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India perceived positively in USA

India continues to, on average, be perceived more positively by Americans with every passing year, as shown by Gallup polls results announced a couple of days ago. [Thanks to Nitin Pai's twitter post for this info]

Historical trend data for India is provided below.

There is considerable volatility in the data but overall, a few trends are evident:

(a) "very unfavourable" rating has been reducing,

(b) More people have an opinion – i.e. India figures in the radar of the average American; and  

(c) "mostly unfavourable" rating has been reducing. 

If only India could reform its governance, it won't take much time for it to become a world leader in freedom and democracy, thereby assuring it of a UN security council seat as well as a more positive hearing to its leaders across the globe.

Well done Indians!!

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