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There is no “American” or “Australian” model. Only liberty or slavery.

I read this today in The Australian and was flabbergasted. There is no shortage of EXTREME JOKERS in Australia. 

Farmer and pollie dish the dirt in spuds fight

Western Australia is the only state to have a potato board. Growers have to apply for a licence and are then told the quantity of potatoes they can grow. [Full blown licence raaj!]

A limited number of licences exists, which means new producers have to buy an existing licence. They must first sell their produce to the Potato Marketing Corporation before buying it back again at a higher cost — a set marketing fee — at which point the potatoes are sold to consumers at a set price.

Growers must sell only to the corporation and give written notice if they intend to stop growing potatoes or grow less than their allocated amount.

Agriculture Minister Terry Redman:"It is effective and provides consumers with a wide range of choice," he said. [Ha!! What a clown!!]

WA Potato Growers Association president Sam Calameri has vigorously defended the existing system. Without regulations, he said, growers in the west would face the same problem as their interstate counterparts, where an oversupply had led to a glut in spuds and seen prices plummet.

"In WA, we grow just to the requirements of the public," he said. "We don't oversupply."

Adam Smith would be turning in his grave.

Had it not been for the mining boom, such mercantalist fools would have driven WA into a ditch.

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4 thoughts on “There is no “American” or “Australian” model. Only liberty or slavery.
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