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An email received from a fellow sufferer of Daniel Andrews’s disastrous policies

Thanks for being a strong voice in opposition to the destruction the Andrews government is causing with the longest lockdown in the world.
As a parent I am so concerned for the long term effects on children in particular whose lives are being destroyed before they have even become adults.   The increase in self harming behaviour for children is alarming, it is not effective leadership by the government to not consider that health is connected to the social and economic wellbeing of a society.  The three overlap. You do not improve the overall health of a society by focusing on just one illness at the exclusion of everything else.
I studied public health decision making at postgraduate level and health economics.   I also studied global challenges as part of a Masters qualification in environment and sustainability, complex problems require a systems thinking approach is what I learned. You don’t solve this by just trying to eradicate Covid at all costs to society.
It is my belief that the second wave should be renamed as a “winter peak” because the case numbers started to fall once winter ended, the virus does better in the cold.  I have also read research that says that pollen can act as a firewall to the virus so now that we are in Spring that can help drive down the cases naturally without lockdowns that violate human rights.
Being in the outdoors with family and friends is not dangerous, the virus survives longest on manmade materials that are indoors. Out in the sunshine and wind the virus doesn’t last long.  It’s so ridiculous to minimise people’s movements and exercise in the outdoors that is the first thing that must be removed.
Visiting a forest or beach is the best thing for health and mental wellbeing. We are imprisoned by the culture of western medicine that thinks that a pathogen causes the illness, it is a weakened immune system that does and lifestyle factors. If you have a healthy diet, reduced stress, exercise and spend quality time with family and friends and spend time in nature these are health promoting.  Everything about lockdowns kills a person’s spirit and overall health which is just as harmful. People in aged care dying with Covid are probably so lonely and isolated that is killing them more. A facemask doesn’t protect them from loneliness.
We should not be locking down millions of people who are ordinarily healthy when the virus is higher risk for the elderly.  We should be boosting their immune system with vitamin D and zinc with Medicare funding but we are not God and we can not control who lives and who dies only God decides. We as humans can not have the power to control everything that happens, it is Daniel Andrews belief that he can control everything that is ruining the once peaceful society we lived in.
He’s used the police to instill fear in the public, police that are meant to catch real criminals have been turned against law abiding citizens to make us feel as though living our lives is a crime.  It is a crime against humanity to impose such rigid and inflexible restrictions on our daily lives when there has been no consideration of QALYs (quality adjusted life years), the government has not considered the public health response in any sort of holistic way.
Eradication is not feasible, we have to learn to live with the virus and it is actually better since our hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed which was the point of flattening the curve, we should change our strategy to herd immunity because long term it will mean that we can open up our economy more freely and also our borders locally and internationally, we can’t just not have tourism indefinitely, that is so important to our economy and going on holiday is also beneficial to health/mental wellbeing.
The virus is contagious yes but for most people they recover, children are especially low risk so it would be better if they got it in childhood to give immunity into adulthood.  Why wait for a vaccine?
The other consideration is that people of different blood group types are effected differently. There’s no education to the public on individual risks which needs to happen so people can make their own informed choice to return to work or not. Risk factors include: age, gender, blood type, smoking history, pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or diabetes. 
It is possible to do a staged return to work based on these risk factors. A good place to start instead of going by industry, we should let all people with type O blood type aged 18-45 to return first. People aged over 60 should be given the option of early retirement with a top up in Super benefits if they do. That will make more jobs available for the young whilst protecting the vulnerable.
Type O’s don’t get the severe symptoms of Covid. People with type A blood type can continue to work from home. This way the herd immunity will increase making it safer for higher risk people to return to society later on say early next year.
We need to hand back responsibility for our health to hospitals, government only need to step in if they reach capacity which they have not. Public health is also not a responsibility of police to instill fear and intimidation. It requires a compassionate response with fairness and integrity and to always uphold Australian values of democracy and liberty including freedom of speech.
The government has just reacted with a knee jerk response much like when we were running out of water in drought we built a desalination plant.  Costly decisions that are made with little common sense and are direct competition to our human rights and civil liberties which are just as important for good health. 
It’s been extremely frustrating sitting here with the tools and knowledge to problem solve complex problems yet here I am under employed and on a Jobseeker payment qualified in public health decision making, yet taxpayers pay thousands to politicians who are not qualified to make these decisions. It’s like giving the job to someone who has no clue or qualifications to do their job including the health minister, what were her health qualifications?. Politicians act on behalf of the people on the advice of the public service who have the qualifications, they have forgotten that.
All the best with writing your book.
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