and trying to piggy-back other groups comprising 2nd tier 'leaders'. That day, these FTI members will become TRUE LEADERS. That day, their FB posts and tweets will show they BELIEVE that their idea is RIGHT.
I firmly believe that SKC agenda is RIGHT. While I'm happy to take input from others for improvement, its direction and content is right. 
And ALL others are  WRONG. That too, is a very important point to note.
Unless each FTI member forms this 100 per cent belief – and is explain ALL details of the SKC agenda to the people of India – Indian liberals will remain onlookers to the CONTINUED DESTRUCTION of India by the socialists.
All those who fully and totally and comprehensively believe in the liberty (and the detailed system outlined in the SKC agenda) should remain with FTI. 
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