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Why FTI should keep plugging away. The voter wants change.

Democracy works. The voter is not a fool.

The reality is that when a good, credible alternative is offered to the people, they tend to pause and give it careful consideration.

The results of today's election in the state of Queensland demonstrate this clearly.

A government with a clear majority has been left a rump with barely 7 seats out of 89 (see this). 

This did not happen by magic. It took two things:

a) continued misgovernance by the Queensland government, and

b) serious preparation by the opposition.

India has been seriously misgoverned for 65 years. But the (liberal) opposition has NEVER prepared seriously to fight socialist governments.

FTI is India's first serious effort to organise SYSTEMATICALLY, and to offer a credible set of leaders who will depose India's utterly corrupt, incompetent socialist governments.

FTI's task appears tedious and slow at the moment, for it faces decades of apathy from the "educated" classes of India who feel entirely disenfranchised and are unwilling to stand up and be counted.

However, there is only ONE way out of this mess: prepare diligently and persistently. Do not let go the pressure. Do not relax. Keep organising. Keep growing.  Slow and steady. Systematic. It will work. It will yield results. Not necessarily in 2014, but surely by 2019.

India is desperately THIRSTY for change. Who will provide a genuine alternative? That is the only question before the voter.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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7 thoughts on “Why FTI should keep plugging away. The voter wants change.
  1. Munish Raizada

    No doubt, India needs a revolution. The current political parties have neither the vision nor commitment to deliver the aspirations of masses. They are too busy in short-term gains, issues that affect the common man are no on their radar.
    Freedom Team of India ( has all the potential to emerge as an alternative and fill the vacuum.

  2. Jack

    @sanjeev I’ve been reading your blog for past few weeks. The policies of FTI are impressive. But, what ! in 2019.
    I don’t think you will achieve your target by 2019 because work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion ( Parkinson Law). Change your deadline and start your campaign as soon as possible. 2014 is a perfect year because at that time Lokpal bill movement will be at its peak and people could want a new party that should not be linked to any existing parties of India. Strike while the iron is hot.

    Few Suggestion:
    Your party need two qualities – leaders with character and framing.

    Leaders with character – The future belong to meritocracy. Your team should have intellcutual, patriotic and charismatic members. But, above all, you need a character for your leaders, it may include appearance or principles. And i believe, it’s a challenge for any upcoming political party but possible.

    Framing- A Frame is the underlying structure and/or beliefs that shape and form others’ perceptions about you or your organization. I believe that most successful people and businesses are masters at using a frame.

    Fr example, Apple, and the recently deceased Steve Jobs, are masters at controlling others’ perceptions. Because of their skillful use of the “frame” they have built a cult-like following.

    In Indian politics, Mr. Narendra Modi is one of such example. Despite of controversies, he has been winning elections since 2001.

    Don’t criticize, condemn or complain about the Nehru Family. Otherwise, Congress will surely obstruct your party’s progress. Criticism is like a typical wooden returning boomerang – when one person throws out criticism, the result is usually criticism. Just focus on finding Great team members and raising funds. Your party could thresh other corrupted parties only by being a silent killer.

    And, yes, the use of technology is extremely useful, perhaps a game changer. You still have two year in hand, using technology, FTI can focus on the 20 % goals that will lead 80% results.This may include raising funds and finding members. As far as i am concerned, these are the main problem obstructing 80% of progress of FTI.

    Framing and Character are interrelated. Customer don’t buy polices, company make them to buy using marketing techniques. Be realistic, less than 5% of Indian population know about your party. You really need to promote your party for raising fund, otherwise your party will be waiting for fund forever. In 2014, you should gather your team members in India rather than living and commenting from Melbourne, that’ll be the right place and right time for FTI. I wish a great future for your party and of- course, India.


  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Let me add, I’ve shared these thoughts with FTI, and we’ll discuss them within the team.


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