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My fourth centerpiece in Times of India over the last year: Five reforms PM can consider

My centerpiece article in Times of India today, the fourth in less than a year.

Clearly India’s oldest and most significant English newspaper has started recognsing the worth of the message the Swarna Bharat Party brings.

Now it is only a question of when Indians as a whole will reject Modi’s BJP and Congress (and other third rate parties like AAP) to fall behind SBP.

Here’s the link. I’ll locate a PDF and upload later.Refresh connection with LinkedIn

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The path is now clear to get 30 to 40 per cent of Indian vote for Swarna Bharat Party

I’m sharing this info since by now everything is coming together nicely.


The people of India are fed up and want to find out why things are not working. Our work in Eastern UP has convincingly demonstrated that people are keen and willing to listen to SBP’s message that government must focus on its core functions and thereafter leave them alone.

The problem is that at the grassroots they want the party to supply leaders, but we don’t have enough leaders yet. That’s why the workshop.


Today, my ad to directly promote the SBP FB page ended after 10 days today. It got us 366 page likes. This works out to Rs.1.80 per like.

Most importantly, 30 per cent of viewers liked it (366/1252). That is unbelievable.

This is the most “in your face” header on SBP’s page, to date. In the header we contest socialism and Hindutva head on. And yet, 30 per cent of Indian viewers thought positively about our party and liked the page.

This shows that we have a clear path to 30-40 per cent of Indian votes in the next few years so long as we (a) find the leaders and (b) get money to advertise.

For a mere 2 lakh rupees we can get 1 lakh likes on the SBP’s FB page. The fact that the page has 1 lakh likes will give the party great momentum.

The problem is that SBI is not issuing the party a credit card that can be used to pay for FB ads, and we are therefore solely dependent on those with such credit cards to pay this amount.

There has never before been such a positive situation for liberalism in India in the last 70 years.

Now, the question is – can everyone put in their mite?!

Please write to me at if you are able to advertise for SBP on Facebook.

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Please share this information with any young leaders you know – Young Leaders Workshop in Allahabad in April to change India’s future

Swarna Bharat Party invites young leaders to a workshop in Allahabad in April to change India’s future

National Press Release – to be released across India

10 February 2018 – for immediate release

Mr Rahul Pandit, Working President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, issued an invitation to those youth of India who are determined to transform India’s future to express their interest in attending a Young Leaders Workshop on 5 and 6 April 2018 in Allahabad. Details are on the party’s website at

Swarna Bharat Party has found a major uptake of its message of security, justice, liberty and equalit of opportunity, at the grassroots. Ideal leaders for this workshoip will be rooted in the ground and have an open mind to learn new ideas. Leaders found suitable will potentially be given the party’s ticket to contest Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

भारत की पहली और एकमात्र पूर्ण लिबरल विचारधारा में विश्वास रखने वाली राजनीतिक संगठन स्वर्ण भारत पार्टी (SBP) ने देश की वर्तमान और पिछले ७० सालों की सड़ी गली और असफल व्यवस्था को नए सिरे से परिवर्तित करने का संकल्प लिया है।  SBP पिछले ३ सालों से देश विदेश के भारतीय युवाओं को आज़ादी -सुरक्षा -न्याय की अपनी विचारधारा से जोड़ने में प्रयासरत है ।

आज SBP के साथ देश भर से बुद्धिजीवी और कर्मठ युवा जुड़े हुए हैं जिन्होंने सात दशकों से समाजवादी सरकारों के द्वारा किए जा रहे शोषण से देश को छुटकारा दिलाने का प्रण लिया है।

इसी क्रम में SBP ने सक्षम और कर्मठ युवा नेतृत्व  की खोज के लिए एक सम्मेलन का आयोजन इलाहबाद में किया है। यदि आप इस आंदोलन से जुड़ना चाहते हैं तो कृपया हमसे सम्पर्क करें।

Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National Working President, +91 9703425422

Sanjay Sonawani (Pune), +91 9860991205

Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne),

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Why the elites of India hate the idea of replacing socialism with capitalism

This SBP FB post today makes it all abundantly clear:

The wealthy and the elites of India support socialism because it generates extreme poverty and thereby gives them access to cheap labour which they hire for their personal use, in the form of personal servants, drivers, maids, gardeners, chowkidars.

SBP does not expect most such people to support the overthrow of socialism which will make every poor man richer and achieve middle class prosperity. These elites of India do not like the idea of cleaning their own toilets.

Join us to bring unprecedented prosperity to the poor of India, long crushed under socialism.

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