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Regulatory capture and the incentives of drug companies: the modern killing machines

Industry associations (drug companies) and occupational associations (e.g. doctor associations) LOVE government. They love their capacity (as alleged "experts") to buy or otherwise use the coercive powers of the government to restrict competition, transparency, and accountability in the medical sector (and thus attack human liberty).

Their goal of regulatory capture is very clear: MAXIMISING their profits. Money, money, money. But not money made honestly, in return of real and genuine service provided to humanity. But money made through DECEPTION. 

I have already discussed the disastrous effects of FDA in an earlier blog post (suppression of a viable cure for cancer), and outlined the severe incompetence (and lack of accountability) of the highly protected, unscientific medical profession. 

Now I've come across this website and video. Listen to this and shudder. It is ENTIRELY BELIEVABLE.

Note also what John Virapen says about doctors:

"Doctors these days: they don't know much about medicine, and they don't care much about their patients. They think about how much they can get paid. And this how the pharma industry reigns… They buy the doctors."

All entirely believable, given my experience of rapacious doctors who charge heavy fees WITHOUT a cure, often even without a diagnosis, or worse: a wrong diagnosis.

Download Virapen's book here (it is readily available on the internet, it appears, but I suspect this link is not kosher). This is what he says about the net result of all regulatory capture, bribery, and corruption on human health across the world: 

"What is the pharma industry doing to us? They are the most powerful industry in the world….they sleep in the same bed with governments…they use corruption to get what they want…corruption involves money…they have lots and lots and lots of money and that is how they make their money. They also kill more people than the wars we have in the world. They're not interested in curing any disease you may have..they're more interested in making you get diseases."

I have long argued that intellectual property rights are over-hyped, and it is clear that by forcing drug companies to compete in the open market and take DIRECT PERSONAL responsibility for harmful drugs (such as through a death penalty), we can remove the entire regulatory system for drugs, which is, today, THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IN ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD.  

Getting government of drug (and doctor) regulation will increase liberty, increase transparency, and increase accountability.

Let those who deliberately kill humans face the death penalty. And let there be no intermediary between a drug manufacturer and patient.

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