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My message to FTI: Waiting for ONE person in India who believes in liberty

I just sent out this email to the Freedom Team of India.

I've had the level-5 leader hypothesis for a long time, and it probably still makes sense. But the defining character of a successful political leader (perhaps even a business leader) is BELIEF.
Without TOTAL belief that you are right, you can't move people. 
Modi has a total belief in Hindutva and so he can move people. Arvind Kejriwal has total belief in his brand of socialism, so he can move people. Rahul Gandhi has no belief so he fails to move anyone; even himself.
India doesn't have a single leader on the ground who totally and WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS believes in liberty. The problem with liberty, of course, is that it is rather complex. Unlike simplistic ideas like Hindutva or socialism, it requires deep understanding of why liberty is needed, and why it TOTALLY superior to all other "goods". 
I've written a blog post today on this topic. I invite your attention to this post.
The vast majority of people I've come across are 2nd tier 'leaders'. They are a tail, that wags for anyone and everyone, and changes direction with the wind.
The day ANYONE in India forms a clear and 100 per cent belief in liberty, we'll start making huge progress on the ground. That day, (some) FTI members will stop doing "strategic" stuff and trying to piggy-back other groups comprising 2nd tier 'leaders'. That day, these FTI members will become TRUE LEADERS. That day, their FB posts and tweets will show they BELIEVE that their idea is RIGHT.
I firmly believe that SKC agenda is RIGHT. While I'm happy to take input from others for improvement, its direction and content is right. 
And ALL others are  WRONG. That too, is a very important point to note.
Unless each FTI member forms this 100 per cent belief – and is explain ALL details of the SKC agenda to the people of India – Indian liberals will remain onlookers to the CONTINUED DESTRUCTION of India by the socialists.
All those who fully and totally and comprehensively believe in the liberty (and the detailed system outlined in the SKC agenda) should remain with FTI. 
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