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Politics is 99 per cent belief and 1 per cent luck. With belief, even fools can move mountains.

Throughout history there have been two types of politicians: (a) those who believe in what they stand for and (b) those who are in for a ride – riding in the wake of those who believe in themselves.

The former group includes Lenin, Gandhi, Hitler, Mao, Indira Gandhi, Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, even Baghdadi of ISI.

The latter category includes 99.9999 per cent of the run-of-the-mill "followers" of these leaders.

In a sense, politics is like religion. Most successful political movements have a VERY strong core of belief – usually misguided (like all religion). Without that core they have no hope of budging the emotions of the people. But with such a core, AND intelligence and persistence, they can move mountains. 

Sadly, it is rare for classical liberals to have a strong belief in their ideology. Rajaji was one such person. But after his death his party (Swatantra) disintegrated.

In India, there is currently no one with a strong belief in liberty. Without such belief, it is almost a given that the classical liberals will fail to move the country, despite having the most powerful set of ideas, despite ideas which will make India a huge success.

I've come across a number of 2nd tier (even 3rd tier) "liberals" who claim to support liberty but are so deeply confused that they'll either join Congress or BJP or AAP, or otherwise support such parties. I won't name them, since they comprise the vast majority of "liberals" I've come across.

But when India finds ONE firm believer in liberty, things will change.

Till then it is destined to rot at the bottom of the world. All current major parties are deeply socialist and illiberal. They are DETERMINED to ruin India.

The only force that can stop the total ruin of India by the socialists is MENTAL FORCE. It has to arise from ONE person.

India waits for for that ONE person, a person 100 per cent clear why liberty is good. The rest will then fall into place.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Politics is 99 per cent belief and 1 per cent luck. With belief, even fools can move mountains.
  1. Y. R. Palia

    Very well written Sanjeev. You are spot on.
    You are right about that one man and yet, during my association with FTI, your idea was that FTI does not believe in a central leadership. A bit of contradiction there?
    During my days in the FTI, I had also made a suggestion. To reach out to people in different areas of every city. Reach out to people who are respected highly in their areas. People like retired headmasters, like retired doctors, professors. You brushed me aside by remarking forget the headmasters and professors because they have a closed mind.
    You did not give me the time to come out with my logic, the logic is that these people are highly respected in their areas by all the people. It is these people who have to be first of all convinced about the only moral system for men and that is “the primacy of individual rights” and its corollary Laissez Faire Capitalism. These will be the leaders around which the grass-roots will be created.
    From amongst these will rise the leaders, without whom the central leadership would be helpless. Without grass-roots, one can never achieve results.
    I would say, that connected as we are, we must have a plan. The plan must be to convince trade and industry that Swarna Bharat Party believes in liberty, total liberty, including abolishing of income tax. That we believe in the fact that the only function of the government is to protect individual rights.
    The intellectual and the businessmen are twin brothers born due to the renaissance. The Intellectual betrayed the businessman and the two separated. If we have to succeed in creating a society that is based on liberty, then the two have to join hands.
    Please read Ayn Rand’s “For the New Intellectual” copying the link of the google document over here.
    I can not unfortunately physically join you all because of the financial crisis that I am facing at the moment. It will take a long time for me to come out of it. I am contemplating disposing of the property and retiring, once that happens I can spare all my time for the cause. Not for the sake of the nation but for my own selfish reason. I proudly say for my own selfish reason.
    If you have to fight for Capitalism, you have to fight it on moral grounds, I believe that Ayn Rand was 100% right there.
    FTI as I noticed is not having a direction and it needs a leader, there you are right. The leader should be always open to ideas but of impeccable integrity. There should be no compromise on “the primacy of individual rights”. Only then will the movement last only then will India never go back to its old ways.
    As long as every member of the group believes in it, we are bound to fail. We had many members in FTI who were stooges of BJP, with such people as members, one can never succeed. There were members who were close to the RSS and with such people in the group it will never take off. Every member must be champions of “the primacy of individual rights” any dilution of individual rights will bring us back to where we started.
    One can motivate people from a distance too, if we have people of integrity in the group. First thing one must realize is “the businessman and the intellectual are twin brothers” and you can not close your mind to this fact. That does not mean we bow down to the businessman against the workforce. The relationship between the two are based on the primacy of individual rights.
    Both must be made to understand that we will not interfere in the affairs of people, we will have no say in commercial matters.
    We must get a lot of funds and it has to come from the trade and industry. With funds in hand we must start the grass-roots activity as I had suggested. Mine is just a suggestion and it can be modified. I am after all just a simple person who is not half as much qualified as the rest of the people in FTI. I am but a thinking man and I think straight.
    Unless we believe in “the primacy of individual rights” every member of the group, the group will have to swim with a mill-stone round its neck.
    These are just my thoughts. The thoughts of a simple, honest person, with no qualifications to boast.
    Yazdy Palia.

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