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“The Truth About Modi” – publishing herewith an initial version, with request for comments

As indicated a few days ago, I've commenced a "book project" (a compilation of evidence and questions – many from this blog) to find the Truth about Modi.

When it comes to difficult, complex and confounding questions with multiple opinions, I prefer to form my own mind through research.

Till his candidature as PM was announced by BJP I was only sporadically reading about/thinking about Modi's actions in Gujarat. But now there is a strong possibility that Modi will become India's next Prime Minister.

This can be good news if Modi is innocent, for Modi is reportedly more market-friendly than most members of BJP.

However, this can be really BAD news if Modi is a criminal involved in the 2002 incidents of Gujarat and follow-up killings of many others. We definitely don't want a killer as India's PM.

So the question is: IS MODI INNOCENT?

The book (download below) comprises initial notes. I'll keep adding to these notes – without necessarily highlighting them on this blog. Once I'm convinced – either way -, I will either absolve Modi or hold him guilty. It doesn't matter what the court/s think or what others think. I must fully understand the case myself.

To date, most evidence has been strongly in favour of Modi's guilt. I'm willing to keep an open mind, though, and invite any comments/tracked changes/ suggestions to this "book". Free free to share it widely.


Note that many aspects are not recorded in this booklet as I'm separately studying them. These aspects will a place in further editions. The structure of the book will also keep evolving.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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