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Fauci the Lying King – Part 2

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I’ve transcribed key comments (excluding the China origin stuff which doesn’t interest me) from this video:

Unfortunately, the video is only partly useful since the precise dates/location of the comments is not provided in most cases.


Fauci: But they’re really criticizing science. Because I represent science.


MSNBC journalist: If you’re vaccinated you really don’t need to worry about getting it in a way that’s serious or transmitting it.

Fauci, May 2021: That is true. That is correct, Chris. They’re really to protect you completely against infection and the chances are very likely that you’ll not be able to transmit it to other people. The risk is extremely low of transmitting it to anybody else. Full stop.

* * *

Fauci, July 2021: Vaccinated people are clearly capable of transmitting the infection.


Fauci, March 2020: When you’re in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better.

* * *

Fauci, October 2020: If people are not wearing masks then maybe we should be mandating it.

* * *

Fauci, February 2021: I often myself wear two masks.

* * *

Journalist, April 2023: I’m quoting you now: “At the population level masks work at the margin – maybe 10 per cent”. To hear that they only work at the margin, maybe 10 per cent, would make a lot of people ask “OK, then why was I wearing a mask?”.


Fauci: You’re really attacking not only Dr Anthony Fauci you’re attacking science.

November 2022: When you say that this is going to go away tomorrow like magic, when you know that there’s no chance it’s going to just disappear.

Fauci: We hope this just goes away. Burns itself out.

* * *

Journalist December 2020: So my question is why weren’t you straight with the American people about this to begin with?

Fauci: So the bottom line is it’s a guesstimate. I gave a range.

Journalist December 2020: It seemed in that quote to suggest that you were basing your recommendation on polling and what people could accept. Is that not what you meant?

Fauci: No, I mean it’s a bit of that.


Journalist, March 2020: We’re seeing all of these school closures around the country. Is that the right move for children and families?

Fauci: Yeah, I think what’s going on right now is generally an appropriate approach. You want to start doing something to socially distance yourself. How dramatic that is – closing schools and doing other things – should be proportionate.

* * *

Journalist August 2022: It went too far that particularly for kids who couldn’t go to school except remotely. That it’s forever damage them.

Fauci: Well, I don’t think it’s forever irreparably damaged anyone.

* * *

Journalist September 2022: The U.S. Surgeon General has called it an urgent public health crisis, a devastating decline in the mental health of kids across the country. According to the CDC, the rates of suicide self-harm anxiety and depression are up among adolescents.

* * *


Fauci, August 2022: And the record will show Neil, that we didn’t recommend shutting everything down.

* * *

Fauci July 2022: First of all I didn’t recommend locking anything down.

* * *

Fauci October 2020: I recommended to the President that we shut the country down. And that was a very difficult decision because I knew it would have serious economic consequences, which it did.


Fauci May 2021: Because if you look at the people that are politicizing me, they’re somebody that all the way over on one level. But there are a lot of other people who look upon me the way they should, as a non-political person that I am.

* * *

Fauci undated: They’re not doing it because they say they don’t want to get their Republicans. They don’t like to be told what to do, and we’ve got to break that.

* * *

Fauci undated: But now is the time to do what you’re told.

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