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Atanu Dey, rabid illiberal, spat on liberty and fawned on murderous, socialist Modi. Modi is no longer his great hero, it seems.

Many years ago, I held a positive opinion about Atanu Dey and even included him on FTI’s Speakers Panel. But this is the email that this man wrote to me on 11 October 2013, spitting on the work on political liberalism that I’ve been undertaking for two decades.

Hello Sanjeev:

As you may know, I am a supporter of Narendra Modi. Not just an average supporter but someone who passionately believes that Modi is likely to rescue India from the hole that Nehru and his bastards have put it into. I trust Modi. I think he is the best leader India has — and probably ever had since 1947. Everyone I work with is working on making Modi’s campaign a success. Everywhere I go, I campaign for Modi. Much of my writing is devoted to persuading people to support Modi. I do whatever I can to make sure that he becomes the PM of India. I respect him and hope that he is successful in his objective of making India strong and prosperous.

Your position is diametrically opposite mine. You believe Modi to be the biggest monster around. You have mounted a vicious campaign of calumny against Modi. You hold him in contempt. This disagreement is not just a matter of superficial differences. It is a fundamental difference. I am sure that you would not want to be associated with an ardent supporter of Modi.

Therefore I request you to please remove me from your mailing list, my blog listing from your, etc. I do not wish to be associated in any way with FTI or its office bearers. Thank you.

Best wishes for your continued success.



I’m now informed by someone that the man has “changed” his mind re: Modi’s performance. Apparently this is what he has written:

“The sad truth is that instead of change, India in essence is still on the same old path India has been on since 1947. Heavy handed and inept government interference into the economy had prevented India from reaching anywhere close to its full economic potential. Though the realization that the needed structural reforms are unlikely to happen has dawned on most serious observers, it is politically incorrect to voice that concern for fear of antagonizing the powers that be.” []


Such illiberal supporters of Modi (his employer Rajesh Jain is a maniac supporter of Modi) are best ignored. They are two-faced liars (about their alleged “support” for liberty) and hence a blight on India’s face. I don’t wish to have anything to do with people who have SPAT on liberty and LICKED the boots of criminal socialists.

It is people like Atanu Dey and Rajesh Jain who have kept India from rapidly becoming the world’s most free – and prosperous – nation. They align with the destroyers of liberty and reject the honest pursuit of liberty. Please spare me these fake “liberals”.

The liberal movement CAN’T have ACTIVE supporters of socialists, criminals and crooks like Modi in its midst.

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