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Email re: BOGUS PCR tests – I think there is much merit in such claims. Will Dr Trevor Douglas and CSIRO speak up?

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I have been critical of the covid “pandemic” narrative since March.

I have been studying among other things the RT_PCR test allegedly the “Gold standard” for diagnosis .

After some months of study i have found a South Australian blood Microscopist Dr Trevor Douglas. He was instrumental in showcasing the PCR test at Unis and Labs throughout Australia in the late 80s. He worked with a world expert in PCR at the time Dr Christian Oste who is still based in Barcelona but travelled to australia to help dr douglas showcase the PCR test.

This test is NOT a diagnostic for disease It is completely unreliable but is being used now world wide to allegedly diagnose “cases” of Covid. It reacts to dead viral particles from individuals who have acquired this virus or others like it and can test “positive” months after infection has passed.

the test has other problems. ie it was never designed to test RNA just DNA.its inventer Kary Mullis died last year so cannot speak up about the misuse of this test.

I believe that as long as this test is endorsed we will lock down forever.

CSIRO are now apparently testing Covid on month old bank notes. Viral particles identified by a PCR test do not equate to infection.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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