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Everyone, please salute the Sun God! Even the suited-booted, burqua clad.

A nice story is emerging in my mind after the recent interactions with Origins of Us and Holick's work.

All vertebrates (virtually all land animals) are unique in having CALCIUM: the cement or concrete that builds us. Without a natural ability to "fix" calcium we could never have existed. 

Just like plants "fix" carbon through sunlight (photosynthesis), we fix calcium through sunlight (Vitamin D).

I found a very interesting co-incidence of ideas between Origins of Us and Holick. Origins of Us tells us that we are sun runners.  We have a unique niche in the animal kingdom, between about 11 am and 3 pm, when other animals are dozing and tired, unable to cope with the heat. We are terrific in heat management (sweat glands). And we can run LONGER than any other animal on earth AT THAT TIME. So we are sun runners.

But it turns out that we don't just run in the sun to catch prey because animals are tired at that time. We run because we ABSORB the sun. We run because we must worship the sun through our body.

We are CHILDREN of the sun. Without sunlight received at EXACTLY THAT TIME (when ultra-violet B radiation is strongest) we could never exist. That's what Holick's book implies. [Note: there is no UVB in the early morning or late afternoon, being absorbed – due to the inclination of rays from the sun – by the ozone layer.]

He didn't link up the sun-running and animal catching part with this idea, but this link, now clear in my head, is a beautiful discovery.

It tells us we are PERFECTLY DESIGNED to live on the Earth, SO LONG as we go out for a run (with minimal clothes) between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm under the hot scorching sun

Without this sun-worship, we can't "fix" the calcium that is found in abundance in ordinary food. 

Not having Vitamin D has HUGE consequences. Mothers who don't have enough Vitamin D have great difficulty in having children. Their pelvis shrinks and shrivels (A BIG sturdy pelvis – the hour glass shape naturally in demand by men – is a PERFECT indication of whether a woman has enough Vitamin D and is child-worthy).

In the past, not having a proper pelvis was fatal both to the mother and child, at childbirth. 

There are MANY other consequences. Vitamin D receptors are found in virtually every cell in our body, including the brain. Vitamin D "fixes" calcium throughout our body system, and performs numerous other functions.

The SUN lives in every cell of our body.

Without the sun we would not exist.

Please salute the sun! Go for a run between 11 am and 3 pm.

Note that if you wear a suit-boot, or burqua, you are NOT exempt from this BIOLOGICAL requirement to worship the sun.

So whether you believe in God or not, you BETTER believe in the Sun God!

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Everyone, please salute the Sun God! Even the suited-booted, burqua clad.
  1. Harsh Vora

    Very nice information, Sanjeev! I have yet to read Holick’s book and watch Origins of Us.

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