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Is this man one of the world’s greatest doctors? Dr. Holick, the Vitamin D guru.

I ordered three books on Vitamin D based on my recent hypothesis about muscle fatigue, based on the logic of Origins of Us, recent findings on muscle fatigue, and noting that my only deficiency is of Vitamin D. My aim is to investigate this issue from two angles: 

a) find out what Vitamin D does, and

b) find out more about the molecular physiology of muscle fatigue.

These books have now arrived, and I've determined that I like Dr. Holick's book best. It turns out that Dr. Holick of the Boston University School of Medicine is a guru on this subject. There is no one in the world who understands this Vitamin more than him. If his ideas are right (and I'm inclined to think so), he would count as perhaps one of the greatest scientists of all time, and surely one of the greatest doctors alive.

I hold a VERY poor opinion of most doctors, but some of them are true scientists. Holick is one of them. Listen to this video. When you are intrigued, buy his book, The Vitamin D Solution, and read his published academic articles (which I'll do in the coming weeks).

In a few months I'll hopefully be in a position to confirm whether elimination of Vitamin D deficiency has improved my chronic issues with muscles that spasm. 


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