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Origins of us: an absolute must see (if you haven’t yet seen it)

I don't watch TV but (about thrice a week) skim the subtitles of programming on the five TV screens visible from the treadmills in my gym.  

Last night at the gym I saw snippets of part 2 of a documentary entitled "Origins of us".

The documentary fascinated me so much that today I did other exercises (foam roller self-massage and eye exercises) at home, while listening to the first and third parts of this three-part series. [Btw, I've developed many entirely new eye exercises based on trial and error, and will post these exercises separately on my eyestrain blog. Unfortunately, "standard" eye exercises have not helped me much.]

The first two parts (1 and 2) of the documentary are truly fascinating. I learnt many new things. For instance, I learnt why we don't have a furry skin and why we sweat – because we are designed to be long distance runners! So far I was under the impression that running is unsafe (can hurt the knees), but with this new information I'm going to try running: of course, in moderation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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