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Sharad Joshi’s plan for India – published in September 2017

Shetkari Sangathana has published a reform program document for India a couple of months ago, based on proposals by the late Sh Sharad Joshi. This is a VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FOR INDIA, WORTH CAREFULLY PERUSING.

I’m publishing the Marathi version (which is detailed) and the summary English version.


Unfortunately I nicked my finger and finger nail a short while ago while peeling carrots and so I am unable to type and provide detailed comment on this document at the moment (I’m dictating this through WhatsApp). Maybe next week when I have some time as well, I will provide more details thoughts on these documents.

In the meanwhile I would welcome your comments if you have a minute to review.

Let me add that I’m supportive of almost everything that Sharad Joshi has said and done. HE WAS NOT AN IDLE USELESS ARROGANT PEN-PUSHING LIBERAL. HE ACTIVELY TOOK THE MESSAGE OF LIBERTY TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA. I expect significant commonality of views as I read this document next week.

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2 thoughts on “Sharad Joshi’s plan for India – published in September 2017
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, all my websites were hacked badly and will take some time to come back – I’ve got to very carefully remove contaminated files and redo the good ones.

    The server on which this file is located is not yet online after the hacking.

    Give it a few days. Within a week max.

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