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Liberal Democratic Party has crossed too many red lines – not happy

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LDP has NEVER told the people about the true magnitude of the pandemic, it has been supportive of vaccine-linked lockdowns and is now supportive of mass testing of the healthy. I don’t like it one bit now. It has crossed too many red lines.



In relation to comments received. See this.


Continuing my discussion of problematic LDP policies:
1. I respect every LDP member – they are far superior to most other parties. But their approach to public health restrictions is fundamentally wrong.
2. LDP voted FOR the lockdowns. They fact that they changed their mind later is good but their tendency to support the government implicitly on key issues has remained. Lockdowns had NEVER been imposed in human history and were an extreme breach of the laws, but LDP has never argued against the BIG lies of the government and about the fact that lockdowns are a pure CCP invention. Why not argue these basic points? Because they know that they had VOTED for the lockdowns.
3. Their Freedom Day idea WAS linked with vaccines (“enough of vaccines so everyone has an “opportunity” to take them – THEN open up). Why?? Freedom was never the right of politicians to take away from day 1. Our freedoms can never be hostage to someone’s taking a vaccine. Freedom Day also REGULARISES the lockdowns and confirms that these were needed. That’s why it is not in the past (day 1) but in the future.
4. LDP is now proposing the monstrosity that healthy workers need to prove their health ON A DAILY OR WEEKLY BASIS in order to work.
Trust I’ve made myself clear. If not, please see:


I’m informed that “The LDP argued that the tower lockdown was not justified because the residents didn’t get good enough food fast enough. In other words: ‘imprisonment is ok, as long as the conditions aren’t too bad’.”  …To clarify, they accepted the ombudsmans’ report which effectively said the same, without challenging whether the ombudsman had even got it right in the first place.

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