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Severe government failure in USA: The criminal suppression – by regulators – of a genuine cure for cancer

About a year ago I wrote about the Vikram Buddhi case where an Indian who is almost certainly innocent has been jailed in the USA. Vikram was released on 6 May 6, 2011 but picked up again by immigration authorities possibly for deportation. Somnath Bharati of FTI is working to support Vikram. I urge you, if you are in USA, to get in touch with Somnath to find out how you can support Vikram. Vikram's appeal is at a crucial stage because even his brief has not been filed yet in absence of a proper legal assistance. The appeal court has admitted his motion and given him time till August 8, 2011.

There is thus a lot of evidence that the concept of justice no longer exists in the USA – at least in the manner intended by its founders.

But wait, there is equally shocking evidence about the collapse of other US systems – in medicine. The following video (thanks to the tip-off by Raj) is a MUST-WATCH. It is long, 108 minutes. So get yourself a coffee and prepare to listen to a full documentary. 

The video shows how key regulatory bodies in USA have been captured by industry.

Adam Smith was not a fan of big business, and I'm not a great fan of big business either. Except for JRD Tata, I've ONLY seen big business support corruption (e.g. see my blog post on Narayana Murthy). NO BIG BUSINESS IN INDIA IS KNOWN TO SUPPORT LIBERTY. Thus, the capitalist that I am, I do not trust "capitalists" (those with capital). And so we need powerful regulators to ensure that businesses do not engage in unethical conduct. But the problem arises when regulators are themselves captured by industry. Then what can be done?

In the case of USA, regulatory capture is almost total.

This documentary, below, raises many issues – issues that are broader than the issue of cancer. These issues include the need for a first principles review of the FDA, a reconsideration of the way research is funded by government in USA (it should not be funded!), and how the citizens of USA are being treated as cattle, as a commodity whose life is expendable in the interest of businesses with big money.

The citizen of USA is NOT free to get his own body treated the way he wants. Government has become Big Brother. Gangrene; cancer; has set into the vitals of the US government. 

This documentary also shows why I don't support euthanasia without very severe checks and balances. I know that entire government systems can be easily bought out. I am sure that one will be able to buy certificates to kill one's enemies under an ordinary euthanasia regime. Much better, should such a stage arrive when euthanasia becomes necessary, to just commit suicide. I hate the idea of giving the government the official power to kill us. I greatly fear government power, having seen its misuse throughout my life. Even in the West, I have seen (and continue to see) rampant cheating of the people by governments.

In real life, if someone saves just one life, he becomes a hero. But in this case, Burzynski has saved HUNDREDS OF LIVES, yet US government agencies have been hounding him, since if he succeeds, hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues from chemotherapy and radiation therapy will be WIPED OUT.

Fortunately, Ron Paul has found time to support Burzynski's work. I hope Ron Paul becomes US president.

I know that chemotherapy is a disaster. My father had colon cancer a few years ago. He has been very lucky to survive despite REPEATED wrong diagnoses by doctors in Australia and India. He took chemotherapy after his surgery, but had to give it up because of the horrible effects on his body. 

Chemotherapy is an unbelievable mess. How wonderful would it be if cancer patients had the option of using the infinitely more mild chemicals that Burzyksi has discovered – chemicals that actually work.

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.


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